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    I just wanted to let you know, i´ve tried playing the game again, i really wanted to give this game another chance.

    Hits dont register even if i was clearly on the enemy (DSR-1) i even recorded some gameplay to be really sure and watched it after.

    Im not speaking of..well it didn´t register twice in a few rounds, it didn´t register 4 times in a single match because of the horrible netcode. I guess the enemies already were on a different position.

    Im a really sore lose especially when i know i hit the shot. In an fps game not acceptable. Same goes for headshots - they tend to not register and count as body shot. Even got hitmarkers for it.

    Too many problems which i can´t ignore. This time it´s goodbye forever.

    Maybe i´ll stay active in this forum or more likely, watch if something changes.

    Vsync can prevent most drops from happening by preventing screen tear caused by particle effects, map-loading and turning/moving. Honestly, I really recommend to always keep Vsync active.

    Vsync depends on your monitor and it´s refresh rate, you have a 60hz monitor - it´ll try to keep 60 fps, you have an 144hz monitor - it´ll try to keep 144hz.

    Vsync has a big disadvantage, gameplay could feel delayed especially if your pc has more power. It´s like uhh...i guess you can compare it to mouse smoothing in a way. I don´t have tearing at all or maybe i´ll never noticed it so far. In an fps game i wouldn´t recommend vsync to be honest. You want as many frames as you can get.

    It´s okay to have standards and if you´re fine with lowering your settings to play on WQHD - it´s also fine. Im an enthusiast and if i hear or read that somebody plays on WQHD with an 1070 and expects high framerates...i just can´t sit still ^^

    You should test the settings before you turn everything down to disabled. Sometimes some settings dont make any sense and you get less fps although you disabled it. Figure out which settings have the highest impact and play with the settings.

    I have everything on ultra except of 3 settings, Motion Blur, Distortion and depth of field. They don´t really have an impact on the performance and it´s more because i don´t like it. My FOV is also not the highest, i think it´s on 80 something like that.

    Anyways It´s still a decent card don´t get me wrong but if you´re standard is 144hz + WQHD, an 1080TI is the minimum right now, 4K + consistent 60 fps or even 144hz is not possible at the moment. Even with the most powerful stuff you can buy right now. It´s just not quite there yet..and let´s be honest..60 fps is just not good and not nearly enough for a smooth experience. 80 fps is my personal min. standard. If it falls below that - unplayable because my eyes are just way too used to high fps rates and if i cant get them, it´s "lagging" for me.

    By the way, i think one of ironsights problems is the restricted vram. It can´t use the full potential of your card. 3072mb is the most it can use.

    Also another problem i´ve heard multiple times are some AMD -/Ryzen CPU´s.

    If they really do have an 9900K & a RTX2080Ti, like i do, you get around 170 - 250 fps. Average is like 180 - 190. Ofc there are fps drops but max fps 150 with an 9900k & RTX 2080? No way. Then their build isn´t compatible, worse airflow, worse temps, OC in a wrong way and so on.

    Yeah i agree, fps shouldn´t drop below 200 with a beefy rig like this but the min fps i saw or noticed so far was 120 fps and that was for a millisecond and instantly increased again. Ironsight isn´t optimized to an perfection but people tend to overreact.

    And by the way, trying to play on 1440p with an 1070 and expect high frame rates - there´s no way. Well there is but only in really well optimized games. CoD, BF are doing mp shooters for decades. But games like ironsight i would even consider as an "indie" game and alot of indie games are pretty bad optimized.

    If you want to play on 1440p and get consistant 144fps, you need atleast an 1080 ti and even with that you will struggle.

    I guess you didn´t even read my post because i clearly said i have a 5 bar connection and an ping of 20-22.

    Mb ^^ must have skipped over parts since I'm used to random ranting

    Really not sure how you're getting issues though or if you're over exaggerating how often it occurs. Are you sure you're not getting any packet loss? I play around the same ping (usually just a little higher tbh) and its pretty smooth now since the updates.

    I really care about my connection when im playing mp games, i usually have nothing working in my background. No Steam, no discord, no websites, no updates, no downloads - literally nothing. And these kind of things happen almost every single round i play. Atleast twice. Especially with desync behind cover.

