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    You don't even know what nostalgia is. Nostalgia, like you describe it is something that happened to you in the past.


    Nostalgia is when you look back on events in the past.

    Afffected by nostalgia means you remember things in the past and remember them better than they were. This isn't even the case of what I meant.

    I don't have to waste my time on you if you can't grasp a concept that simple around your head.

    Talking about big words like fallacies.. look at you... I bet you don't know what that word means either. xD

    At the end of the day, if the game remains like this it will slowly melt away into nothing. Defend it however you want, but netcode, bugfixes and balances won't help it stand up on its feet. It will only fix the "unintended" issues and the glaring issue will remain into focus - the game has nothing going for itself and then people will leave under the pretext that it's boring and nothing really happens.

    Signing out, no use arguing with children that learned big words and can't even look beyond their nose.

    It will be funny to watch this game crash and burn thanks to thickheaded loudmouths. If I'm by any chance wrong, I will come back one last time and admit that I was wrong about the game and everything, but I highly doubt that will ever happen.

    EXACTLY! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO ADAPT. If you're a loner, play by yourself, in the end nobody cares. If you're going to complain about winning though, then either carry your team hard or join a party. It's pretty much the same for any game. If I got on COD BO4 right now in a full party, the situation would be extremely similar to IS in terms of end score/kda.
    Telling people to make friends isn't hypocritical, it's a suggestion to the complaint. 40-60min is plenty of time to party up. You don't need to schedule either...literally just send an invite to whoever is online. What you've listed seem like excuses minus any actual attempt at a solution for the people complaining.

    Actually, games with good team balance, as well as balanced weapons and other determining factors, and I must point out - Other F2P games, not AAA titles - can do this just fine so a person can play however they want and aren't forced into play styles that they don't enjoy. I played one such game (AVA) for over 9000 hours and had spent 95% of the time by myself, I tried to bring friends into it, but they were too picky and quit soon after so I had to play alone, I didn't need to go into groups, because I alone with my skill was enough to turn the tide of the game in my favor, it was also because guns were balanced, as far as a game with P2W cash shop guns can be balanced, in fact F2P players like me had to use underpowered weapons and we still pulled through.

    This isn't the case here as not only team balance is bad, but weapons are imbalanced too and this also leads to many frustrations, if you're OK with this, then go ahead, play the broken game, pretend you enjoy it, but please don't tell me cóck-and-bull stories.

    Everyone has their own tastes.
    I don't want to sound mean but I honestly don't think Ironsight is a game for you or will ever become a game you will enjoy.

    .. To continue what I wanted to say since there is a 1000 character limit...

    The skill gap is non-existent, keep believing whatever makes you feel good on the inside. A noob with AR57 can destroy a pro player who plays 20 hours a days and only sleeps for 4.

    You will see that even a fixed netcode won't bring back lost players. Let's say they nerf AR57 and fix all the clipping bugs, all the bugs people are currently having with the launcher (if this game ever makes it to Steam it better dump that launcher in favor of Steam-only updating methods) and people still won't come back, because this type of gameplay gets easily boring, there is no real punishment, when you die in TDM, you don't have to wait 3, 5, 7 seconds to respawn, you respawn instantly. There is no HP gauge and everyone is entitled to free, indefinite and automatic HP regeneration.

    Just know that keeping the game like this will not improve if it stays like this forever. If you're OK with it being like this and slowly dying, then go right ahead and you and your casual, playing for fun friend OhEmGee can threaten to leave if the game, havens forbid, changes to be more competitive scene-oriented.

    Because what can potentially happen next?

    - Netcode comes close to being release.

    - They open PTS and invite volunteer players to test the netcode patch before they officially release it.
    - Game launches on Steam in Early Access.

    - They keep adding skins and last bits of Korean content.

    - Bugs since OBT in 2017 continue to linger.

    - Gameplay mechanics remain casual and noob-friendly.

    - New players that see the game on Steam leave soon after they started, because the Steam crowd is super toxic and doesn't mess around, also they are affected by the gameplay mechanics, overabundance of skins, poor team balance and modest player numbers.

    So before this game reaches Steam it has to fix all those issues, otherwise it will get review bombed and left to rot in oblivion.

    Games like Counter-Strike and Alliance of Valiant Arms have a huge skill gap and noobs can play, but pros will always destroy them.

    I played Counter-Strike 1.0 since 1999 and I've sucked at that game from when I started and was 7 years old until I was around 16 when I finally started getting good. And yet, people have always been attracted to Counter-Strike, even nowadays, it's one of the most popular FPS games.

