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    I think you'd need to keep TDM, S&D and ranked up all the time, and then rotate the other modes. Sorry I didn't make that clear.

    Overwatch do this by keeping the two standard game modes permanently available and rotating the other games in their 'arcade' weekly.

    Great idea. I also had a concern about spreading the playerbase but i also think the game will be more appealing to gamers that currently play other shooters such as COD if they implemented these additional modes. I really stopped playing BO4 because they did not include CTF in this one. I agree that the special game modes could rotate in like a weekly arcade until the playerbase grows.

    I would prefer to not have bullet types and have that space for another attachment. Or the bullets could sort of fall under the attachements areas so a player can select how they want to use those 3 slots best (the charm is absolutely worthless to me).

    I feel like the addition of a few game modes would really push Ironsight above the other FPS games currently dominating the scene.

    Three point domination

    Capture points A,B,C

    Capture the flag

    Could be handled in two different ways. Respawn delay would need to be implemented.

    1.) Two flags with one in each team's base where they must run to the enemies base, steal their flag and bring it back to their base only scoring if tir flag is at their base. The first to score three points in a round wins or whoever has a higher number of caps when the timer ends. Best two of three rounds where round three is overtime if necessary.

    2.) One flag that lives at the center of the map that either team has to capture and then score by running into the enemy team base. First to score three points wins the round with best two of three rounds. Third round is overtime if necessary.

    Demolition reimagined

    One central point that must be captured by either team or whichever team has the most points after X minutes. When the point is capture in another random location on the map a bomb will appear (each map would have 3-4 set spawn points for this bomb but it will appear randomly at one of these locations). The team that the captures the point then has to plant and detonate the bomb whereas the defender team has to not let the bomb get planted or defuse it. The defending team can only earn up to one point for a successful defense since they lost the capture point but the attacking team could earn up to two points, one when they successfully capture the point and one if they successfully blow up the bomb. The game would last over several rounds. The first to X points win.


    Similar to Resource Takeover but inspired by Blood Money from Battlefield Hardline or Bounty Hunt from Titanfall. A pile of resources in one or two points of the map or even in locations that rotate throughout the map. Players must collect these resources in the point but there is a limit to how much they can carry. Players must take these resources back to their base to deposit them. If killed on the way they will lose whatever resources they are carrying and those resources will be visibly dropped for other players to pick up. Some sort of visual indicator to see who is carrying resources and who is not. Possibly implement a slight respawn delay.

    I agree with everything you said but thr part I want to see the most would be the contracts. The daily contracts can be completed in about 30 minutes and I often get the same ones several days in a row. I love the idea of weekly contracts and epics. That's such a great idea and ensures users are always working towards something. When my daily contracts are over (say it was to get 15 kills with an LMG) then I just go back to using the K2C. I would like more of a challenge and something to continually work towards.


    I was playing S&D earlier today on Bio Lab and I had two daily challenges: 1.) Win a game of S&D and 2.) Win 6 games on Bio Lab. Before the game I was at 0/1 for S&D wins and 1/6 for the Bio Lab challenge. I won the game but my progress did not go up. I played on the map immediately after and won that match as well and the second time I did get credit but not the first game.


    I just started playing Ironsight and the first thing I did was go in and change my keybindings to what is most optimal for me and also what would match the other PC games I play. The "C" button is my right strafe movement. I am experiencing an annoyance in that at the moment I die, if I am strafing right trying to dodge enemy bullets, I am immediately presented with the change class screen because I was pressing C the moment I died. I always have to hit Esc to exit out of this. Can the devs make it so that the change class button can be adjusted in the options?