    The netcode is actually great right now. If you're experiencing issues I'd assume you have high ping and don't play close to either of the servers which has nothing to do with netcode.

    The latest update will negatively impact those that play the game with high pings (which is the same in literally any other game ever if your ping is high).

    I guess you didn´t even read my post because i clearly said i have a 5 bar connection and an ping of 20-22.

    I know exactly what you mean my friend.... and I have only 30 hours in this game...

    Im in for about 75-85 hours i don´t know exactly how many hours but it´s enough to judge i guess. The latest netcode patch destroyed the game for me.

    So in short i´ve had enough. There are multiple reasons why i am quitting the game now.

    1. No real content. No new weapons and only 2 new maps. Honestly get more interesting individual weapons. It´s boring. More attachments, more perks.

    2. Balancing issues.

    3. Netcode. It´s so friking bad i just can´t play the game anymore.

    4. Random damage. 2 DSR hitmarkers at the same guy in a short amount of time, seems legit right? 5-10 bullets or even more to kill someone with an smg and it´s still random.

    You know the term muscle memory right? It´s ridiculous how much weapons are feeling like Softair weapons.

    My biggest issue right now is straight the netcode-/connection issues. The delay-/desync is incredible even with full connection and a 22ms ping.

    I get killed through walls and various covers so much, it´s unbelievable. Even after i moved away 1-2 seconds ago - it feels like i am standing still to some enemies.

    A fast paced shooter is unplayable like this. It´s a big big no no.

    Bullet sponges AF, weapons not reacting (like shooting), invisible enemies, so much delay that you can´t even react because the enemies are still behind cover or in doorways.

    Also the stupid bug that won´t let you shoot after jumping, vaulting, running - it´s so bad right now that i can´t handle it anymore.

    Let me be clear, my connection is good - i have an 200k connection and my connection to my router is almost perfect. The fault is not at my end at all.

    I still wish the best for the game and the devs and ofc everyone that still enjoys the game. But for me it´s unbearable right now.

    I have no problem with the snipers being effective at long range, but currently they are a little too effective in close quarters and midrange.

    Exactly. And not to forget 1 shot 1 kill..well mostly. And that´s worth A TON.

    If you´re used playing with snipers it´s a no hand weapon. If i can get rounds with 30 kills sniper only everyone can. Im an smg player, almost in every fps game i played so far. But like i said you dont need skill for any weapons at all, it´s just what you prefer over another weapon. Skill itself in fps games means good Movement, Aim, Control, Reflexes, Knowledge, Experience, Instinct, Prediction and Luck. Ofc your weapon is important but only in a way what you prefer.

    please nerf the dsr-1, this weapon is ridiculous op.

    dont think so.

    It kinda is and it kinda isn´t. I understand some complaints of other people. It´s almost a guaranteed oneshot kill. Not all the time but like 90% of the time.

    You also don´t need to be a pro to use it and the benefit of it being long distance. I mean, im not playing with sniper rifles really much but i can play a few decent rounds with that weapon. It doesn´t need skill - like every weapon. But the fact that it´s an almost guaranteed oneshot kill makes it valuable.

    Also because most maps offer alot of spots to stand behind, "headglitching" spots, lots of corners and so on. I totally get why it does that much damage, if it would be a 2 shot rifle, it would be useless.

    It needs some nerf but alot in this game needs some nerfs and tweaks.

    So it kinda gets on my nerves right now, every few matches when i have a decent round im called an hacker or cheater right now.

    I mean it´s a big compliment on the other hand but it would be nice to proof other people that you´re playing clean and fair.

    Is it possible to make an automatic program that checks players accounts to proof that they´re cheating or not?

    Like it would be awesome if people could click on your name ingame and there would be an option called "clean player" or something that indicates that you´re playing clean and fair.

    We don´t have cinema mode right now, kill cams and cam replays in general are bugged anyway. Even with an cinema mode it wouldn´t really proof that you´re playing clean because often times your actions will look fishy just because nobody can comprehend what you´re thinking at that moment.

    Anyways, the ironside community isn´t that big and if (just as an example) i play against some newer people and have a decent round, they will get the impression "this game is full of hackers" and will quit again. So there should be something to proof yourself.

