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    Some great ideas there Stra2GG, I have the same frustration about the 'no info' when spectating and being able to create customs games would be a lot of fun (count me in for some tournaments then ^^).

    Other than that, some more game modes would be a great addition and probably fixing some smaller bugs as well (I'm still unable to equip any titles/emblems and can't purchase some paint for my guns even though I have the right amount of money for it).

    Another change that might just be me but personally I would prefer the highlight at the end of the game to be the final kill of that game. Now it's just the guy who got the most multi kills so a lot of times the highlight is something that happened like 20sec after the game started. I think it will be much more fun to have the last kill be the highlight, seeing there is only 1 more kill left pushes players to really go for that final one, maybe even try tricks to get a funny/awesome highlight.

    And finally it would be great if I could buy just chips with my AP points whilst now if you want to have chips (to unlock special characters, clothes or dances) you need to buy the full package deals with the guns and stuff even though they might contain guns that you don't even use (like if you aren't a sniper yet you need to buy the pack with the sniper rifle just to get the chips). I'm more than happy to support this game money wise and buy some stuff now and then but I don't want to keep buying the same packs and guns just to get to the chips :(

    I personally don't have an issue with that, it's a creative and funny way to get a kill (for sure when you get it in a highlight). You could do that in other online shooters as well with anti-drone rockets :saint:

    I think it’s something with the servers. My internet should be pretty fast (at least that’s what I’m paying for xd) but at some times during the day I experience laggy games, long loadings, etc as well. Maybe overloaded servers?

    I noticed the same thing in a few games last week, a guy was sniping from below the map (in the area where that water gulf thingy is). Don’t have a clip of it so it would be awesome if you can report it using yours, thanks :thumbup::thumbup:

    Even though I have unlocked certain titles and emblems, many of them don't show when I equip them. When pressing the 'use' button I can hear the sound but nothing else happens. The issue keeps happening in particular with the "XXX Mastery" Titles for me. Anybody else noticed this? ?(