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    In my personal opinion, I like it how it is right now but the suggestion isn't that perfect either. I mean if hypothetically we should receive a votekick one day, who would be the ones to be kicked first because they seem like making a loose inevitable? But on the other side it could also instill more competiton for the player itself, something like "He/she got 2 kills more than me... but HA! I performed better because I died way less!", if you know what I mean. It can be seen negatively against others too

    you'll have to find out the ip address of the servers, but doing this is a little more tricky.

    First of all, start the game and once the game is open, open the command line as well and type the following command:

    tasklist | find "ironsight.exe"

    This will help you to find out the process id of the running instance of ironsight. You can also open the task manager to retrieve the pid.

    Then we use that pid we have received to filter the output when we use the netstat command like this:

    netstat -ano | find "pid-number"

    with that you will receive the ip address together with the port easily and then either use tracert or ping to test the connection.

    For the main menu, you'll receive these ips with ports:

    I'm not directly working but I have more a volunteering position but I still share suggestions regularly and keep the staff up to date of current bugs, issues and main feedback. We all want to have a better game ^^

    Misfire partly yes and no. I don't have a list that shows what a publisher can do without the developer's consent because it's basing on a work agreement. You should rather ask that question to a CM or PM again

    I can agree with you on that point, but the publisher can't just say to the owner that they're the only ones who have to publish the game. The owners (wiple games) have a more saying about through whom they want to make their game known.

    The thing is, many other players from Brazil under the internet provider Vivo are reporting similar issues as yours regarding the infinite loading black screen. Especially since the patch. Hence, it looks like a connection issue only to ironsight. Did it start since the last patch for you as well? For now we have forwarded this issue internally and hope that we will find a solution to that asap.


    can you please let us know from which region you're trying to play, in which server you're playing and what's the name of your internet provider? On first thought it highly sounds like a connection problem. Does it also occur on other servers?

    The feedback has been forwarded but I don't hold any rights to make decisions such as the ping limit increase but I sure wish that this feature will be improved, if the developers don't wish to raise the limit

    the ping limit still has room for improvements. We're grateful if you share your opinion about what can be made better even if the will now always stay to 400

    the europe server is currently not full mostly because the majority has either work or school but we also agree that the game needs promotions though it's too soon. Personally if I were a game developer, I wouldn't want to promote the game yet when there are several or heavy bugs that need to be addressed first.

    so far there are no plans for an asian server yet. The current focus is on improving the game before extending the game on more servers. Once more news arrive, we will let you know

    Hi younesmeg,

    we apologize for having bad experience with the launcher there's sadly not much that can be done currently to change it entirely. Actually though, the game start button turns orange after it's done checking for new available patches but in return the game itself starts fast and you can press game start under a minute.

    Thanks again for your feedback but please keep an eye on the language you formulate your threads with.


    the pts has been disabled until there's a new feature or big change to test with the community. When this will be, we will let you know on our official discord, website news, news on launcher or on any social media


    we are currently facing issues with the european server which have been reported. Currently, the other servers are available for playing while the staff is working on the european server

    I wish to remind to the past patches especially to the last pts session where the new netcode could be tested. This was indeed the first and most time consuming change for the developers, especially tests and so on have to go on and back to the developers and aeriagames. That is actually the proof that the developers are still working on the core of the game and we also mentioned in the past what we wish to reach in the future after the beta ends. Beta is not meant to be an infinite state for this game.