    I played AVA since 2010 and back then the in-game currency that was earned was so low that unless you place #1 or #2 each game, especially in Demolition, you will run out of money, and you needed money to repair your weapons and armor - head, chest, boots, gloves, etc. If you didn't repair your weapon after each match, it tends to "malfunction" and changes recoil patterns and stuff, sometimes it doesn't shoot immediately when you want it to, that kind of stuff. So I sucked at this game for a good 2-3 years, and I always ran out of money and that meant I couldn't repair my equipment so I was forced to play with the default weapon and armor that didn't break or start a new account just so I can play with other weapons and armors that I liked, so I did the second and went through at least 4 accounts before I started getting better and the game started rewarding more in-game currency. That's because I was addicted to the game and I didn't mind starting over if it meant playing the game, because it was simply THAT good. When I talked to other AVA players from 2009-2010 they also said they have been making multiple accounts to continue enjoying the game... If this was the current situation in Ironsight and you had to abandon your account every 5 months, would you keep playing or just go to the forums and complain? Somehow I feel like you will quickly abandon your loyalty and either leave or stop playing and just complain for this to be changed.

    I started playing Call of Duty 1 in 2003, then Call of Duty 2 in 2005 and the last one I played was Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, that's where I quit, because the gameplay of CoD was becoming boring to me. It was fun when I was around 11-13, but after that it became too easy and idiotic. So you're wrong, I have played Call of Duty games, in fact I played the all-time classics, not the garbage they spew now. I also used to play a lot of twitch shooters like Quake 3 Arena, Unreal Tournament 99, Unreal Tournament 2004 and I learned a lot of pinpoint accuracy from them too, but I got bored with them and switched to classic shooters like Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source which were the only popular ones at the time.

    When I started playing Ironsight, I used to play Ghost in the Shell First Assault as my main game and Ironsight looked similar, especially in the trailers - weapon customization, drones/skills, futuristic setting. It seemed just right. My game was shutting down and this one was just launching, I thought this was destiny. I started playing Ironsight and it was OK for the first few weeks, but after that it started feeling very off. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I watched some YouTuber called EdenFPS who was doing a video on the game and he said how Airplane map was the same or very similar to some Black Ops 2 map, then he also said Ironsight is a carbon copy of Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

    And this is when it hit me - that's when I understood what was off about the game - I haven't played CoD games since around 2005 so I had completely forgotten what they felt like and Ghost in the Shell First Assault brought weapon customization, skills and sprinting to a game which gunplay was like Counter-Strike and Battlefield - with hard recoils and hipfire was useless. So when I started playing Ironsight, I didn't notice one bit that it was a CoD clone. But after I realized it, I understood why I can't enjoy it any longer - it's too casual and noob friendly. Add all the bugs, imbalances and the netcode and you see noobs taking top spots in the ranking with ease, because there are noob-friendly OP guns like AR57, prone spam allows the noobs to survive most encounters, no HP meter and HP regen means that as soon as the noob survives the encounter, they HP fills up in a couple of seconds and they continue to PWN around until they run out of ammo or finally meet someone with the overwhelms them and all the noob tactics and noob-friendly in-game features can't help them.

    What's the point of developing a good aim and exercising my pinpoint accuracy if a noob with a noob gun can one-shot me and he isn't even trying? That's like studying astrophysics for 20 years just to be accepted into NASA and when you finally get accepted, you see some 18 year old kids in there too, but they haven't been busting their asses for 20 years like you, they are just the director's nephews who really liked Luke Skywalker and now want to be just like him. That's how insulting it feels when you get PWNed by noobs in Ironsight. That's why I quit playing Call of Duty back in the day - it was too casual and unrewarding waste of my time. I quit games like Quake and UT, because they don't have a future - only tryhards play them and it's really tiring experience to keep trying to be good and yet play the same games from 20 years ago.

    There is no point in being competitive with snipers, because snipers in Ironsigth just run around the map and quickscope, most of the snipers don't even have skills, they just exploit the easy sniping to feel good about themselves, same goes for AR users and SMG users are the biggest joke in the game. There is literally no difference whether you use AR or SMG, only the run speed is different, snipers are actually almost the same as ARs and SMGs, because their mobility is just the same and quickscoping makes snipers like quirky shotguns. There is no point in being competitive in the only serious mode - Search & Destroy , because of the HP regen. You try really hard to take out your enemies, but your enemy is an AR57 noob who prones when he feels like he is dying, so he prones and kills you at 5% HP, 5 seconds later, he is at 100% HP and the fact that you died means absolutely nothing, your sacrifice was pointless. In a normal shooter with competitive scene and a large following there is 100 HP and if you're left on 5 HP, that's it, you can't heal up, you're supposed to try and make-do with that.

