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    You do know all these losses are due mostly cuz your opponents are one second faster than you.

    You do know that's not what it is.

    All those scores are starting scores which have nothing to do with how fast I am since I wasn't there.

    And the only one who said they are losses, is you. You do know you should read my posts more carefully.

    Add a tracker somewhere that would display the name of the player who currently will be shown in the highlight reel.

    Will be interesting to watch the name flip-flop throughout a match.

    Should add a new dimension to game play.

    These are the starting scores of the 8 matches I was placed in yesterday:

    24 - 38

    13 - 7

    29 - 21

    0 - 0

    44 - 61

    36 - 30

    19 - 33

    14 -53

    Overcoming a 5 pt difference can be difficult in a match, but these range up to a 39 pt difference to start.

    What is the ceiling on joining a game in progress? 0 - 99?

    Please give an option to opt out of games in progress, and don't allow losses to count towards stats if you are placed in an ongoing match.

    I noticed the runner up Blue Weapon winner has been eliminated from the Signature events.

    The chance to win a Blue Weapon helped to complete collection sets.

    Would be nice to have that chance added back.

    For example:

    Winner: Special (Orange) weapon of choice and 50 CHIPs.

    Runner Up: Special (Blue) weapon of choice and 35 CHIPs.

    All Serious Participants: 20 CHIPs and 1 Charm Slot Ticket.

    Hi kaliGOD,

    from where are you trying to play the game and with how many ms? You can enable it in the video settings inside the game. Basing on your last comment, it almost sounds a connection issue. Are you using hotspots, vpn or playing with really low internet speed?

    I have fixed the problem and it seemed to of been a connection thing like you said. I got Monsieur from the discord to help me out and port forwarded these ports and that seemed to of fixed it.

    patch - 20111
    login - 28000
    channel - 28101
    game - 28201

    Do hacks exist for this game, of course. A quick Youtube search will prove that. But accusations of hacking far outweigh the hackers.

    I'm barely average in this game and have been accused of hacking numerous times, even when I'm streaming on Twitch. A lot of players in this game do live streams. Twitch is the first place I look if I'm suspicious about a player.

    I've seen players live on Twitch put up 50+ kills on at least a few occasions, 40s or less in not uncommon at all.

    Aadi888's post really lays everything out very well. Bugged netcode/pings (shot thru walls), bugged highlights, targets not lined up with sights, etc. I've never seen recoil or a reload animation work in the highlights and I'm around level 130. I've also been told I was teleporting during an entire highlight by multiple players, while on my screen everything was smooth as silk.

    I've never even heard of a spinbot so I can't speak to that. I have seen dead players spinning usually stuck in the ground or in walls.

    Happens nearly every game. Players consider it TDM.

    Check the creative corner thread, some players bathe in their own glory of how many kills they get on a resource map without playing the objective.

    If you aren't grouped you may find it less frustrating to go into settings and remove the check from that mode. I only play TDM when I solo queue anymore.

    Where I play from their are six accounts that all reached the 250+ kills and all of us did not receive credit. Time was not the issue.

    I offered to help by being a test subject where I would play matches until I hit the 250 kills and video record all matches then forward the information so they could find the problem. This would improve public relations and also correct the issue for upcoming events.

    After 8 emails they stated:

    "Please be aware that our game team has tested this event one more time and they were not able to find any issues in the game whatsoever.

    They also checked the database one more time and everything seemed to be all right.

    Due to this fact we are not able to provide you with the 250+ reward."

    Any programmer can tell you "It's hard to find what is broken when the person who's looking is the person who broke it".

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    IGN: 2nd.Amendment

    Just received a response back from Trion Worlds:

    "We have checked our database and we have found out that you had 223 kills over the weekend.

    Important here is though, that it only counts Normal Matchmaking, and not Custom Matches, as well as Bot Matches.

    Therefore you did not receive the reward for 250+ kills."

    I only played TDM and I recorded my kills on a spreadsheet which amounted to 283 total kills.


    I also played a second account and again Trion stated I had 197 kills when in fact I had 278. Again, my spreadsheet confirms the 278 with each match kill total.

    I suspect the logic to calculate the total kills is flawed.

    Hopefully the devs can check the process. Again these were games all played in Normal Matchmaking for Team Death Match only matches.

    Would be nice if a "Repair all loadouts" button was added under the loadouts on the Equipment screen.

    This would repair everything in all loadouts.

    Also, add an "Always repair loadouts" check box same place under the loadouts.

    This would always repair all loadouts automatically after each match if checked.

    I agree Misfire is incorrect, and I don't see an answer in sqroot's calculations, aside from how to receive one box twice.

    The calculation needs to be how to get 8 different pairs of identical boxes (b1,b1) (b2,b2) (b3,b3) (b4,b4) (b5,b5) (b6,b6) (b7,b7) (b8,b8) in 16 drawings from 8 items.

    I guess I'll spend some time on it in the next few days.

    16 of these "random" crates, and I received 2 of each crate. Exactly 2 of each of the 8 different crates. That to me seems like each box had an equal chance of being received.

    This actually suggests that the boxes are not random. By having an equal chance of being received the probability of getting one specific box is 12.5%, getting two of the same box is 1.5%, getting exactly two of each boxes I believe would be [(1.5%)(1.5%)]16 which is what you did. I mean you could have received all 16 Christmas supply boxes or zero Lucky boxes. My compound probability of independent events is rusty so maybe someone else can confirm or correct.

