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    Steam can make or break a game. There will be people who hate the game and write negative reviews, leading to a bad rap for the community we have established already.

    You do have some very good compiled ideas in here. The custom match password is a good idea, I just don't agree with the one shot headshot for ARs. Even if you buff the ARs it still shouldn't be a one shot headshot. This game is so fast paced that one shot headshots are plain unfair. In a game that you can so easily pick up, it would be unfair. Also you say that the assault rifles have too much recoil, what guns are you using? What perks are you using? Use balance, "reduced the recoil by 50%". Put a silencer, or other attachments that reduces recoil.

    The K2C shoots like a lazer.

    One shot headshots are proposed only for single shot assault rifles like the M39 EMR and the HK

    Preface: I am a CCM for the competitive discord and play on Team Madness. I have been playing this game since closed beta and have garnered a bunch of experience. Here I will outline all of the changes that I have discussed with many members of the community for this game INCLUDING IRONSIGHT PARTNERS. It is in the opinion of the competitive community that there should always more buffs than nerfs.

    Lobby Settings:

    Firstly, WE NEED A PASSWORD SYSTEM FOR CUSTOMS. There are so many instances in which we will be getting ready for a tournament match or scrim and a random player joins and refuses to leave.

    An option to only start the game when the host presses start, not the current ready system.

    We also might like to see a kick feature given to lobby hosts.\

    Spectator Mode- In order for this game to grow, we need comp games to be streamed by a non-player. This will grow the viewing community heavily.

    Ingame Changes:

    Obviously we would like the desync/ movement refresh rate be fixed but we know that is coming in the future (hopefully).

    Weapon changes proposed later in this post.

    Ranked changes.

    Map reworks.

    Ingame Communication

    Weapon changes:

    Ar57 changes- The ar57 is great but it is very strong, too strong when compared to other smgs. The gun just needs to be altered to make it a little less powerful.

    Rifle falloff damage- The rifles in this game should be a good mid to long range option. In their current state, rifles are just higher damage, lower fire rate smgs. They need to be more viable at medium to long range. An increase in ranged damage would greatly benefit the state of the game.

    Sniper Rifles- Sniper rifles are very strong in their current state. I do not suggest a nerf of sniper rifles, but rather, a buff to assault rifles to make the gunfights more fair. A slower ADS speed on scopes is another possible option.

    Single Shot Assault Rifles- Single shot ARs are very weak currently due to their lack of one-shot headshots and high recoil. If a Single shot rifles could one-shot headshot someone, sniper rifles would be slightly countered and players would be rewarded for their skill in aiming.

    Permanent Grenades-The option needs to be implemented IMMEDIATELY.

    Ranked Changes:

    Solo Queue and Party Play- The option to play ranked as a solo is always necessary in competitive games but there should also be an option to play with friends. An option for playing ranked in this game will greatly help to grow the community. Solo queue alone is simply not enough.

    Removing maps from ranked- Oceanfront should not be in the ranked pool due to its changing throughout the game. Outpost and Ironwork should also not be in the ranked pool for the same reason.

    Higher Level Requirement- There are so many new players in ranked that have no idea what they are doing. A higher level requirement would iron out some of the frustration faced by experienced players when playing with beginners.

    Map Reworks: Static Maps Are Best For Competitive Play.

    Titan- One simple changes is needed to make Titan the best map in the game; make the rocket static. The rocket could still be the main part of the map but it does not need to move.

    Outpost- The fact that something on this map can kill you in the middle of the game is what makes it wrong for competitive play. The dust also takes away a skill based aspect but it is less of a big deal

    OceanFront- Oceanfront would be a perfectly fine map if the boat started in the middle and never moved. If this were to be changed, Oceanfront would be played in competitive Guaranteed.

    Ironwork- Where do i begin. The lift is just an odd feature and all of the moving doors just add to it. I have no idea how to change this map but it will not be played competitively for some time.

