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    It is not only a problem with ryzen, I also have a low usage with my 1060 6G and I7-4790

    The game has a trash optimisation honestly. New content, yet no fixes, no optimisation nothing like that comes out.

    Do not tell me that this is just a Beta. New content keeps on coming and the game was out in Asia for a longer time.

    GTX 1060 6gb (In my settings it says GTX 1060 6gb 3072mb)


    8gb ram

    Have the game on SSD

    The game looks like MW2, yet MW2 runs thousand times better than this, I do not see any effort from the devs to fix this. I ve tried all the Nvidia settings, everything, nothing works.

    So, I tried changing the priority in the proccess tab, but everytime I get blocked from doing so. (I know it is caused by EAC)

    I know this is also an issue in other games, but people fixed it (I think).

    Is there a fix on this in this game?

    Because my pc is completely quiet when Im playing, which means it does not uses its full power to run this game.

    Is there another fix or something? I tried changing the power options but that seems it does not work.

    pls help



    When I set my settings to high, the fps even improve, basically, they dont change no matter what graphic settings I have


    Im having issues with the fps, I have everything set on low yet I get from 250 to 80fps which is for a 144 Hz monitor eye rape.

    Is this a problem on my end or the games end? I mean the requirements are not that high so I wonder. Kinda makes the game unplayable for me, I just wonder if there is gonna be some optimization update or anything like that.

    My specs are:

    GTX 1060 6G


    8Gb RAM