    I get asked what these mean in game frequently so figured I'd offer some clarification:

    Parrot: noun, the pita teammate who just has to look over your shoulder at every opportunity, just like a pirates’ parrot. You look out a window they creep on you, you look around a corner they creep on you, you peer around a doorway they creep on you, usually resulting in both of you being jammed and then killed.

    Planker: noun, an enemy or teammate who either just lays prone waiting for victims or glitches hit boxes and manipulates firing weapons by dropping to prone during close quarter combat.

    Thot: noun, formerly known as a bunny hopper, these are the players who manipulate hit boxes by bouncing up and down, reminding you of the nasty bouncing reverse cowgirl thot you bought a couple drinks over the weekend.

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    Vehicle: Two seater enhanced Crawler

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    Tactical Vision: Dolce & Gabbana Diamond studded frames that would make Elton John jealous.

    Celebrities to assist on mission: Kanye West (during his mental illness), and Jessica Alba (pre kids).

    Special Skills: Drinking like a Viking.

    Hobby: Killing Millennials and Centennials, in-game of course.

    Alliance (NAF/EDEN/lone wolf):  only to the bottle.

    Latest mission: Searching for Kanye West’s brain that he lost back in late ’06 and hooking up with Jessi A.

    Background Story:

    M.U.M. is always pursued by unsatisfied women, the ex male underwear model uses his clever humor and Adonis body to take advantage of the less fortunate to build his wealth and power. He sees Victor, Neil and Sarah as pawns and will betray them at some point to improve his odds of survival.

    Sarah is secretly in love with M.U.M., and he takes full advantage of her feelings while treating her like a mangy dog. To Sarah, M.U.M. is a true man. She laughs behind the backs of Victor and Neil “Notso” Wild. Little does she know that M.U.M. would sell her out in a heartbeat.

    M.U.M. is touted as highly dangerous, some say he’s so mean he makes medicine sick. He tells stories of all the garbage foes he’s eliminated and says they never took the time to “git gud”. He sometimes speaks of the most dangerous foe that challenged him, his ex-mother in law, he says she’s maimed but still living.

    M.U.M. continues to perfect his craft of taking life, thoroughly enjoying his humiliation moves during award ceremonies while gleefully speaking into an air microphone thanking his victims’ parents for creating such pathetic untalented foes.

    IGN:  2nd.Amendment

    Special Weapon of Choice (Orange) Fire Monkey AK-47

    Advanced Weapon of Choice (Blue) Treasure SG553

    Die Planker.jpg

    I like your ideas.

    I would prefer to see more diversity in the choice of facial features and color of female models, before I see more weapon selection/customization. Give me a Cardi B, Lucy Liu or Elarica Johnson model with an Aug and I'd be happy.

    Why the developers only enhanced the colors of the maps but left the female models all white is strange.

    Please link the loot boxes, that appear in the Operations Rewards section under Premium and Basic, so their contents can be viewed.

    Also, if you have already purchased the Special Weapon Box, it is removed from as a choice so its contents can't be viewed if you purchased the Premium Ground zero and reached step 20.

    Yes I play on the NA server.

    Yes freezing at the start of matches is still common, you will have multiple instances daily.

    I guess I didn't realize how frail the EU player base is to comments in in-game chat.

    I'm glad to hear the racist chat is so minimal on EU server, gives me hope for over here.

    A death counter is not uncommon for FPS games.

    I don't agree with the logic that something should not be done because trolls will pick on people.

    Don't let trolls control you or the game.

    You can already see your own kills and deaths and, really, that's all you should be worrying about.

    It's not up to you what I "should be worrying about."

    I like to invite players to group, and it would be much easier to determine play style/skill if for example a player is going 10 kills and 50 deaths as opposed to 10 kills and 50 assists.

    it will explode on offensiv attacks agains each other

    I'm not sure if you are referring to in chat or as in better players going after not so good players in game.

    Either way I don't see how it would change anything.

    Chat is comprised of 25% racism, 25% blocked out words and about 50% of "what is going on, why cant i move at the start?" "You must be new, the game freezes every few rounds because the code is garbage." I doubt deaths would impact chat that much. If players take offense to what is in chat, that's their own problem.

    As far as targeting a not so good player, its going to happen anyway, personally if it was a couple players I stumble upon, I would target the better player first, eliminate the biggest threat first. This would give the not so good player an advantage.

    Should add an ability to "Stomp" players that is only available when they are planking a.k.a lying prone.

    Animation would be a rising foot stomp with an audio of "Die Planker!".

    Stopped in to check if there was an increase because I had an unusual $7200 repair bill on my Aug. How this was implemented is pure sleezy business. Just like so many other things, for example the wording on loot boxes to receive a weapon but you only get chips.

    What else is going to be slime balled through?

    Staff either purposely didn't notify the public or are too incompetent to release correct information. Things like this truly do not just get missed by accident. Either way it speaks volumes about the business model and/or staff.

    Seems impossible to buy a weapon now or to even repair a weapon now without going bankrupt unless you buy gold.

    I'm hoping you can add a "neck strangle" or "head twist" animation as a finishing move. Everybody enjoys a good knife, but its so outdated by over two decades. How bout a couple hands come up around the enemy neck and strangle or twist, could add some interesting sound effects also. If not add them to the store so they can be bought to replace a knife kill. I'd rather buy that than a "riding horse" emote.

    On a side note, I've hit my knife up to a half dozen times directly behind an enemy with no effect.