    Ingame Communication:

    Banned words in chat- There are many words that slip through the filter that are simply unacceptable. The N word should never be seen in any capacity in any game. I hope to see a change to the filtered words list ASAP.

    Voip- It is very difficult to succeed without communication in a fast pace game such as this. Ingame voice should be added to ranked soon too.

    Ping: We should see a number instead of a 5-bar system.

    Thank you all for reading this, I am looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts. Do not hesitate to comment what you think about this post. Also, please share it to EVERYONE. We want these changes ASAP.

    ...and the Famas?

    Famas is A tier in my opinion. Few rifles compete with it at close range but its mid and long range time to kill is just too long to compete with other rifles like the AK and Scar.

    Also I many people have brought to my attention that the AR57 should be in its own tier, far above the others and I can't disagree. :P

    SA58 at tier A, yet it's better than the scar? Well, I'm glad this is YOUR opinion. I find the scar to be tier A and the SA58 tier S, since the scar is worse in stats than the SA58. 2 damage different, worse range and recoil. And yes I can tell the difference.

    No need to get hostile buddy. There is more to a weapon than statistics alone, my opinions are based on gameplay and feel too.

    Foreword: Hi, i'm bdm and I've been playing this game for quite some time. I started back in the closed beta and have been playing regularly ever since. I am also a community competitive manager in the official competitive ironsight discord (no affiliation with Aeria Games or any of it's entities). Let me state that every word in this post is based upon my own experiences and opinions. With that aside, here goes the list.

    The list will be divided into weapon categories (i.e. AR, SMG... ect) and ranked From S to B, S being god tier and B being somewhat weak/ requiring extra work to attain the same results as an S or A tier weapon. Everything on this list is assuming all attachments are unlocked for the weapon in question. (strong setups and personal favorites will be included) Secondaries will not be included in this list.

    Tier S

    [Good in almost every situation | Meta | Easy to pick up]


    SCAR-H - (Strong with suppressor + Extended mag, laser sight or clear sight, My personal favorite)

    Ak47- (Strong with suppressor + clear sight or laser sight)

    Sg553- (Strong with suppressor + clear sight)

    M4 ACCM- (Strong with suppressor + clear sight)

    MSBS 556B- (Strong with suppressor + clear sight)

    AUG- (Strong with suppressor + laser sight or clear sight)


    LWRC- (Strong with suppressor + laser sight or clear sight)

    AR57- (Strong with suppressor + laser sight)

    MP7- (Strong with suppressor + laser sight)


    MG3- (Strong with any attachments if you learn how to use it) Only LMG worth noting in this post IMO, no others will be mentioned.

    Sniper Rifles:

    Blaser- (Personal preference on attachments, scope is the only attachment with noticeable impact on gameplay)

    DSR- (Personal preference on attachments, scope is the only attachment with noticeable impact on gameplay)

    Tier A

    [Very Strong |Used frequently by many players]


    K2C- (Suppressor + clear sight)

    SA58- (Suppressor or extended mag + clear sight)

    Tar21- (Suppressor + clear sight)

    ARX160- (Suppressor + clear sight)

    HK417- (Viper, acog or clear sight + suppressor)

    G36C- (Suppressor + clear sight)

    FAMAS- (Suppressor + clear sight)


    Vector- (Suppressor or muzzle break/compensator + laser sight)

    PDRC- (Suppressor or muzzle break/compensator + laser sight)

    MP9- (Suppressor or muzzle break/compensator + laser sight)

    P90- (Suppressor or muzzle break/compensator + laser sight)

    Sniper Rifles:

    CF X80- (Personal Preference)

    Tier B

    [Viable (somewhat) | Off-meta]


    An94- (Suppressor + clear sight)

    M39 EBR- (Viper, acog or clear sight + suppressor)

    AK12- (Suppressor + clear sight)


    PP90- (Suppressor or muzzle break/compensator + laser sight)

    Sniper Rifles:

    SVD-(Personal Preference)

    PSG- (Personal Preference)

    I probably forgot a gun or two but feel free to comment and let me know. I would also love to hear everyone's opinions about my list and what you would change if given the opportunity.

