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    Literally right now you can receive an extra loadout and 90k gp starting.
    You can literally get whatever you want and multiple guns to test out. There isn't an issue with their monetization at all right now.

    I have another way to make money. Dont force players to spend money ez. Even warframe is making bank without having a battlepass and theyre not forcing (pressuring) u to buy anything, Just pure cosmetics.

    What lol. Warframe literally advertises spending plat every time you log in via dailies.
    This game isn't "forcing" anyone to spend money.
    Hell compared to warframe, Ironsight's microtransactions have literally no impact towards gameplay while the other can make speed up grinding by a significant amount.

    Do you have another solution for them to make money to continue developing the game?
    Their microtransactions have been pretty unobtrusive and the only real currency issue right now is repair costs which they're working on/ have compensated us two-fold for.

    The items that should be free are ones that affect gameplay. Anything else is fair game.

    Icore 7 5500 gtx 950.

    hmmm I mean realistically, that's currently a pretty low end GPU.
    Like a GTX 970 online for $100 or so would double your performance.

    But yeah, that's strange. I am running 2080Ti's but used to play this on a 1080 without much of a difference since there's a point where fps doesn't matter anymore lol...

    Apparently the release date on the Ironsight on steam is 0x7E3, according to steam...

    Converting Hex to Decimal gives a value of 2019. So I guess it's to release this year.

    This June actually, for the Asian client, at least.

    Then rip reviews because they prob cant fix optimization and fps problems by then

    What specs are you running?
    Because I've never had anything under 140 fps while playing.

    Are you using an amd processor? That's the only reason I can think of.

    Good to see new content in the future.
    Some questions/advice to be possibly answered now or to be answered in the next HQ Report:

    1. What is the status on new maps? It's been an extremely long time since one has been released.
    a. Do you ever plan on releasing more than one map for an update?

    2. Is your current roadmap for releasing on Steam prior to Q1 2020?

    3. Ranked incentives:
    a. Allow a per-game lootbox system for winners in a ranked match. This would immediately encourage more players to actually take part.
    b. Create an in-game penalty for those that leave during countdown such as 5min q suspension or loss of rank. Too many people are currently attempting to sabotage ranked play by filling a lobby and leaving at the end of countdown, killing any reason to spend the time to play.

    4. New guns/items:
    a. A new item that would act as a tracer dart would be a great addition.
    ie: Shoot a dart at a wall (1 shot per life) to find locations of players in that vicinity for 10sec but would have loud beeps so that the enemy knows they are being tracked for fair play in gamemodes such as S&D
    b. Scorestreaks should be able to be customized per class again. In-game if the classes are swapped and the scorestreaks are different, they can reset the score.

    5. Settings:
    a. Allow our graphical settings to be saved. All of us have to reset our FOV every single time we log in as well as brightness and such.
    b. Add a display on how much memory is being used when selecting settings.

    That's it for now but if anyone else would like to discuss with me, feel free to talk below.

    Would like to know how the guns are exactly imbalanced.
    I don't see everyone using an AR-57 or anything near that. Every game I play unless our party does something for fun, every person has a different loadout.
    I kind of question how much you know about this game. Certain guns are stronger than others in their respective fields. But you can perform just as well with an Aug as you can with half the other AR's.

    I'd like to see your skill so I understand how much knowledge of the game you have. What's your IGN? We can do pubs.

    @Stra2GG, telling people to find friends and stuff is just wishful thinking or hypocritical. Some people play for about 40-60 minutes and stop, others are shy, third play at such a random schedule that they can't play with friends, etc.

    This isn't a solution to the problem, this is like going out of your way to adapt as best as possible. I've been playing FPS games solo for 90% of the time and I enjoy it this way, because I can do what I want and also because my friends don't play the games that I like and relying on other people to play with online is pretty unreliable from my experience.

    EXACTLY! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO ADAPT. If you're a loner, play by yourself, in the end nobody cares. If you're going to complain about winning though, then either carry your team hard or join a party. It's pretty much the same for any game. If I got on COD BO4 right now in a full party, the situation would be extremely similar to IS in terms of end score/kda.
    Telling people to make friends isn't hypocritical, it's a suggestion to the complaint. 40-60min is plenty of time to party up. You don't need to schedule either...literally just send an invite to whoever is online. What you've listed seem like excuses minus any actual attempt at a solution for the people complaining.

    also if the devs could hurry up a bit with the steam release, that would be also bloody nice.

