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    Hey there! Nice concept and it looks very promising. I'd suggest you get in contact with one of us from Ironsight Player League (IPL) so we could give you guys a hand and figure something out. IPL is the biggest competitive hub for Ironsight so feel free to join and stop by!

    Our discord:

    In today's maintenance we addressed the Beta Dog Tag title issue. Those who indeed played during the CBT and/or Tech Beta test should have received it in their storage now. It will remain there for 30 days until you redeem it.

    Thank you. Please consider communicating more with your mods to prevent misunderstandings like this. Many times I've seen mods commenting things differently than it was stated before.

    Holy sh ok im pissed rn. The dog tag title would be given if you participated in any of the betas (as Striker says). Why all the changes all of a sudden? What's the point if I bought a founders pack to play in CBT, but don't get the title? We were one of the first to play your game ffs. I had no interest in the Stress Test at all since it had no point whatsoever. TBT was just the same.

    What a way to screw your players over. Saying one thing at first and then changing it after. Im done.

    I'd like an official response here as well. I was a beta tester but havent' received anything either...

    I just found out today that you also have to be subsribed to a newsletter or some bs? I participated in both betas aswell. I don't follow this forum much, but I'm 100% sure that they said closed and techincal beta testers would get the dog tag title..

    Would like an official statement on this.

    I'd like an official response here as well. I was a beta tester but havent' received anything either...

    I just found out today that you also have to be subsribed to a newsletter or some bs? I participated in both betas aswell. I don't follow this forum much, but I'm 100% sure that they said closed and techincal beta testers would get the dog tag title..

    For real though? I thought it would be given to players who participated in closed and techinal beta, as stated in the beginning. Since when did we have to subscribe to the news letter?

    Wait. So you're telling me I also had to be subscribed to the useless newsletter in order to get the dog tag title? Playing CBT and TBT wasn't enough?

    Optimising your game should be one of your priorities aswell tbh. Dropping under ~70fps on some maps and locations are getting pretty annoying. I remember one of the devs mentioning getting in contact with Nvidia. What's the progress in this if I may know?

    Tanki X lmaoo

    Thanks again! if you want more suggestions. A slider for aiming sensitivity would be amazing. as it stands, when you aim in with a weapon your sensitivity is about halved, this makes it very odd to track enemies. if we could dynamically adjust this, everyone would be happy ^^


    I was kind of hoping this wouldn't happen. 20,000 views already, and generally positive reactions from his fans. The game is going to suffer from a fair bit of toxicity now, I would say.

    I'm really glad this happened actually. This game deserves to be widely known since it's the best free to play fps right now imo.

    Lowering the Music volume in the menu only applies to the menu, not in game. Please make it so that it also lowers the in game music volume.
    In order to do that we have to lower SFX, which also lowers the game volume (who even thought this was a good idea). This gets pretty annoying with
    post plant situations, since the music is too loud.

    Please fix this.

    Yes, I've done game dev, have been in e-Sports since before it was even popular, and have done other Game Industry things in the last 15 years. Not only have I worked in the industry I know countless people still there from Artists, to Game Tester Managers, to Owners of Game Companies. So Yes I have the experience and the know how to address game balance.

    Any other questions? I heard the bridge is lonely when the trolls arnt there.

    You typing esports as e-Sports just gave me cancer and explains your bs talking lmao. You don't know what you're talking about.

    What added missions? Seriously you keep spewing this bull and none of it makes sense muchless is true. Its quite frustrating and I really don't want temp mods in here trying to argue the point and being ducks about it. Just enough already.

    As others have stated the new PvE Modes are the EMP mission and the two AI team deathmatch modes in the mission section. So again I will state nothing has been lied about.

    The "new" content is compared to the Closed Beta lmao. Why was there a "Technical Beta" in the first place? It gets boring real quick playing the sht out of the few maps we have now. Next time just say it's compared to the Closed Beta instead of false advertising..

    Yeah, that was noted back in CBT as an accidental reveal of some items that weren't supposed to be there but they left them in anyways.

    For example; I unboxed a Mosin Nagant, but couldn't use it obviously. So the whole closed beta there was a red dot in my loadout and it didn't want to go away. Drove me crazy :P.

    Wow, loving the one hit kills from people using AKs.

    Not laggy at all.

    The amount of damage I'm taking behind walls and objects is nuts. I don't know if it's just me. My internet seems to be fine though.

    Same. Getting hit/killed when I'm already behind cover. The state of the game right now is worse than both betas.

    I've been on a clinical OCD-fueled obsession with F2P shooters for months trying to find a new good one to dive into, so I've been following this one and hearing tons about it. Was a big fan of SF2 back in the day. I've been on Warface mostly (don't shoot me sry) and I'm soooooo ready to retire it for something fresh. See you all this Thursday :evil:

    I've been waiting for this game since I saw a gameplay video back in November 2015. Now 2 years later I saw that it will be released in the west and immediately bought a founders pack. Played both the closed and tech betas. It's such a good game (for a f2p shooter). I'm sure you'll also get hooked cause it's way better than Warface and SF2.

    Black Squad's developers are shady though. Game is pretty much a functioning mess right now: hasn't had a serious non-monetary update in around 3 months, hackers are barely kept at bay, quick match is broken, clans are openly cheating to gain rank, manually website reporting instead of in-game reporting (in 2017-2018 no less...), Crouch Spam because reasons, and their mod team looks like a bunch of do-nothings but they magically have a positive rating...the reviews are probably paid for, especially since the majority of them are coming from people who've played less than 100 hours over the near 5100ish hours it's been available, where most of the negatives are from well above or your typical asskissers who hope it's the next big "Crossfire". Every thread in the Discussion forum is "hackers!" or "remove rapid crouch" or "stop adding loot boxes and fix your rapid crouch" from people who've put time in...

    ...already not liking the implication of the game being as polished as it is somehow not being well enough to be added to steam on launch, on top of whatever issues will get them those negative reviews when people can't tie their game account to Steam for whatever reason.

    I used black squad as example because of their fair and non-p2w business. I have around 60 hours on BS and haven't spend a dime. Have all the guns I wanted and got bored real quick with my mates. Take Warframe as another example; it has very positive reviews because of it being non-p2w. People actually prefer Warframe over Destiny 2 (because of it not living up to peoples expectations, but that's another story).
    Look at Paladins' recent reviews despite being positive since its release on Steam. People loved it because it was a free to play Overwatch (ripoff). The most recent update made the game pay 2 win and people are bashing on it like expected.

    What I'm trying to point out is; if you promise no pay 2 win, you have to deliver it. Then people will like the game because of it being "Free to play done right!". First impressions are always important.