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    I don't get all the bickering about sniper rifle being too OP when they've already nerfed it a lot, I mean all the call of duties have much faster ads times and unlike blaser is always a 1 shot kill but you don't see people complaining? It's a tried and tested, long time old formula.

    Just because some people are good with snipers doesn't mean they're OP. And just because you watched some insane sniper montages doesn't make them OP either. Also the whole 'real' snipers are supposed to camp and all, you forget this is no realistic first person shooter, its an goddam arcade first person shooter that heavily improves on the cod formula which is what makes it so fun to play. Next time people will be complaining about snipers always camping in spawns and camping angles and about always dying to them. Gee guys I have a better idea, how about we remove sniper rifles completely from this game? Give me a beak.

    Aha a contract wars player I see, I can tell where you're coming from but contract wars being more tactical, it works there but would really break the balance in this game!

    However, exp bonuses for clan mate assists and overall a little bit extra exp awarded for playing with clanmates can be a nice incentive to play and coordinate with others more.