    The game not only suffers from bad netcode, which is said to be under construction now, but there are bugs, imbalanced weapons and mechanics like prone that don't make sense the way the are. Even if netcode is fixed the game will be niche among niches among niches. The way it is it has no chance for a competitive scene, I've seen the so-called "tournamens" on Twitch - they get like 50 viewers.... that's just sad. And it's not because of bad netcode or only skin updates, it's because the game is incapable of having a competitive scene with those casual noob-friendly mechanics that a couple of you love defending, because you can't play anything else. I don't even play Counter-Strike anymore, because when I started getting good and understood how the game works, it got boring - there are few useful weapons and recoil patterns and grenade spots are very easy to learn, after that the game becomes boring too.

    Ironsight has a chance to become a competitive game if it actually starts caring about pro players and not treating them like they are unwelcome, because it's pampering to the noob portion of the game which from what I see here are people that are unwilling to improve and want to "WIN" with zero effort only so they can feel good about themselves. The real challenge in an FPS game is when you start, you get your behind pounded for about 1000 hours before you start getting good, and a good game like this will keep you interested and wanting to play, not discourage you.

    What are you gonna do against Bunny Hopping its sucks

    Please no. Why do you even want this?

    Maybe he is sick of playing a game that is casual noob-friendly where people run around with bugged OP weapons like AR57, prone spam and get headshots while banging their head in the keyboard.

    The main problems with the game and other than people leaving because of the netcode is because it's very easy for casuals and noobs, there is little or no skill gap between noobs and pros, so pros get bored and leave. Snipers are OP and you can run around with them like it's some SMG and quickscope while running, proning has to either be removed or have its animation time increased so it's really slow and noobs don't spam it when they feel like they're getting killed even with AR57 and hipfire spread has to be made strong so people actually start using the scopes they install on their weapons.. or just remove scopes from the game and add other attachments like grips or something that will be more beneficial.

    That's the problem with the game - it's very mediocre, boring and forgettable, if they don't change that people will get bored even if the game has the best netcode in the world. It's a CoD clone and CoD games are made to last 6 months then the new one comes out and people start playing that, a game that tries to copy a mediocre gameplay made to last 6 months can't expect people to play it for more if it stays the same.

    You will see when even netcode doesn't keep the people playing. There needs to be some big changes to the gameplay and to punish noobs and commend pros and give pros some actual reason to keep playing, like some hard weapons that only 1-2% of the playerbase can handle properly.

    Yes, the game needs something to make it stand out from the rest. If it's always a CoD clone, it will always live in the shadow of CoD and people will prefer CoD over Ironsight. The current dumbed-down gameplay is an insult to pro players who want to play on another level... or is it that the game is pro-unfriendly and only casual noob-friendly instead so pros aren't even welcome?

    A game that commends pro players is one that doesn't allow casual noobs to use broken weapons or imbalanced mechanics to get ahead of pro players.

    I played GITS:FA since the first day of CBT way back in October 2015, and was there on the first day of Early Access in December 2015, I just didn't play after September, because the game became garbage and it wasn't interesting anymore.

    The problem with solo players vs team players was also present there too. It was one of the problems that lead to the death of the game, it's true that you say that it was the indifference of the people managing the game - putting a broken game out there and expecting that everything will work out on its own without doing anything to fix it (just like Ironsight right here).

    If you haven't noticed it or people complaining about it, it doesn't mean it wasn't there. It was. And there were identical discussions to the ones here - put team players against other team players, don't allow teaming at all, etc.

    The exact same responses were given too - the population is too low, favoring X players will scare away Y players, favoring Y players will scare away X players.

    This is nothing under the sun.


    And to answer @cristianomtd, putting teams against other teams will take them too long to find a match, due to the low playerbase of Ironsight. This will cause those players to quit the game, because they can't play the game they want.

    @Stra2GG, telling people to find friends and stuff is just wishful thinking or hypocritical. Some people play for about 40-60 minutes and stop, others are shy, third play at such a random schedule that they can't play with friends, etc.
    This isn't a solution to the problem, this is like going out of your way to adapt as best as possible. I've been playing FPS games solo for 90% of the time and I enjoy it this way, because I can do what I want and also because my friends don't play the games that I like and relying on other people to play with online is pretty unreliable from my experience.

    t's okay if you're willing to sacrifice everything else for fairness, but don't expect others to agree with your bullshit.

