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    "please contact the admin of the site you are trying to access in order to clarify this. The service is protecting their website, it has nothing to do with your account. This error is not on your side, nor ours. It is probably an error on the website which results in a generic error page. This error page has our logo, because the website uses Incapsula"

    That was de response of support...

    No, that did not solve the problem either ... but now I think the problem is great, I formatted my pc today, and I tried to install it again, but when I click on the download link inside the site, the same message appears, it happens same thing when I try to sign in ...


    Hi Helix, This happened a long time ago, since the SA server was unrecognized, but I did not complain because I thought it was issues with some updates, but I went to play again yesterday, and I have the same problem, it happens very rarely on the NA server, but with much less frequency (at least I can play a match) my internet provider is the VIVO INTERNET (I'm Brazilian bro)

    My game is with a bug, disconnect from the server in the middle of the game, I think the problem is on your game, because when i fall, the game continues in the background with shots, and the other players are moving, can you help me? (only SA Server)