    Last updated 4/14/2018

    So i get home, I sit down at my pc, open up the launcher and BOOM. Service unavailable.

    I get a million 50~ errors (server errors) whenever I try to play. I make it through a few times and it tells me my username and password are incorrect.

    I've been playing for quite a while and have never had this issue. People have told me that the portal is "under maintenance", I get that but I havent been able to play for days.

    I reinstalled the game and still nothing. Please hurry the hell up and fix this.;(X(

    %100 with you on the currency aspect of this. I have talked to so many people who want to support the game and spend real money on it but are so turned off by the cost and manner in which you obtain items with your bought currency.

    As far as the other issues i don't think they should focus too heavily on new game modes or other mechanics (aside from gunplay).

    SERVERS are the main issue. as we speak I am currently unable to even make it through the portal to log in.

    What the hell happened to my post? I outlined some points but goodness, everyone flipping out on each other based on opinions and insults. If I knew how to close this thread I just might. Please stick to the topic at hand. I might just make a thread called "Roast Everyone" or something where everyone can flex their internet muscles and be as mean as they like.

    I understand that this is a beta but I don't really see the "transparency" here (no pun intended). There have been multiple occasions in which we received an update but no patchnotes whatsoever. I'm sure that "the team" has a very long list of things that need to be done; understandably so, this is a beta but the very small community that we have here is invested in the game heavily. I feel that founders have every right to be frustrated or even upset at this point. We just want to see that you guys are actually doing something rather than just talking about it.

    I agree with what you say, except for aim punch. Aim punch needs to stay, and it is in basically every other FPS game. It would be so easy to be pouring shots into someone and just have them head shot you or kill you with a sniper, it's to reward you for having the first shot on someone.

    I'm not saying it needs to go but I definitely think it needs to be tweaked. The principle of getting turned on after landing a few shots and clearly having the advantage in a gunfight but somehow losing is unhealthy.

    You people just have to work on your aim a little bit. It takes time getting used to, but I have faith in you. You'll notice the difference afterwards. Trust me on this, I'm one of the better players on this game.

    Who are you though. "I'm one of the better players in this game" mmmmkay bud whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night. Where are your credentials? Who filled your head with these lies because i hate to break it to you bud but if you were relevant I'm sure I would have heard of you by now.

    The reason the TTK was increased is because a majority of the player base was requesting this adjustment do to the fact they were feeling they were dying to quickly and didn't have much time to react to gun fights.

    That's not how a fast paced shooter works. Reaction time is everything in a game like this and if you dont have it then you cant hang.


    Thats it, that is the main topic of this thread. It has come to my attention (and to the attention of many top players) that gun-play in this version of the game seems fundamentally wrong. There are multiple issues to be outlined in this thread; time to kill (referenced as ttk from now on), aim punch (flinch), and hit registration/ hitboxes. In its current state the game is by no means unplayable but could use a substantial amount of tweaking.

    1. Time to kill

    • In the technical beta the ttk was just about perfect in my opinion. The ttk was fast enough to rack up multi kills yet long enough to require skill. In the current state of the game i feel that ttk is too long. It takes too long to kill someone , flat out. Nothing is better than getting multikills and killing multiple enemies with one clip. For example; the scar typically took roughly 4-6 bullets to kill in the technical beta. In the current game it feels more like 6-10 shots to kill. Multiple people (HeadCRACK, WreckIt, StrikeR and more) feel the same way as I do. A few players have brought up the idea of reverting to the ttk settings from the technical beta and i can say its hard to disagree with that proposition.

