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    Codename: Zheramus

    Gender (male/female/diverse): Male

    Age (in 2025): 26

    Preferred Weapon: DSR and Desert Eagle

    Height/Weight: 1,70 and 70kg

    Food of choice: Canned Food (hard to expire)
    Hoobys: Play with my dog
    Eye-/Hair color: Brown and Black

    Specializations/Skills: Stealth and Recon

    Alliance (NAF/EDEN/lone wolf): Lone Wolf

    Background Story (200 words max.): After fightning Jean Verdier in a past encounter, i realize how hard it's to be a lone wolf, but even so, i have kind of a soft heart to help does who need, and even more dog called "Loki" was always with me in battle and after he got K.I.A in a mission by a NAF agent under Jean Verdier order i started to seek them to get my revenge.

    Latest mission: Seek and kill the Jean Verdier and the agents responsible for my dogs death located in the wrack city of Buenos Aires

    In game name: NettoNvM

    Orange weapon of choice: DSR City

    Advance weapon of choice: SG Treasure