    I know ironsight has more than enough problems right now and some issue or feedback like this is like fine tuning or polishing.

    But i wanted to make this thread anyways.

    Thank you for reading.

    There are some minor problems right now, before the last 2 patches i was finding matches pretty quickly, like a few seconds. Now it´s kinda mixed.

    I could find a match within seconds but another time it takes 2-3 minutes. I can understand that some people think the game is dead, i would think that too because i always see the same people in lobbies over and over again.

    But to be honest, you always find lobbies, it doesn´t matter how much time it is and that shows that the game isn´t dead...yet.

    I dont use Vsync at all, i prefer having as many fps as possible instead of restricting it to my actual hertz rate of my monitor ^^

    Well vsyncs also make your fps stable when fps starts to drop from too much things happening

    Sure but i dont notice fps drops that much. If i drop from 250 - 200 or 200 - 170 i dont really notice that. If the fps would drop below 144 fps then i will notice it immediately - like 200 to 120 but that rarely happens at all. Most of the time i have like 170 -240 fps. Ofc i also have drops to lower fps but in my case it´s pretty rare and i barely notice it ^^ patch, enhanced graphics, rebalanced weapons..bla bla.

    The game feels even worse right now, it´s not just the netcode issues anymore - TTK is slowed down by reducing the firerate of each weapon, why?

    But it´s not only the reduced firerate, delaying to aim-/fire after sprinting, vaulting, jumping - why the hell did they do this?

    Totally agree, because of slowing down gameplay, i don't play in game after update

    The thing about not able to aim directly after jumping is a bug, atleast that´s what some people are telling. I didn´t know either but anyways Ironsight doesn´t feel really good right now.

    Man that´s really hard to read as an enthusiastic Gamer. Your CPU is i know life is hard but can´t you put some money to the side? Almost every newer laptop should be better right now...and not even a graphics card ? Come on maaaan <.<

    So, i'm playing this game for a long time now with ups and downs.

    I stopped playing this game for 2 months, came back today to check out all the updates.

    I have played around 10 matches and all of them felt weird, not legit and encountered 2 obvious hackers.

    Are they back again but with more of 'm? I don't know but this isn't fun anymore tbh.

    I also noticed ATON of new players-/new accs who are playing way too good for being new to the game. Cant tell if they´re smurfs or are actually using some ESP stuff. Im a really sore loser so i often tend to think "This can´t be! They have some hacks on!"

    It just kinda sucks but honestly..i was decent from the beginning know could be legit. patch, enhanced graphics, rebalanced weapons..bla bla.

    The game feels even worse right now, it´s not just the netcode issues anymore - TTK is slowed down by reducing the firerate of each weapon, why?

    But it´s not only the reduced firerate, delaying to aim-/fire after sprinting, vaulting, jumping - why the hell did they do this?

    There´s no point in doing that especially for rushers it´s really bad right now.

    Oh there´s an enemy sitting behind this window i need to jump in - well f**k you, the camper has the upperhand because you can´t even shoot in time!

    Oh i know there´s an enemy behind this corner ..gonna jump around the corner.. well f**k you too, you can´t shoot!

    Ironsight was always a fast paced shooter but reducing kinda the TTK and delaying reflexes and chances of players is the wrong direction.

    Good players beat worser players, thats how it is and should be. Overworking the gameplay to make it more noob friendly is the wrong way.

    Because i really think they´re doing this to give the other players a better chance to react and counter react.

    But that´s not all, the netcode and the connection itself is getting even more worse. What the hell is going on?

    Invisible enemies not even the kill cam picked up the player, delayed gameplay aka. enemy shot you,you can´t even see him because he´s still around the corner etc. Delayed bullets and kind of random damage. If i shot a player 4-5 times less than 2 meters away from me, he should die right? Nope, denied.

    It feels totally random and your skill is worth nothing. You need to pray that the connection is good enough to see players properly, you need to pray that the netcode registers anything properly, then you need to pray that the other player has a good connection too AND because it´s not enough you need to pray that your weapon doesn´t feel like a paintball weapon.

    Ironsight is not in a good spot right now, technical issues and the "balancing" is not great for my own taste. The worst for my playstyle is the delayed ability to shoot after jumping, sprinting, vaulting and so on.