    So, wanting a fair game is bs? Ok then you win :D

    When you choose solo players, you alienate team players. When you choose team players, you alienate solo players. There is no win-win situation with this.

    This has been a problem in both Dirty Bomb and Ghost in the Shell First Assault, can't remember if it was a problem in Alliance of Valiant Arms and Blacklight Retribution though. I know how much it sucks to be pubstomped and I know how much it sucks not being able to play with your friends.

    When there aren't enough people playing this always happens, but both things will kill the game. Remaining like this will scare away solo players, changing it so people can't play in a team will scare away team players. I don't think there is any compromise situation that is good for both parties. The only thing that can be done is to ignore the problem and lose one group of players and hoping not all of them will be bothered by this.

    GITS:FA died because they chose team players over solo players. Dirty Bomb died, because they chose solo players over team players.

    This is the sad reality of the situation.

    The "why" is really pretty simple. C-level executives at any publicly traded company make huge money in bonuses based on hitting quarterly and annual numbers (profit). So they only pay attention to what will let them hit a quarterly target. Whatever it takes. Even if it makes no real sense, C-level people are truly only interested in how they can make money for themselves. It doesn't matter what industry (energy, education, entertainment, tech, retail, manufacturing, publishing, media, etc. -- the behavior is based soley on the goal of hitting the target they are incentivized to hit so they make their own bonus; all other priorities are secondary). As you noted, a CFO will cut their nose to spite their face if it helps them hit their number. If the company tanks, the C-level exits with a golden parachute and then gets hired at another company. Rinse and repeat.

    I bought BO4, digital deluxe edition. I got a refund pretty much immediately. Game is just rubbish.

    And you play IS. Thank you for the free smile and merry xmas :3

    @PrimalPayn, I know you from Ghost in The Shell First Assault. I was one of the people that advertised Ironsight as the successor of GITS:FA, but I was wrong. This game barely scratches the surface of what it means to be a successful successor of GITS:FA. I think you should now switch your attention to AVA: Dog Tag, the last salvation. You may recognize familiar names like Sachoza there.

    This game has no future.

    I would recommend to submit a ticket. An ingame repot button is useless. They need some evidences to ban a player.

    You spend 20-30 minutes submitting a ticket - writing all the information, maybe even provide photos and video footage (this report system is like indirectly requiring you to record all your playing JUST IN CASE you may stumble upon a cheater) and then a cheater spends 5 minutes creating a new account and continues to cheat... xD

    Man, korean game publishing is always such a stupid shitfest. I haven't seen these kind of shenanigans with monolithic publishers of other online games, it's always scummy and shadyass companies like Gamigo, Aeria Games, Gameforge, etc.

    These are the same publishers that single-handedly killed Alliance of Valiant Arms with the Pay to Win cash shop items. Once the best F2P FPS game around 2012 - completely killed for 2 years. Imagine having a game with over 7k players and you make stupid decisions that don't favor the players at all and actually makes them quit and then you're left with 300 players.

    The game will be completely dead by the time they release that patch everyone will have left the game. I bet the next time they release it, it still won't fix anything. It will just be a marketing trick, a placebo effect. There are so many other issues with the game that they aren't fixing, all the clipping on Cruise map for example. But hey, at least there are millions of skins with every patch.... xD And you gotta have that trinket dangling on the side of your weapon, that's really important... or the robot dance, or leopard pattern weapons, like that's some 80's p0rn flick.

    The Steam release is what this game needed to get a boost in population and more exposure. If they take too long with that it won't matter at all soon. So they postpone Steam release until let's say March 2019, because that's when they release the netcode update that may or may not fix some stuff. By that time population is down to hundreds of people, Steam release comes, a few hundred people join and subsequently leave leaving a negative review, because the game is broken and netcode is only a fraction of its problems. It's a blatant Black Ops 2 clone and even bad at that as half the weapons/drones are missing. The game will have a positive reviews of around 55% which leaves it at Mixed and people just avoid it from that point on. Once word gets out how broken it is, how they only release skins and the game has no content and is riddled with bugs and imbalanced weapons and mechanics, nobody will play it.

    That's the sad thing about this game. They don't release content, OK, They don't release a netcode patch, OK. But why are they releasing skins that cost money for a game that they like to call "beta" when they can be releasing bug fixes and optimizations? People with Ryzen hardware have performance issues for over 6+ months and still no word on that. What's with this audacity - to shamelessly monetize a "beta" product instead of making it more stable by fixing issues?

