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    Unless by 'next patch' you mean the latest Asia patch then your coordination with Wiple is still off. Can you please clarify which patch we are getting?

    Also, to avoid further disappointment, if we are going to be months behind Asia forevermore you should probably make that clear now.

    months behind Asia? we're creeping to a year.

    Left the game 2 months ago since I saw absolutely no future in this game due to how horrible the update process with the game was especially compared to KR.

    This further pushes that thought.

    This is all lip service with little confirmation and absolutely no dates given.

    Those aren't the reasons I play IS. I genuinely prefer the mechanics over any other game I've played.

    I'm confused. I could link you to several f2p fps games with significantly better mechanics.

    i want to be honest... i got used to the drones ingame but i don´t find them interesting enough to care if they were gone. i come from a game where you could actually make all your team invisible or fast running or health regenerating and that is the only shooter-innovation that teased me during the last 10 years regarding multiplayer. i like most of the ground stuff like the sentry, wall, escort drone, light-box-thing but im not a big fan of too much UAV stuff because it sort of makes it difficult to have a sneaky playstyle.

    also sometimes there is inconsistency in how to deal with drones in general when i play with other people. some people dont care drones and some dont and at time i find myself being the only person shooting at that freaking dangerous uav things.

    no fan of airstrikes because it takes out the classiness of skillful fighting in some way. talking about movement, speed and accuracy - not saying that it does not affect gameplay in interesting ways.

    Main issue is that the removal of drones is basically the removal of this game.

    Let's be real here...there are dozens of more well made fps arena games with significantly more content and the main 3 reasons people stick with this game is:

    1. Easy stomps
    2. Invested too much time/money already (not really a good reason)
    3. Easy to get streaks/free kills even if you are a novice due to the scorestreak system.

    I play specifically for #1

    Play with a party

    Organize who's doing what

    Set the Bomb on attack rounds and then throw the round on purpose

    Rush kill everyone while defending and then let the last survivor plant

    That's how you maximize efficiency in operations.
    We do this for farming kills in Secure Point.

    juliastorm. here another day to reach out

    1 i like to see the game go back to the old days when we could use any drone we want in any load out use

    2 i feel it would be nice if the devs would hire hackers to fix the hacking / i know this is gonna go sideways but i sayd it..

    1. Agreed

    2. No that's a horrible idea for a game so short staffed

    3 give us map_riverside map_tower map_broadcast map_hide map_observatory map_apartment electric ammo faster running speed

    better aim control all these nice things would be awesome

    3. Yes to more maps. Why in the world do we need better aim control?

    4 i know this is gonna hit the roof here we go gaming is about wining and losing gamers boasting about there kdr teabaging and making others rage (and i like to say i do myself rage and give up) but i pick myself up and put it behind me i understand you want to make the game fair draw in more players have a more pleasurable gaming experience but

    lets face it war is war and its raw

    4. I'm not sure anyone cares about this? There's just censored words at most.

    6 if you gonna try to make drones happyer for those who are complaining then you can make me happy by getting rid of all the sniper rifles

    6. We're talking about drones in competitive. Snipers are a necessity to this game. Not sure why you're having a hard time dealing with snipers. Just means you take a different route in the map. Also confused how making 1 person happy vs "those" being plural meaning multiple people happy would make sense in a game that's F2P aka staying alive via microtransactions,.

    Quick comments:

    We are listening. That's why the tournament will be a no-drone one.

    And about being informed/asking for info: I agree we could've done better in this, but we wanted to act on the most recent feedback.

    Makes sense.
    Mainly calling out BlueDreamer for framing all moderation and above for not understanding the community.

    Would like to make the straightforward statement that this is a F2P game via a company who's straight up goal is to monetize dying games, so actually catering to the competitive players who've actually stuck to this game will in the long run profit the company. The F2P model is built off of whales providing the majority of purchases which take more convincing than the average player to make initial purchases so by not catering to this audience, it's just shooting yourselves in the foot.

