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    I agree with tatsu again and besides tf2 is an objective based hero shooter as well and fortnite isn't even an fps, it's an tps battle royale which is a completely different genre. But the fact that nobody would be able to tell it is an indie game if you slapped on a 'call of duty online' label on ironsight and released it as such, speaks volumes for the quality of ironsight. There really hasn't been f2p games that have this high production values before.

    Also mifire,once again, the demographics for cod and ironsight are very different. Simply because cod costs 60 bucks while ironsight doesn't. So it allows ironsight to be be accessible to the free to play market as well, which cod can't tap into. Meaning even those broke college students can just jump into ironsight and have a good time free of cost.

    But as I've mentioned before, there is one other reason one might look to play ironsight over cod that is simply because cod has become really different with specialists and specialist equipment, which is more akin to rainbow six siege + cod has lost the magic of it's old map design, instead now favouring mindless the run 'n gun shooting which is much, much more casual. So yes the other reason someone might look into ironsight over cod is it's fair balance, as there are no specialists so everyone is on an equal playing field from the start and the only difference is preference of loadout which makes for much fairer competitive play as well.

    Alas, I rest my case, I shall reply no more. Spectre out.

    Well going through steam, the only other good f2p that has good production value is warface but even then the movement system in that is still janky and not as fluid as ironsight, the rest are blacksquad, a.v.a. dog tag, combat arms reloaded...all of which screams f2p and the weapon models, maps, the animations all have this cheap knockoff feel to them. So yes I believe ironsight is the first to have almost triple-a level production quality. Please do give some examples if there's any other you think that has as good production values like ironsight. I mean that's the only thing that sets ironsight apart from all the other f2p fps games.

    Smh some people here wants ironsight to become like csgo...I mean csgo is free now so just go play that if you want hipfire meta gameplay.

    I 100% agree with tatsu on the game not having any problems with balancing and even if there is those are simply nitpicks and those can and will be addressed over time but misfire, you're forgetting one thing cod mainly targets the console demographic but ironsight is aimed at the pc demographic, so no it won't live under the shadow of cod as it's 60 bucks and not everyone's gonna spend that much (+ the whole point I mentioned regarding cod losing its roots with blackout and specialists to follow suit on the success of rainbow six and this one's subjective but really poor map design that just feel boxy but in ironsight the maps are good and have dynamic elements like dam's crane or the platforms to roof for example).

    You have to understand there has never been a free to play game before that has such a high production value, I mean look at the gun models, animations, the maps, and even the sound design it's really nutty and the game feels good to play. I think that's what matters the most. All the other f2p fps games, even the csgo clones give off this cheap 'knockoff' vibe that ironsight doesn't have.

    And on top of that there's no barrier of entry unlike cod so the whole free to play demographic can jump onto the bandwagon. As tatsu already said, the only thing ironsight needs is to fix that netcode as soon as possible or leave it aside to give us more content because if the game dies it'd solely be because of lack of content and oh, advertising. I mean just releasing on steam ain't gonna magically bring in thousands of players. They gotta pay those streamers and reach out to 'fps centric' youtubers and especially reviewers to put this game out there on the map. And from all those who'll try it out, those who'll decide to stay will stay for the gameplay. I know I did. Anyways, that's all I gotta say and I'll stop replying as otherwise these arguments are going to keep going on like a game of ping pong.

    TL;DR - if you want hardcore shooters and hipfire meta, go play csgo it's free now. If you loved the olden cods upto bo2, you'll stay for the gameplay.

    @Irony_Sigh Whoah there, where to even start. Putting aside your myriad of subjective opinions, listen kiddo, you need to understand that this game is not CSGO - that is a complete different fps sub-genre. Call of duty is in itself it's own sub-genre as it's the type of gameplay you can only get in cod and nowhere else, until ironsight that is. Now what ironsight is trying to replicate is the mechanics and gameplay of the golden age of cods, back when cod was actually fresh and fun, back when you didn't have specialists with actual game breaking skills*, back when maps were actually good. That's why even though ironsight has very little content and technical issues like the bad netcode, we do keep coming back because of the gameplay. (Also ironsight is the first and only f2p on the market with this high production value, it feels and plays like a real triple-a cod and that is a testament to it's quality, I mean just look at all the awful cod clones in the past like skill 2)

    And to be honest all these ar57 complaints, not a lot of people even use ar57 anymore. Besides, most good players with common sense know not to stay in the effective range of smgs where they'd be outgunned. And the whole ar57 is too op argument you can apply to most smgs anyways. They are called SMGS for a reason. The only reason ironsight's playerbase falters is solely because of technical issues and lack of content + the very slow update rollouts but that'll soon change after the netcode patch. Unlike cods where they bring one out every year there won't be an ironsight 2 coming out next year you know? And they'll support it for a long time. Also, cod has clearly lost it's roots and is trying to go after rainbow six seige (specialists) and pubg in pursuit of monkey-making trends. So that's why to all those people who loved the old cod gameplay, and the old style of maps compared to the square corridor shooters it has become nowadays, ironsight is our salvation and we enjoy it for what it is.

