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    I just wanna point out that some of the suggestions in your list aren't very useful.

    Simply listing a bunch of areas where content could be added doesn't help the developers.

    I'm sure the developers know that they could add new killstreaks or new emotes or new perks, so that isn't really useful - coming up with ideas for things to add is.

    As for "Keep spawn protection when you change weapons only deactivate if you shoot or throw a grenade": What do you mean, exactly? Does this imply that the time limit should be removed? In either case, I'm not sure if this is a good idea.

    no when you swap weapon the spawn protection is removed and leaves you vulnerable

    I know the developers are very busy with the PTS and netcode problems so not much content has been added to the game except skins which is fair enough as they have to prioritise and fix key aspects affecting the game. I don't understand why a lot of people have been hating and saying they're just adding skins for money; of course they are. At the end of the day they need to make money to fund the whole project otherwise the game will die. I hope this game does well as I really enjoy it and in my eyes is a better call of duty. I know the game is a while off completion but I have made a list of some suggestions :)

    Overall Game -

    . More game modes (Kill-confirm/Capture the flag/Free for all/Gun game)

    . More maps (I would like to see a smaller size of the frontline map introduced to normal game modes)

    . New unique weapons (Ballistic knives like on black ops)

    . New killstreaks

    . New emotes

    . New perks

    . New grenades/Tactical grenades (Would love a tactical insertion that allows you to spawn there after you die)

    . Level progression that unlocks weapons to be purchased

    . At end of games give some players a random drop like a supply box (Similar to CSGO)

    . Some sort of theatre mode

    . Be able to view people profiles after a game

    Changes to Frontline -

    . Kill-cam at end of game

    . More maps (Maybe extend some existing maps)

    . Reduce spawn killing by removing less populated areas of map

    Miniscule Changes -

    . Remove time limit to claim items in inventory

    . Add F4 and F5 as shortcuts for loadouts 4 and 5

    . Add new challenges for scopes/sights/tactical grenades

    . Remove timed purchases (Grenades, Bullet-type, etc)

    . Keep spawn protection when you change weapons only deactivate if you shoot or throw a grenade

    . Fix sprint bug when you are stationary

    Anything else?

    I feel like they're all quite minor problems in the grand scheme of things although I do I agree. I'm glad that the big problems like netcode is being dealt with even though it reduces the content they bring out, they are prioritising more important factors affecting the game.

    I hope this game gets on steam, it would boost their income so much and in turn give us more updates/content more frequently!

    I don't like the idea of adding weapons for the sake of it, just because they exist.

    In my opinion, there should be a significant functional difference between all the guns in the game, and when adding too many, there's not much room for variation. In fact, there's even an issue with variation now. Not to say that there's not room for some new guns to be added, but adding all the guns in your list will certainly be too much.

    Balancing more guns is also way harder.

    Yes I agree however, I do believe we need at least one more bolt action sniper. The DSR is slower than the Blaser and feels a bit more clunky if you get me. I think the DSR should get a buff in damage I get way too many hit markers with it or add a Semi auto like barret 50 cal.

    Just a quick suggestion, you know how you can use F1, F2 and F3 to pick your classes; please can you add F4, F5, F6, etc. if people have purchased more classes. Its only a small touch.