    Buke As soon as drones are an important feature in the game, I think it's natural to try to include them.
    Only saying "we don't want drones" will not help us, what we want here is to understand why the community don't want drones in ranked/competitive.

    This thread is the perfect opportunity to enlighten us on what you think about drones in competition, why they should be banned or restricted. :)

    now THAT'S a bit concerning that you don't understand why the community doesn't want drones after several dozens of comments, threads, etc... regarding the matter.

    No, drones don't need to be removed if there is a form of consistency and no spam-ability aka restricted to one use per game. That will allow a fairly even late game unless the team decides to save which is similar to fluctuating currency in moba's.
    But not apparently being able to understand the issues with drones in a competitive playing field is crazy.

    Even more saying to "enlighten us" meaning the rest of moderation when this issue has been talked about for a year now in regards to competitive. Makes the competitive scene feel like it's falling to deaf ears.

    A few things to note:

    Without drones/the scorestreak system, this game would most likely not exist since the amount of similar online games can equate to several dozens.
    That being said, limiting rather than removing drone usage may be the better solution for competitive.

    1. Setting each player to select one drone to be earned during the match.
    AKA a team of 6 can go 3 UAV / 3 Jammers for a somewhat balanced use of map intelligence.
    Would also make scorestreaks significantly more tactical if limited to one use per match.

    2. Remove scorestreaks and turn competitive into pretty much any other knockoff cod shooter

    3. Keep things as is which would be a horrible decision.

    Outside of that, what are the statistics with the web shop? I'd assume you had an influx of purchases at the start but it quickly died down.
    Why separate the use of premium currency between the game/web store when time could have been more efficiently used to renovate the in-game store
    to encourage purchases?

    The current store only incentivises purchasing a operation as well as the current gold box. It's a little crazy that you've paid artists to create a store SIGNIFICANTLY nicer and more organized (though still pretty basic) compared to the actual in-game shop. Slightly annoying that you guys invest so much time on things that could boost the in-game experience but decide to export it to a webshop.
    Like people are going to call the people making the calls out on spending more time monetizing than updating the game but if you're going to monetize more, at least put it in the game.

    Not making excuses here but, while a week might be enough time for someone to give some off-the-cuff response in general terms, business tends to move a little more slowly than that, It would probably take a lot longer than a week to have the meetings and discussions required to provide the kind of concrete response the ranked community is asking for.

    The main issue is that they began a conversation on the community saying they had plans and then revealed literally nothing and instead told us to go do it ourselves.

    So a lack of response is an indicator that there really is not plan ready.

    Alright, it's been over a week.
    This lack of communication is just depressing.
    There's honestly no excuse for this level of communication failure.

    Pretty much all the competitive players question if the developers/community managers actually care about their playerbase and every day this post isn't getting a reply, further proves that they sadly do not.
    I get Trion cut staff by 200 during the Ironsight acquisition but you've seen the giant issue with games this year and they were all based off of horrible communication.
    Why jump into that dumpster fire? Why not take 10 minutes of your time to address and chat with us on an issue we've all been wanting answers to for a year now?

    Well... I think it'd be really nice if any Staff member answer us. Even if you disagree.

    Right, Aeria? :/

    I'd suggest repeating this on The_Director 's recent tournament post because he started the discussion there and just disappeared.

    Now I want to know which accounts he thinks are the same person..

    How to be so funny :_) It's incredibly funny!! Please keep doing I'm loving it. But watch, I won't answer, just laugh.

    Oh lmao just realized AurumHunter is literally Poveracaf.
    The hypocrisy/ irony is real hoooolllyyyyyy.

    Oooooh! You are wearing such a cute TGang/T0kzik fan bib! Please tell, where can i buy it?! :love:

    Eng pls, and stop making/using different accounts, we all know you are the same person : "we the people live free or die" LOL get a life pls, and don't let me be rude then stop "talking to me".

    Chill lmao.
    you went from complaining about one thing to 3 other things.
    Literally gaining nothing from it.

    Going average 3kd in most games right now I it's more just skills lol.
    In a literal perfect condition, east coast would win but that's almost impossible.

    So saying "oh he's East Coast" is kind of just a sad excuse (not to be too brutal)

    2. Those top players play cuz they have the best of the best pc with full fps the game can provide (prob 150 fps) and lives near the east coast

    I do have a 2080Ti PC but lets be real here. Even a $300 craigslist PC can run this game at 120+FPS and most of us live in the west coast with 90+ ping so not the greatest assumption.

    I'd disagree with receiving something of the "same" rarity.
    That would instantly break a game's lootbox monetization since it would immediately reduce the amount of purchases.

    Lootboxes are a garbage entity in games but an excellent monetary investment for companies.
    If anything I'd say give a coupon for an item 1 tier lower.

    The reason that happens honestly is just Aeria's fault for not putting in the effort to support ranked/competitive.
    You'll most likely ONLY be playing against stacked parties since that's what we were doing last month literally begging people to play ranked for 10-30min.

    Refer to the tournament post last week by "The_Director" and put in your feedback there.
    From that post, it's insanely frustrating that they haven't even given us basic information on their plans.

    Yeah I've run it as admin with no resultsBUT Nitebot's solution seems to have worked.

    Though idk why this issue exists in the first place.
    Also can't even click the "apply" button in the settings in the first place. Super frustrating.

    This has been a longtime issue that's never been resolved:
    FOV slider never saves when re-logging back into the game.
    Makes the game impossible to play at the start for people that actually mess with the FOV.

    Is there a planned or known fix for this?

    I know this isn't just me and it's a very basic issue with the game.

    Can confirm IWantCheats has had a working wallhack/aimbot for ages. (some of us were snooping around after a dude went 80kills in a tdm match)

    There are several hackers in the game but it's usually extremely obvious.
    The most obvious are the insanely low level that trash talk, get 50+ kills in tdm and then are never seen again only to reappear as another account over and over again lol...

    But hardly any of the higher levels would ever be deemed as hacking.

    It's a bit concerning that a topic that's being seriously replied to by several extremely competent and dedicated players started by the head of everything has not had a serious response yet.

    Please take this conversation seriously.
    Actively talk with us so that we actually have a reason to continue playing this game.
    A real roadmap...on this topic is better than the slap on the face "do it yourselves" that's been posted here.

    A second option is to have a more complicated scaling process.
    Aka the flavor text would be like this:
    "Reduces all drone point requirements by 10%: The second activation of the same drone will reduce the point requirement by 20%."

    That would actually be a gigantic buff for defensive drone users allowing for possibly 3 rotations of scorestreaks which in itself will increase their end score.

    2) What I mentioned above is not our only plans for esports/competitive (far from it.)

    Looking forward to hearing all the input regarding competitive play/scene.

    To be critical on you/staff, you just addressed why so many of us want to play competitively but can't rally a large enough community to keep it alive.

    This post from the_Director is just too early if the plans for esports/competitive play cannot be shared openly.
    We've all been talking about private tournaments for months on end but have stayed away due to so many technical issues/balancing with competitive play as well as insanely little transparency from community heads.

    The "begin planning" phase isn't going to work until you guys at least show your hand in listening to the competitive community.
    There are things that can be designed and tested in a week that would immediately increase competitive play:

    1. Total number of players Q'd up for ranked (like before)
    2. Reducing required number of players
    3. Remove score-streaks for ranked
    4. Create active rewards for ranked

    Unless the coding/developer interface is insanely messed up, more than half of these should take less than an hour to implement and initiate testing on.
    This comes from a person who started as a software engineer and ended up in economics. If it takes months to implement something everyone in the competitive community wants, it's extremely questionable what the developers are doing since competitive is what normally sustains a game's value over time in Free-to-play

    Best investment in the game is spend $10 and buy the battlepass.
    You get way more than your money's worth compared to anything else in the game and it feels more rewarding to play.

