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    The question is : There will be a new Patch ?. I'm starting to think that there won't be any new patchs, because the devs

    don't even think in a regular "HQ Report". I assume that developing a game is expensive, I assume that keeping this game alive and online is not cheap, but a fluid comunication with the players is a MUST to keep the players happy. And no, I don't want to know when this game will be released on Steam, I'm not hurry for that, I just want to know what the devs are thinking about the game's future and what are their plans, more maps and more guns or more stability? more game modes o better existing games modes ?.

    Exactly, the only thing that matters is if you win or loose. If you loose a round you loose also elo-points, if you win you earn them.

    Your stats doesnt really matter.

    And that you have to play against the good players have a reason. The good players stack up in a full group (6 players) and search then for ranked. Cause the game has a low playerbase it tooks a long time to find a ranked match so they beg in the chat that everyone should queue for ranked. So newer players who dont know the game so much queue and of course they have to play against the good ones, because they are in a full group, so there is no way to get in their team.

    This is how it works. So, if you dont have a group of good players, dont play ranked, cause u will loose.

    I know, this is no fun but this is sadly how it is right now. Hopefully the devs find a way to make it more fair in the future.

    Thanks for the tip, I have never played Ranked game, but I have noticed in the chat the players looking for "victims" for their ranked match. It's clear that Ranked game and system doesn't work.

    Frontline is one of my favourite modes, perhaps because I feel that I am in a team, something similar to "Secure the Zone", where every member takes care not only of the zone but also their teammates.

    Frontline +1

    it would be nice that the matchmaking would be guided for something more useful than just the Ping, for example the KDA or the percentage of victories. The level of a player is not a good guide, in my case I'm over level 60 but I play worst that some players with level 10.

    This game first needs to grow up, in number of active players, in quality of gameplay, I mean, it need to be a real game, not just a BETA game. Then and only then is this game can consider organizing tournaments, either by the players themselves or by the owners of the game.

    In other words, this game is still a child and children do not go to war, they must first grow up, mature, become men and then they will be ready not to cry in the trenches.

    The kind of people who blame you of hacking and cheating are the same people who call me noob, and bad player. Nothing to worry about, they like to use their keyboard to offend the others players or justify their mistakes in the game.

    Waiting time is not just for normal matches, also applies for "training matches", I mean playing against bots. The lack of active human players doesn't affect bots games. I play the majority of my matches against bots and the waiting times have increased to 6 min many times. Come one dude hire more Bots !!! (just kidding, but the waiting time are not normal after the last patch).

    A example :


    This, like any other game, needs players, and a game in a BETA stage like this that punish new players is a game that will have serious problems retaining them. I have said it a thousand times but I'm going to say it again : I am the worst player in this game, but ... do you know why I keep playing ? because I like the weapons, buy new ones, use them, hearing them, looking at them, comparing them, it's the way I enjoy the game because I'm unable to kill more than 10 people in my best match. So if you punish other future players like me (super clumsy) .... do you expect them to stay in the game?. Change the GP awards. Thanks.

    After 4 attempts here I am, crying in a corner because my game can't connect to the servers. First I have tried to connect to European Server (I am in the sunny Spain), but with no luck, so I have tried with Automatic Server, but .... also with no luck. So my question is : Am I the only and lonely player who has this problem (because I hadn't seen any thread in the forum related to this problem) ?.

    This a pic of my problem :


    This is the first time that I have this problem, and I am dying, sorry, playing in this game for 8 months without any problem. Thanks in advance for any help.

    EDIT : Solved connecting through North America Servers. Thanks anyways.

    A simple question, how can I view the match statistics once the match has finished ?. I know that pressing TAB during the match I can see it, but I want to see the statistics calmly and without hurry once the battle is ended. Thanks in advance.:)

    I'm playing from Spain and although I'm one of the worst players in this game ;) I have had better feelings playing in the new server. I have been killed thousands of times (as usual) but at least my bullets didn't seem as cotton bullets to the other players neither have been killed throught a wall.

    +1 to PTS server.