    No matter what you say doesn't change the fact that the game is dead, just because you don't know my other account doesn't mean that makes you right. My old account is…index.php?user/55-weilan/

    I just intentionally changed my password and e-mail so I don't log in, cause I was saying the game was garbage a few months ago and I wasn't sure if it was true or not and I felt bad for the staff members trying to justify everything, so I locked myself out so I don't bash the game.

    But now after even more time has passed and the game has only continued to prove it's garbage I won't hold back and let everyone know that this game is a scam. It's a factory for skins. They want people to buy skins, cause they don't have content for the game and want people to buy so they keep the scam floating.

    And as you see, I've been here more than you, green newebie boy. I was registered on the forums before there was even an announced date for CBT. I was here being hyped about the game and posting encouraging stuff.. I was still blinded with hype to see the game for the scam it really is.

    So go ahead, keep white knighting the game you fanboy, that won't help. It will only be more satisfying in the end when it shuts down and you're left with mouth agape with a single thought racing through your mind "HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?! I thought they had more content coming and they promised to fix the game... I trusted them, I defended the game for them."

    Boy, I've seen so many F2P FPS games fail and this isn't the first or last. Even Black Squad, which is doing a lot better than Ironsight in terms of playerbase, competitive e-sports scene, Twitch viewers and general playability is also suffering from heavy backlash right now, because the publishers/developers don't care what players ask for and just keep that skin factory going.


    If you're gullible enough to believe that Beta means something in this trash dead game. They released 3 maps, (4 with the BIolab), one of which is bugged and doesn't work. They released a netcode patch that failed, because they don't have PTS servers to test it and it caused a disaster and they had to revert it.

    The game has an Open Beta tag slapped on top of it, because it's in a really sorry state and they need some excuse when people call it out for the mess it is, apparently you, like a loyal fanboy picked up the idea rather quickly and when someone says the game has X and Y issue, you're quick to pitch in with that "BUT IT'S BETAAAA, they will fix it lateeeeer...." Wake up, they won't fix anything, this is the final state of the game, it's already in OFFICIAL RELEASE, it will never get better than this

    Every update is 95% skins and other cash shop cosmetics, 3% fixes and 2% content. They don't have more content. They aren't working on it. The last bits of Korean content is drying up, once they release that, which is one more map that looks like a mountain ski lift, it's over.

    The Korean version shut down since nobody was interested in playing it despite their good infrastructure where netcode wouldn't be a problem. The game sucked so bad that even on its home territory it shut down. It's here just to be milked one last time until it dies into obscurity for good.

    How did they "nerf" the AR57 which is bugged? They reduced the headshot multiplier, but that weapon doesn't get its kills from headshots, now does it?

    What progress is there? None. How do you know that, do you work for the studio or is that just your wishful thinking working? Do you really believe something is happening with this game?

    They already had the chance to make a good impression with the game and they failed miserably. They aren't even doing live streams every week to get some hype going on. The view count on Twitch doesn't go above 15 viewers, which is pathetic. Warface has like 200 every EU evening, Black Squad gets between 70 and 170. Even if they fix the netcode, people won't come back, they already don't care about it. Just look around, go to the first page of the forums from autumn 2017 and see the people who were posting there, they are gone now, they quit this trash. There were passionate people posting suggestions that were ignored, the staff members just say "ok we will forward it" and that's it, they sometimes don't even say anything.

    Face it, this game is abandoned, it's on life support, it only gets skins and other cosmetics, their hope is that people will buy them or grind them, when they stop falling for this trick they will leave. Because neither the netcode is working, there is no good replay feature to see how you died, there is no competitive mode, there is no in-game report function... do they expect me to waste my time to record footage or keep a recording software on and be ready to press RECORD every time I see someone suspicious then go on their website to send a ticket? Screw that, I'm not wasting my time, because they use a pitiful anticheat like EasyAnticheat whose developers are so blinded with pride that they actually believe their anticheat works when it doesn't. BattlEye is the better anticheat.

    I've been here since September 2017, when the game wasn't even in Beta, and I've seen all its "progress", it's literally the game game with the same bugs, they just changed the start menu so it's even more of a blatant copy of Black Ops 2. First it was white, now it's black so people can see that the game is not the same anymore... xD What a sick joke...

    When is that?

    They promised the game will launch on Steam before the end of 2018. They have 18 days left to launch it on Steam or they break their promise.

    The game is dead, they just release skins and think this is enough to keep it going... They even had some "director" guy come up and post something to give some false hope as if something is going on. That was their last resort. xD

    Shutdown is imminent in the next 6 months.

    AVA has a roadmap of what they plan to do so people can see, what does Irony Sigh' has? Skins.