    As others have already pointed out, this game just isn't for you. I mean hey if you're such a big fan of the csgo gameplay - now that CSGO is free to play, why not go play that instead? Or if you fancy koreon csgo clones like a.v.a. there's black squad too, hell there is even a.v.a. re-release called a.v.a. dog tag if you fancied the masochistic 2-3 years of sucking at it so much. If you're so inclined to have that 'csgo' experience go play those games.

    *like the almost 100% noscope accuracy koshka which lets people run around the map and one shot people like smgs compared to which the whole ar57 is too op argument is nothing or let's say how you mention snipers are too op and people run and gun with them, but you forget cod has much faster ads time compared to ironsight and this is a mechanic. It's easy to look at a few good sniping gameplay and go it's so op and no skill gun and all but you try it yourself and try to run and gun with a sniper and I guarantee you'll die 10 feet away from spawn. Sniping overall has the highest skill gap as you actually need decent aim to hit your shots in the first place.

    I believe this is a step in the right direction, transparency matters above everything else. The game really has potential and although the playerbase is dropping I believe it'll have a second chance to shine again once it releases on steam. Who said there's nothing called second impressions?

    Also, the playtesting server is a great idea since there are quite a few games which do this to keep the public servers stable and not introducing new bugs and glitches by directly dropping updates into the public server.

    However, I do have a few suggestions (apologies for the wall of text):

    • Personally I don't think netcode is as big an issue as people make it out to be, and from my experience people have fairly good connections typically - there are a few exceptions in some matches but otherwise it works, I mean I've seen worse netcodes in other games. And also a shift from tcp to udp won't magically fix all the lag and desync, it would fix the ghosting issues but the server tick rates still need to be upped to fix the kills behind cover/walls.
    • Adding a killcam would be a really great way to solve a lot of the what the f moments when you get killed, as you know it's probably just you messed up once you watch it - or you can judge from the killcam that the person was probably lagging. This is extremely helpful as even if the netcode isn't fixed, the implementation of killcams would drastically reduce the 'netcode' complaints. I mean the best play at the end of the match does prove the technology exists for a killcam.
    • Now onto how to fix the playerbase. The competitive scene is what draws the most attention to games (for instance, take a look at csgo/lol those are mainly so popular because of the allure of the competitive scene) so I'd say as soon as the netcode is up and running, the ranked should be fixed. I am not sure if any changes would be made to ranked after it's patched back in but scorestreaks and emotes need to 100% be removed from ranked. Nothing like being peppered with bullets from the heli in snd, or some blade drone killing you where you are hiding from across the map - this may be subjective but that in no way is fair and not really a show of skills if drones do the work for you. It is fine in public matches but ranked? Come on, that's a playground for pure raw skill. I mean it is 'search' and 'destroy' afterall, what's the point if the whole search aspect is taken away by uav recon. Also the emotes, especially YES! emote is about 2 seconds long and quickly gives away positions behind corners as it springs into 3rd person giving unfair advantages to the one using the emote...I'm not even sure why emotes are allowed to be played while the match is going on in the first place.
    • Also the allure of competitive can be increased though in-game items, say if there would be 'seasons' where each month or every 3 weeks the leaderboards are reset and the top 10 would get rewarded.Those rewards can be handsome amounts of chips, special cosmetic items only available through this leaderboards system, or even rarer skins so that it'd give people the incentive to play and actually fight for placing in the leaderboards - which in turn means more and more casual players looking into competitive in pursuit of the lucrative rewards and then ranked won't be a ghost town anymore.
    • Not really a suggestion, but are there any plans to advertise the game once it releases on steam? I never ever see any advertisements for ironsight anywhere so was just wondering if upon release some efforts would be made on that front after ironing out all the problems with ironsight? Especially since those twitch streamers and youtubers spread the word quick and helps attract massive amounts of people.
    • While on the topic of cosmetics, I believe if instead of supply boxes with those very minuscule chances of getting whatever item someone wants - if we had a way to directly purchase items then a lot more people would be buying stuff, which in turn means lots of profit. As a guy would spend rather 100 dollars knowing they will 100% get the item they want than spending 100 dollars and getting only duplicates. I'd have paid my soul for that phantom helmet because I love the game so much but as soon as I saw it was inside of a supply box, I immediately went nope and just moved on.
    • Last but not the least, as you have mentioned in your report, there is a separate team creating content like skins? Why not have that content team make a new weapon or two as I'm sure most of the veteran players have more or less have tried out all weapons to death and the novelty of using new weapons has worn off. Something like a recurve bow or the fan favourite bolt action sniper rifle like the intervention, or a new assault rifle like the acr or xm8 would add so much to play around with until netcode patches arrive! At this point, I think rather than the maps - it's the weapons that got stale. Speaking of maps, what's wrong with releasing the maps that were available in the korean servers? Could always just add improvements or change the map later on instead of trying to make it 'perfect' before releasing.

    These are just one man's thoughts anyways, I really do love the game a lot even more than recent cods as it brings back the feeling of that golden era of cod again while still being it's own unique thing. That is something no other game on the market has right now and I'm sure if everything is done right - ironsight will be going places.