    That´s a really bad joice to make because it prefers players who eventually are camping in a specific spot.

    I couldn´t do that, if im clicking right click to zoom in, i have to wait until it´s zoomed in. Atleast that´s what i experienced so far.

    Was using the DSR FYI.

    I don't think I've ever spent any time warming up to play an FPS, let alone a casual FPS.

    It´s meant as a joke. I know a few people that really thought that Osu (the circle clicking game on the gifs) would improve your aim and stuff.

    It´s not true at all, i would like to think the same but i know better. Your reflexes kinda get better but translating it to other games..not really.

    Same is for aiming, it´s a different kind of aiming + it´s alot of muscle memory.

    By the way, the gifs are not speed up, that´s literally the OG speed.

    I only saw one cheater so far, it was on BioLab and this guy was somehow on the roof but that´s it so far. Im more concerned about smurfes right now.

    I consider myself as a decent player and then i get to an lobby with a few lvl 1 guys, destroying me.

    Well there are always better players than me, i know that but the fact that i already have atleast 65 hours experience and still got my as.s whooped..

    sucks xD

    Anyways i dont really see a big problem with hackers right now. The netcode is kinda more worse than before.

    Still getting killed ALOT through walls (behind walls taking cover), invisible players although they´re next to me - stuff like that.

    I think it´s easy to accuse somebody as an hacker but i seriously think it just looks weird through the kill cam

    I just played a few rounds with a sniper rifle, i honestly dont like playing with snipers and i never really played with them in any shooter.

    But holy **** is it easy to play with them. I played like 3 rounds, 1 bad round, one decent round and another round with 33 kills sniper only.

    And that without much experience and mostly quick scoping. Always calling out AR-57 as noob weapon eh?

    Play with a sniper is mostly the same. Most of the time it´s a one shot kill.

    One thing that bothers me really hard is the fact that you can´t shoot when the animation is still zooming in through the scope.

    But i guess it would be even easier to quick scope if they would remove this.

    I'm honestly surprised how this game hasn't shut down yet, it's like a disaster somehow kept a secret, kinda like boiling water with the lid firmly closed - at one point it will all burst out and make a huge mess out things.

    It´s not that bad. The gameplay or how the game actually feels is pretty good. I played Black Ops 2 and mw 3 for a few years, ofc it´s not the same but it gets closer to these games than any other games right now. Even CoD doesn´t feel like CoD anymore. It lacks in content-/stuff to do-/archieve but other than that it´s pretty solid.

    You do what every other game with snipers does and modify the hit boxes so 1 hit kills are in the upper chest and head only. Limb and Center of mass shots should be a 2 shot kill. It's pretty simple.

    And thats exactly what it is right now already. There’s is even a graphic on how hitboxes got modified in an older patch.

    It doesn´t really feel that way to be honest, 90% im one shotted although i have full life, i totally can understand these claims ^^

    So first at all, it´s not the fault of the game alone. I dont mean to say, the game is boring because it´s bad but it really lacks in stuff to do.

    Im a solo player, i picked my favourite gun within an hour or so and i only like TDM Mode.

    So since i started playing, im playing alone, with the Ar-57 and only TDM.

    Ofc i tried other weapons just to get some variation but there´s just no other weapon that fits my playstile AND feels good to play with.

    I don´t like playing the other modes just because im not a fan of tactical...waiting aka camping. Hold XY position, defend the bomb aka S&D -

    i don´t like it. So i guess it´s my own fault...maybe maybe not. They could add more modes like free for all, kill confirmed, adding hardcore mode etc.

    I can´t play for leveling, just because it takes waaaaaay to long to level up at a certain point. I can understand that your level should be something special but..

    it´s way over the top right now. It just takes too long.

    Playing for archievements, it´s fine but there isn´t really alot to do. They should add tons more archievements, icons, tags, call signs etc.

    They could even look at other games like...cod for example, they used to have tons of that stuff. I really get worn out of the archievements

    im doing right now..kill th player with the highest kills 2000 times..well yeah that´s not done within 2 weeks (just as an example).

    Weapons..there should be more and more good weapons. At the moment, you can play every gun you want to or what feels the best for you.

