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    I agree that the game has some issues. I haven’t been around long enough to comment on Dev updates so I’ll leave that one alone. BUT from joining the discord, I’ve learned that the netcode is being worked on and they know it’s an issue (someone stated that above), the FAQ page says outright that a Steam release won’t happen until the game is more stable/ready for a “full” release, and balancing will ALWAYS be an issue because you cant please everyone at the same time. I’m still rocking the starting K2C and it’s a blast. Yeah I get outgunned in many situations, but that could also be the fault of not seeing a flank, reloading at an inoppurtune time or not reloading when I need to, or anything else really. I haven’t noticed any one gun that’s super OP, I’ve been killed by almost every gun in game. Ranked?’s ranked, I haven’t played it but I know there’s not many that queue into it as there are people that ask for it in global chat ingame for people. As far as IS failing.....I don’t see it, but like I said I haven’t been around very long yet.

    Like the title says, I’m a NA player looking for a casually comp clan. Casually comp because I know I’m not making it into a seriously competitive clan lol. Maybe one day tho.... I’m not the greatest player by any means, think I’m currently rocking about a 0.9ish kda in my roughly 50/60 solo q games so far. I’m really enjoying Ironsight and would like to start grouping up. Get in with players who are willing to give criticism on how/what I do and just have some fun. Now I said criticism, not salty griefing. I have discord and a mic, I’m 25. Usually play between 6-8/9 est during the week, weekends vary but I play quite a bit depending on work and family time.