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    I don't want to report him, i just wanted to post a gameplay and i thought the chat was somewhat funny, adding to the video's entertainment value.

    Am i not allowed to post a gameplay because some dude in chat is making a fool of himself? What if i had posted the same video with a less snarky title, making no mention of the bloke, would that have been okay? Should i just cover the chat with a big black box from now because otherwise i apparently won't be able to post any videos on this forum because this type of behavior occurs pretty much every match.

    I can't stop people from being stupid in chat and if i reported everybody who wrongly accuses me of hacking or otherwise insults me i'd be doing nothing else whilst playing this game. I also don't feel particularly insulted when someone goes off in chat, that's basically just the average Ironsight player's version of a compliment.

    I think it's unfair that i am being punished for someone else's toxic behavior, i did not ask anyone to retaliate against this person, i didn't even name them in the post itself, nor did i cause the situation in the first place or pour fuel on the fire (unless you count me playing decent as an affront). As you saw in sqroot's post, i even treated a person with respect who clearly had none for me. I'd consider this to be a fairly good example for how to handle a person acting inapproriately in chat without going with the nuclear option of trying to get them banned.

    The backpaddling is real. I can attest to sqroot's claims and while my resume isn't quite as impressive as his, i've been programming for several years as well and i've never heard anyone refer to a 'string of code', i presume simply for the confusion it would cause with the equally named type 'string'. I recommend you just drop the topic, fairly pathetic to lash out at a guy for disproving your false claim, especially when you seem to not really know anything about the topic yourself.

    Regarding your ideas for improving the game, mines are already annoying and you getting a slight kick out of leveling them doesn't warrant them getting buffed in any way. There's no playstyle which makes using mines any skillful, they shouldn't exist in the first place. You can't 'just see' them since they tend to be placed in angles where they go off the second you see them and even if there was some delay to them so you could properly bait them out, constantly having to edge around corners to dodge some mine is not a particularly fun playstyle, it has little to do with situational awareness and it certainly required none from the guy who placed it. If you genuinely think that all there is to situational awareness right now is looking at the minimap i very much doubt that you are doing all that well at the game.

    I agree that headshots feel somewhat weak on some guns, but the examples you've listed are just plain bad. A pistol dealing more headshot damage than an AR doesn't make the pistol more lethal than the AR and if there's any type of weapon which shouldn't have a high headshot multiplier it's a 50 round spray and pray gun like the AR57. Assuming that the aimpunch gets nerfed (yes it is actually quite bad, especially with soft point bullets) i could get behind a general buff to headshot damage though, at least on guns which are actually about aim.