    That´s awsome itself. You can be good with every gun. But that means on the otherside, weapons are feeling almost the same and if you

    have a specific playstyle there´s only 1-2 weapons that stand out from the rest.

    Balance is okayish but not great. Snipers..oh jeez my beloved snipers..i kinda get to hate them pretty much. Because alot of players are

    pretty much camping with claymores while playing with snipers or just the fact, oh long range and behind this box is already waiting a sniper,

    sprint around the corner - one shot - dead. Sucks.

    Smgs often feel like paintball weapons and ARs are having a way too less ammo capacity, i mean why can´t you even use an extended mag for AR´s?

    Doesn´t make sense.

    Anyways, i would like to see more good weapons which stand out. I know it´s pretty hard to do especially when it comes to balance and

    if a weapon stands out, it´s mostly because its OP or easier to use.. i really don´t have a solution for this problem right now.

    Unlocking more special weapon skins via archievements, not by buying it, would be another idea that could be a little more exciting.

    Cooking grenades should also be implemented. OR of my favourite things in another FPS game - You´re Reloading, sprint to cancel it so you can shoot

    and don´t die because you´re reloading. Happens to me way too often. Killed someone, reload although i have plenty of ammo left, dead.

    I guess this thread is turning out more as an feedback´s kinda difficult because i think my problem gets mixed up especially with my own Ideas how

    to make Ironsight better from my perspective.

    So the core Problem of me having is, im always playing with the same weapon, always playing TDM, unlocking stuff via archievments is pretty time consuming,

    customization is pretty meh at this point and i only have fun playing TDM because other modes that i would like aren´t in this game at all.

    I think that sums it up pretty precisely. Im sorry that i drifted away a little but i think my reason to get bored is partly connected to all of this.

    Pretty good choice. It´s a really good movie, way better than "your name" in my opinion.

    Your Name was amazing though. Saw it on Netflix and instantly had to buy the actual book (not manga).

    It was a good movie, totally agree - especially the soundtrack was really awsome but overall a silent voice was more touching, confronting the viewer with real life problems and you kinda hate the MC at first because he bullies the girl touched me way more than your name. Both movies are great ^^

    I really don´t like it at the moment. Just played a few rounds and im starting to notice that something isn´t right. Probably netcode issues.

    Ping of 22, full green bars and i had some encounters where i didn´t even saw the enemy (in front of me running through a door) and ofc being one shotted.

    Saw him running through the door in the kill cam. He couldn´t even have seen me. Means, he already was through the door but i couldn´t see him and couldn´t react to it. That´s BS.

    That´s way too much delay in an fps game. I only started to notice these issues after the patch. Before i hadn´t had any trouble at all.

    Im being honest if TTK would be lower, my scores would rise by atleast 1/3. So many kill trades, so many BS deaths because bullet sponges, so many turn around luck head shots, so many "one shot" kills because delay.

    Yeah, it's not the 57. It's the same for every weapon.

    Yesterday, for example, I came across someone standing idle in spawn. Stationary target. I hit them with six or seven shots from the mp5 and get the hitmarkers for them, but no damage or audio feedback for the hits.

    Actually i do get feedback but it just feels off. Im used to hardcore, literally the only mode i played in CoD for years. I just don´t like bullet sponges.

    If i aim first, shoot first, HIT first - i should get the kill. Well except for counter headshots. Anyways im still proposing an hardcore mode.

    Shouldn´t be that hard to apply. Ofc people will camp, people camp in every mode but atleast my weapon is deadly and my reflexes are worth something.

    Oh and thanks Helix for moving my thread. Actually im german but im used to write in english, bigger audience, bigger reach, everyone understands it.

    Well hopefully..


    So after the netcode update i really noticed that my scores aren´t as high anymore and i just thought "well maybe some people do actually have a better "connection" now".

    Don´t hate me but i really like to play with the AR-57, fits my rushing playstyle perfectly and feels just really nice.

    Anyways, i really started to notice that even after 5-7 hit´s my opponent isn´t dead anymore. Or im full health and being one shotted all the time.

    It just feels like im playing with paintball guns, personally i really dislike that (that´s one reason why i asked for a hardcore mode).

