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    I would like to see a perk that decreases the effect of flash bangs and concussions and maybe one that could double your GP in a match XD not asking too much huh?(i know the second one would make no sense btw) but yeah I would like something that decreases secondary grenade effects.:thumbup:

    Perks id like to see list

    1.Decrease flash bang and stun effect perk.

    2.Perk that allows you to move at normal speed even when being shot(call it juggernaut or summit)

    3.Perhaps a perk that decreases gun repair amounts(call it penny saver I don't know lol)

    4.maybe a detect drone perk asswell(so kinda like the detecting scope could pick up drones and stuff just spit balling)

    Ok so guys I have had a few people ask me how to fix the black screen problem when streaming with OBS, so thought I would make a short post to try and help fix that. Follow these steps and I hope it works for you.

    STEP1=Run OBS as 64bit and as administrator.

    STEP2=If you have a scene already set up for Ironsight just delete it.

    STEP3=Set up a new scene for IRONSIGHT in OBS and make sure you are using Game Capture to stream the game.

    STEP4=Boot up Ironsight and see if it works.

    Let me know if this helped and hope you all have a great day.:love: