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    IGN: 4evabreeze

    Splashy / Gorillaz - Demon Days

    Flloyd / Riot - Dance With the Death;

    Chopper / Pink Floyd - Eclipse;

    Worgoroth / Måns Zelmerlöw - Happyland;

    The_Director / Sigur Rós - Rafstraumur;

    Bodhisattva / Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song;

    Codenome: Major Robson

    Gender: Male

    Age (in 2025): 34

    Preferred Weapon: Heckler & Koch HK417 and G36C

    Height/Weight: 1,82m / 75kg

    Eye-/Hair color: Brown

    Specializations/Skills: Infiltrations into unnoticed territory and long-range incursions against high-value enemy targets developed in hostile areas or under enemy control.

    Alliance: Lone Wolf

    Background history:
    Be the type of person that when you just woke up, the devil says "oh boy, he woke up!". yes, thats me. After everything I went through, I turned out to be that person that I am now, cold, I play everything ahead, you can't tell until its fully done. But thats just because of the training I got when I was in my gold days at the military, I can accomplish in the worst way possible literally any task given. Well, thats what made me the best out there in the Comandos course, which made me act in the Forças Especiais, GRUMEC, Operações Especiais, Fuzileiros Navais, and more. Among all the specialists, I identify myself more with Victor Schneider, since aparently he's the best! And well, from now on it'll be interesting divide all the things I learned and with everyone, learn even more.
    I can't wait to talk about all the operations I was in, specially the peace missions. Over and out.

    Last mission: Escort of a very powerful equipment, which certainly describes our future, so the secrecy


    In-game name: 4evabreeze

    Special Weapon of Choice: Blaser R93 Angry Monkey
    Advanced Weapon of Choice: K2C Chrome

    In-game Name: 4evabreeze

    Map Name: Fujisawa - Future City

    Description: Fujisawa, a city of the future in Japan. The whole city works smart, consuming less natural resources. It has car-sharing services, electric bicycles, and solar-powered homes that, in turn, combine a futuristic game theme, a small part of the city with homes, streets and eco-friendly locations is conducive to fighting short distance.





    Weapon of choice: Blaser R93 Angry Monkey