    Don´t get me wrong, i know alot of people still say the AR-57 is for noobs, still OP, easy to handle and so on.

    But i feel like the weapon is even weaker after the netcode update. Did it get changed again or something?

    Or is it just the netcode change in general? It just feels weird that i almost don´t have any decent rounds anymore.

    I moved your thread to the english forum section

    I personally agree as well that this feature might be helpful for many things. This feedback has been forwarded for now ^^

    Thank you, i thought i put it in the english section by selecting the language but i guess that wasn´t the case.

    Anyways, i also thought of something different but i don´t know if i should open another thread for it.

    Lots of people want a different ranked system. I for example, im mostly playing TDM and i would like to see any kind of ranking system in that Mode.

    My idea: Average Points.

    Example: i played 15 games. let´s just say i got 3000 points in 10 rounds and 4000 points in the other 5 rounds = 50.000 points divided by 15 (number of matches)

    = ~ 3333 points average.

    Pretty simple but an easy way to show who´s better. Another benefit would be, kills are important but even if you support your team with drones and stuff you will get points. So for me it´s pretty fair i guess?

    If i should edit my OG post or create a different thread, please tell me then i´ll do it straight away ^^

    Heyho @ All

    Soo.. im getting accused to cheating-/hacking alot, i know im playing clean and fair but how to proof it to other players?

    So i was thinking of an Cinema mode like in CoD titles. You can watch every single player, switch between them and just watch if something is edgy.

    I mean it´s not an anti cheat proof but atleast it would be something and maybe some players could comprehend why player XY did XZ.

    Also it would be pretty nice if you could rewatch and record your last match when you forgot for example to press the record button.

    Ofc im aware that the game right at this moment is not capable of doing that..because of the game kill cams are buggy as hell, that would be another issue they need to fix.

    Anyways, in my opinion a cinema mode would be pretty awsome IF it´s better than the play of the game cams.

    What do you guys think of that?

    Well although i know tons of animes, i can only remember a few of them. But one of my alltime Favs has to be "Spice of Wolf".

    A bit more on the mature side with all the being honest that anime is not for everyone but i´ll still recommend it.

    Manga..hmm i don´t own any and i don´t really read mangas, i think i just prefer Animes to watch instead of reading.

    Did all that, and by now i can run my game at about 75+ fps. Still dips into the 60s, but it gotta do for now. Cant record while playing, which i could using my old pc (yep), but i got to fix it to a bearable point.

    still i have worse performance than my 5 years old, mediocre at the time pc, with an up-to date, should play everything on high system.

    That´s really weird, make sure you check your anti virus programs and maybe do a full scan

    Im being honest here, im using the AR-57 since the beginning. Why? Fits my rushing playstyle. Lots of bullets, decent rate of fire and moderate damage.

    Maybe im a little offended because you guys are literally saying i don´t have any skill because i play with the AR-57.

    Truth is i consider myself to be a decent player, i don´t care about recoil, i don´t care about hipfiring. The Mag size is atleast my selling point.

    99% I aim down sight and the weapon just clicked with me. Ofc i tried other weapons but i don´t like any of them, main reason is the mag size.

    I strife left and right most of the time when im aiming, never standing still and thats one reason why i need the extra bullets.

    Is the AR easier to use? Honestly, for me all weapons are easy to use except snipers, never liked it and almost never play with them.

    But i guess it´s the same as in other games. MW3 for example, Mp7 was called OP but everyone was fine with the Scar-H which was even more powerful.

    Why should i use a different gun that everyone else could use if they want?

    If you want changes that are making sense then start with the types of weapons.

    Using Sniper=decreased movement speed, decreased aim speed, decreased climbing speed.

    Using Assault Rifles= decreased movement speed but faster than sniper rifles, moderate ADS speed, faster climbing-/vaulting speed than Snipers.

    SMGS = Faster movement speed, faster ADS, faster vaulting, decreased damage.

    You cant just nerf one weapon because you dont like it or you don´t consider it skillfull. If you want real balance, ALL weapons + behavior should be nerfed and customized. BUT there´s another problem with all of this: Map size. Most maps aren´t big enough to use all of these benefits.

    Most maps are pretty small and a smg is good enough except you want to shoot across the whole map