    Lucky boxes are the worst ones to buy by a longshot.
    I'd sugges at least the 499ap ones because you will at least get a full value return in chips.

    Idk if my luck has been great but I've gotten only blues/x2 oranges from superior boxes (Bought 10 after I got my purple an-97) and like 11 blues from 20 normal boxes.

    There are several retards but IAMAFETUS from LiterallyCancer is the best one, what else to say after seeing his IGN and his clan's name.

    Dang. Straight to the personal attacks.
    Just because people are good doesn't mean they're bad people lol. Hell he's one of the nicest people in the game.

    Rather than insulting the community, why not just try to actually talk to the people you badmouth? I'm 100% sure you've never tried to actually talk with these people in a positive way.

    I should not answer to a such retardation but I will because I'm a polite people. There's no way to have fun against a party of nerdish level 100-300 also if someone can play good, because he WILL EVEN GET RANDOMS, that mostly play the mode for the dailies and sometime do not know also what to do at all. To the story of "pretty solid skills" you are "pretty solid stupid" because using macro is not a skill and is not, in any way, possible to confuse with skills. Also talking about "skills" in a game like this is just a joke for a people that can play real fps like cs go. I feel the smell of that kind of nerd, that tryhard in quickmatches doing barely 2 kd and typing ez at the end, but this is just your problem. EDIT: your nerdishness and saltiness is clear watching you talk about losing or winning , when i was talking about having fun playing fair matches with fair teams, but you are a wannabe tryhard, is obvious also from this; you don't see the point of the game: to have fun, not to win or to lose.

    So according to your logic, because we took the time to learn how to play the game and started JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE and just toughed it out until we got good, we're sweaty nerds.

    Full party matchmaking is unbalanced but reality is that 2-3 good players partied up can pretty much carry any match and yeah sometimes we do it for the easy stomps but reality is that the same 3 man party vs unpartied people will happen in literally any game.

    Also the point of the game is total up to the player. I like winning and having a good kda makes me happy so sometimes I'll go out of my way to increase it. Other times we'll run around the map with noobtoobs on S&D and take a loss if it happens (it doesn't). And once again, with your logic: if we try to do well, we're tryhards and if we mess around with noobtoobs and win, we're also tryhards.

    See how there's no winning with your argument?

    PS: Forgot to mention. I get pokes on this on Discord and I tried to keep up, but I really can not, sorry people! I still try to read when I can. But with the guidelines we'll also set up an official means of communication on the topic as well.

    Before saying discussing other things, I'd suggest creating:
    1. A link to a form organizers can fill out with their plans, needs, and evidence of past tournaments (aka I can send past Smash Ultimate/ Smash 4 Tournaments and such)

    2. A poll to gather user names of those that are interested in tournaments as to create an easy way to advertise and communicate with them.


    Alright so now for some questions/thoughts that may be worth discussing:

    1. Would you be able to compensate the organizer/shoutcasters in some way?
    Just like how I'd pay those that do it in person, I'd like to give an actual incentive for good commentary while excluding them from playing.

    Basically, if I were to organize this tournament, I would have a hard time paying shoutcasters due to these tournaments most likely not being a money pool to start with in order to grow the scene so providing these workers with chips or something would be good.

    2. To keep an indirect competitive feel with the scene it would be nice to incorporate a leaderboard for teams winning in IS moderator sanctioned tournaments allocating points via placement (similar to ranked in the normal game).

    3. Are there any plans you have for encouraging ranked/competitive play? Or an easier way to get people into ranked?
    The difficulty of even getting into a ranked match immediately affects those that want to play competitively.

    I've wanted to host a tournament for this game for half a year but have been swayed to hold the thought due to almost every one of the highest ranked players in this game saying it's a waste of time until the moderators and such begin open discussions so I'm happy there's a step forward happening.
    What would be the best way to contact you about hosting?
    I literally have everything needed to begin asking players for their interest but would like some of these points clarified on.