    I actually believe once the netcode is fixed, they should prioritize a steam release in order to overhaul the economy which can utilize the steam marketplace.
    Those would be fixes that come hand in hand.

    But a quick solution for more rewarding experiences for playing may be just be lowering the leveling threshold for lvl 50+ (capping earlier) and have seasonal acquirable lootboxes based off rng/pity rates per game.

    I do strongly believe rarity rates in boxes should increase though. Opened 50 4800 GP boxes as an experiment and received only 1 green wep and 1 blue chest.
    If anything boxes should have increased rates for at least base weapon drops to encourage players to spend the currency on skins rather than waiting weeks to see if they've enjoyed using the guns and before spending. Hard to justify buying boxes when attachments/base accessories become oversaturated in the first 20 levels of play.

    Segal is lvl 200+ and I can guarantee that most lvl 10's have a higher score/kda than him so level doesn't mean skill at all.
    Fetus, Chinese, some others, and I consistently go days without loosing regardless of opponent party size and I'm mid 50's in level.

    Even if your win rate isn't amazing, you can still have the ability to pull a 2+ kda against stomp parties.

    Honestly if the OP sees this, you just need to make friends with the community and play/communicate with people.
    I'm sure with practice you can hold a fine kda even against stomp parties. If you're tired of losing, play with people. There are so many active discords with open parties. (yeah if you run into our party you'll lose but that's a given except for Lost Ark members)

    Party splitting will kill the point of parties so I don't suggest doing that lol...
    Also skill based matchup would mean from 12am pst - 12pm pst, we'd be waiting in lobbies for hours.
    Party based matchup would be the same thing too. And if COMBINED...some of us wouldn't be allowed to play.

    Would like to point out that the AR-57 is meant to be an easily accessible weapon but other SMG's kill significantly faster.
    So in retrospective, an AR-57 user isn't as much of a threat as a P90 user right now. The majority of skilled players aren't using the AR-57 anyways.

    In fact, let me throw in a question.

    How do you guys feel about "lootbox" systems where there is usually one box type (or maybe a few boxes with rarity levels) that has a wide drop rate and almost no way of direct purchases?
    To be clear: It's something definitely to be considered, but we aren't announcing lootboxes next patch or anything :D Nothing being done at the moment. Just curious about your thoughts.

    Thanks for the response. Happy to see the heads of the game participating in the conversation! :D

    Are you referring to something similar to how CSGO operates with lootbox drops at the end of matches? (minus the keys)
    Because I would play the game nonstop and recommend it to others if you could recieve lootboxes through basic gameplay (without currency) with seasonal lootboxes or "drops" that can appear during events.

    Or something like "each kill is worth 1 event item" in which you can trade it into an event shop for boosts, 7 day cosmetics and one or two perma unlocks for the hardcore players.

    Your suggestion has honestly opened up a lot of hopeful options.

    Event trade in shops would immediately solve the "finished the missions in a 3 days now there's nothing to do" issue forever.
    And luckily 3d modeling event accessories doesn't take too long to do since their profession is based off of it so updating content wouldn't be too taxing for the team.

    I have no idea how large or small the team developing the game is, but I hope after an economy and netcode fix, this game will be truly ready for release.

    In regards to keeping money flowing both in game/in production, you guys might want to meet about creating a much more active economy.
    I previously just talked about making chips a tradable currency while opening up the skin market similar to CSGO without direct money transactions.
    But another thing that should be looked at is the value of Gold vs Chips.

    It seems like the value of the currencies are a bit off. 20 chips is equal to 5,000 GP which is only a quarter of a primary weapon or $2 though 30 chips / $3 equates to a high chance of getting a 40,000 gp item. Of course I don't know the lootbox statistics but I feel like the spending power of GP should be increased by about 30%-50% in order for users to actively pursue using more guns which may in the end encourage them to purchase skins for more guns.

    Would love to talk with whoever manages the game's economy to see what their ideology is regarding what will psychologically encourage a purchase of ap or chips from the cash shop. My main job is to manage financial situations between company acquisitions and so I'm used to seeing a company's uses of currency completely change sometimes for the better and of course sometimes for the worse.

    Anyways wall of economics text is done lol...