    2. Aim Punch (Flinch)

    • I have personally experienced multiple gunfights in which I clearly had the advantage, and the opposing player managed to do a few things; first, manage to hit me at all (seeming like my aimpunch was literally nonexistent), and then manage to trigger aim punch on me and then win the gunfight. This is just fundamentally broken. If I am behind a good player and they flick to me I definitely expect to take some damage but not to get bodied so hard that the bullets come through my computer screen and kill me in real life. I was a very solid player in the technical beta (finished with a 2.~~ kd and roughly a %70 winrate) and had an immense amount of success so dying in manners such as this in the open beta is very frustrating.

    3. Hit Registration/ Hitboxes

    • This is more of an issue of dying around corners than anything else. Hitboxes seem to be in a somewhat healthy place at the moment; they are by no means perfect but aside from the odd lack of registration everything is just fine. The real issue is not necessarily desync, but more of hits registering slowly or in some sort of a delay. I guarantee nearly everyone reading this post has experienced at some point or another running away from someone and fully making it around the corner but then you just die. The person behind you has somehow killed you through an unbreakable surface. This might be the most frustrating thing in this game. I don't have any suggestions as to a resolution as i noticed this in the ttb a few times as well. I am not a developer nor do i know what causes this issue but I think I speak for anyone who experiences this issue when I say that this needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

    I may be completely and totally wrong about every issue that i presented here, but I hope to find other individuals who are also experiencing these issues. I do not intend to sound as if I am complaining, I am just presenting the issues and frustrations that have been expressed by my peers. Thank you for reading this and I hope to see these issues resolved in a timely manner.

    Okay, okay, okay. In my experience competitively gaming (like 5000+ hrs in csgo, Esea rank S, 3 time Faceit open champ.) there are always different rules in different ladders and leagues. I will preface this by saying that the odds of enough people agreeing to a solid set of rules are very poor. Here is what I'm thinking; 2 types of rulesets, both being for competitive play in scrims and such. Also, I think that a series of games is the only real options, Bo3, Bo5 and Bo7 are integral to a solid competitive scene, it forces teams to develop a map pool and because anyone should be able to win at least one map on any given day, it is safer for preventing upsets. I know everyone likes a good upset now and again but lower tier teams should really have to work for an upset, not just have a good single game. I digress; Option one- No scorestreaks. Option two- Yes scorestreaks. In my opinion scorestreaks are actually important because they give a reward to those who are successful in game. The opportunity to change the game based on individual performance. I am typically a carry-style player so this is very appealing. We I think I speak for most of the top players when I say that we do not want to promote a carry-based meta but the opportunity to be rewarded for one's outstanding play seems very important to me. The best competitive players would have to come together with mods and other relevant people to determine which streaks were suitable for use and which were not. I may be completely wrong in all of this, in which case I just wasted a few thousand keystrokes. Feel free to reply with your thoughts.

    I don't remember ever playing against you... I'm sure that if I did I would remember since your the best of course.

    I'm not the best, but GS is and im on their S5. We beat y'all 8-0

    Im confused as to why your being so confrontational. Im friends with Shay and never had beef with gs. Stop compensating for something hoss. Cool your jets bucko. When did we start talking about scrims? i literally asked who you were cause i had never heard of you before. I figured it out, your compensating for your irrelevance. Sad to see but everything will be alright. Have a wonderful night and I look forward to playing with you so you can show me the true meaning of skill. Take care.

    Ok so I'm confused here, and my loyalties aside, because frankly you have none, but you just get done bashing Wreck in another thread for making a thread about Shay and you get upset when he blocks you and make a thread yourself bashing him? Like I don't know what Shay promised you, be it a free reach around or what, but just last week you were one of the biggest smack talkers to Shay and Grindsquad. Scuttlebutt is that he beat you once and you switched over to be his lapdog. Who knows? All I know is your teams padded stats and blatantly click-botted threads aside we'll still be the number one team. See you in Ranked.

    you've never been the number one team. We've beat y'all every single scrim. What do you mean? lmao

    I don't remember ever playing against you... I'm sure that if I did I would remember since your the best of course.