    Hello everyone!
    Thanks for the responses :) Really loving the discussion.

    I do have a possible solution for the chip issue that would also increase in game spending.
    Though I would prefer to start by adding weekly incentives and such for playing, the game may want to copy what warframe does.
    And by that I mean tradable premium currency. This would also mean that skins or weapons would have to become tradable but this may be an extremely
    good way for grinding players to save while encouraging others to buy currency in order to create a constantly flowing market.
    I'm an economist so these kinds of ideas always float into my head haha.

    Can confirm that shooting the side of the female char's hip results in a hit.
    So currently assuming the hitboxes are similar THOUGH you would have a peak advantage.

    Hello everyone! :)
    I mostly browse the Forum and am not active here but wanted to create a little list of improvements for the game from a community standpoint.
    Outside of the obvious netcode plague, the game is fine in a gameplay sense but the longevity of the game is in hard question so outside of that one giant issue, here we go:

    #1 Lobby Contracts - So currently we have daily contracts, events, and Achievements in the lobby. Seems like a lot but it honestly isn't at all.
    Event content usually lasts about a week for active players while daily contracts finish in 4 games easily if you're in a party.
    If anything, it would be nice to have weekly contracts that give out something like 5 chips or 3k-5k for a mission like "get 150kills with _________" or "win 5 games in a row".
    This would really encourage players to try out new weapons which in return will encourage players to spend money on more weapons.

    Pushing contracts further, I feel like there should be one "epic contract" that lasts either one or two weeks giving a cumulative reward that doesn't expect everyone to complete it.
    Example: "Kill 500 enemies with a melee weapon (similar to achievements)" which will pay 500GP every 10kills +1k every 50kills and 15 chips after 500kills which most won't get.

    #2 Community Events - A few months ago, the community seemed pretty active with tournaments but that seemed to have disappeared recently. Does the IS community have plans for future tournaments? If not I'd be happy to host one. The potential of an actually esports scene for this game is extremely high due to it being free-to-play and is more related to COD rather than CS-GO which already has CrossFire. I know so many players that want more rewards for winning with parties so I'm pretty much begging for Aeria/the competitive community to step up and push this.

    A fun idea would weekly streams headed by the Ironsight community with clan battles. have 4 clans a week do either a 3v3 or 5v5 as livestreamed scrims. Would encourage the newer players to pursue joining communities:!::!::!:

    #3 Spectator Mode - In relation to tournaments, you have to livestream and produce content in order for it to really be viable. The one thing that drives me absolutely insane is how there's no information about the individual player you're spectating. No username, no gun name, ammo, kda, etc... the only way to know who you're spectating is via free camera or 3rd person camera.
    Another issue is not being able to choose who specifically you're spectating. I'm almost required to use free camera in order to keep track of what's going on. I have 2 computers and an Elgato. Could easily stream both freecam and playercam at the same time if there was more visual information.

    #4 Custom Matches - Please allow lobby leads to create preset modes. Would love to be able to set up tournament lobbies with specific scores, times, etc... And also to be able to set teams before a match starts so that one misclick doesn't for a reset.

    So once again, these are all mostly my opinions mixed in with what I hear the community talk about frequently while playing on several discord servers.
    My background in gaming is from COD MLG events so when it comes to community hubs and such, I'm always a huge stickler for competition.

    So what's everyone else's thoughts? Regardless, I do plan on hosting some sort of tournament either late January or mid February if I receive some consent/help from Community Leads of the game.

    Happy Holidays! <3

    AK-12 definately needs a buff but I'm pretty confident the other guns are fine ESPECIALLY the Aug A3.

    AK-12: Just a weaker AK-47 faster fire rate and better range would make it more versatile though most would still just use the 47.

    SA58: Pretty much feels like a K2C but kills faster if you know where to hit. Doesn't really need buffs.

    EMR and HK: Borth are perfectly fine. Easy to kill with and reliant on click speed/tempo. Doesn't really need buffs.

    Aug A3: Has good medium/long range damage, a clip size of 30 and easy control. One of the best AR's in the game. DEFINITELY doesn't need a buff.

    The guns that really need changing are most likely the MSBS 556B, Tar-21, and other guns that get outclassed by almost every other AR and at close range almost any SMG. But that issue is based off the base game in which a bigger damage drop off for SMG's would only fix the balancing.