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    Honestly, falsely stating you've won a match and trying to get the rewards for it when you know you didn't should be an auto disqualification. Especially when it comes to items like chips being given out which cost real money as well as exclusive items (ie the forum badge), so essentially he was trying steal/scam the staff and making fraudulent statements.

    Bro I NEVER TOLD ANYONE I WON. Where are you getting this from? Step off your high horse and look at the facts.

    If you never got a screenshot and the game was never played then how did you manage to get the Numbers 20-14? Seems odd.

    Should we mention that they are teammates? Seems Fishy

    This is the dumbest thing ive ever seen posted. It was a misunderstanding. Grow up. Didn't you lose in the 2nd round?

    Seriously, this game is every 12 year old cod quick scopers wet dream. I try to use an assault, and get sniped up close or far away. Got annoyed, started using a sniper & was running around doing the same. I never quick scoped in the cod days, but in this game I'm rushing with a dang sniper and destroying people with quick scopes. And if you are mid range/far away? Goodluck even coming close to killing me. I love Snd type game modes in any game. But in this game it's usually 8 snipers 4 assault/smg users. Seriously, can you guys do something about the snipers? Not sure what, but right now there is literally no reason not to use them. Maybe make headshots do far more damage than rightnow, or ROF actually kill faster than a 1 shot sniper with perfect accuracy if you aren't braindead?

    You're literally so toxic. Get a life and get better at the game before calling my team and I out.

    Well take it from my point of view, you have posted 14 times on the forums, twice at least in this thread. Your name is not familiar from playing therefore you didn't stick out and therefore you are not someone of note. So exactly what is your issue or are you one of the e-thugs from Grindsquad?

    What happened to the Rules of Engagement for the forums you made with Wreckit? Stop the name calling nonsense and get back on topic. Or throw the ROE out the window and lets get back to how we were before.


    Nev, because it's only 1 submission per person, wouldn't it be better to post these in the Creative Corner instead of cluttering up the event thread with "Disclaimer" artwork?

    I second this motion. I don't want to have to scroll through your selections to see the new ones.

    Ehh, I'd rather throw them 20 bucks to help out with the development in the long run. Isn't really anything to me. I'd rather support the community. I don't see it as a waste at all

    ok guys im about to buy new acers 144hz monitor,just wondering if ironsight can run on 144hz couse i dont wont to loose my money;):evil:

    Yeah. I can confirm it does work. I just went to double check in the Korean version. I have a 144hz monitor and as long as you run the game in FULLSCREEN mode and not borderless window. Also, in order for 144hz to work, you have to get above 144 frames in game. So as long as your rig can do that, its definitely worth your money. I'm assuming you're going to get the same ASUS I have, and its great.

    As the title says it's about Aeria Games, yes, the publisher. I am not sure how many of you knows anything about this company but I do know quiet a bit and it's one of the most hated gaming companies.

    Many people got banned in many of their games, often without any reason given or simply saying "hacking" when they never did. I am not trying to bash this company nor inject you with negativity but since they're the publishers, I am very concerned how will this game proceed in the coming months. Hopefully they are changing and this mess won't happen anymore,otherwise my friends, this game will die very fast considering the company's reputation. (which I hope it won't happen) Peace out :thumbup:

    Everyone deserves a clean slate brother. Gotta just give it all the love and support you can and hope for the best

    Thanks for the quick feed back, and yeah thinking about it more I agree the point 1 and 2 can pretty much make point 3 invalid since it will take more time to earn those streaks if those two idea's were implemented.

    Jackal Dying would more so be a little more punishing as it would add time to your score-streaks taking even more time to earn them.

    Seems super solid. Would like to see this taken into consideration.

    I'm not begging for anyone's approval. You literally sit behind your monitor and indulge on my personal life and attack me for it. It's a video game brother. Grow up

    All of you getting upset over someone's opinion on a forum need to take it down a notch. There's no reason for insults especially against someones personal life. This thread will be locked as soon as one of the MOD's or CM's is online and honestly should have some warnings to go along with it. Like I said if you all can't settle it by PM's then don't post about it and let the situation die from that point on. Right now you all are heading towards bigger issues and are pretty much tarnishing your reputations as well.

    I personally don't mind a little trash talk it's all apart of the competitive nature of things, but there is such a thing as taking it too far which is what you all are doing right now.

    Or I can just do what Wreckit has done in the past and delete it and nothing will happen. :)

    Its not game talk bro. Thats the thing. That's my personal life. He didn't even provide the avenue for me to defend myself or make a response. He straight up blocked me, and im not going to just let something like that slide.

    so I had the respect to tell you your girlfriend was disgusting on private message and you publicly published it for the whole forum to know? sounds like a good plan :thumbup:

    We were talking about a video game bro. If you would have never blocked me, I could have responded and I never would have made this thread and we could have resolved it. I'm not going to let you insult someone thats important to me and get away with it. You took it too far. There was absolutely no reason for you to insult her.

    You had your own opinions on GS when you joined us, talking about how annoying Shay was and his B-Hopping and how you thought he was terrible and told him so. Yes, we reinforced those ideas but they not all you being our mouth piece. I don't know what happened on that last day to get you to switch, and frankly I don't care, but GS has had a hard on in stream and in game for us for the longest time. Sure talking about your girl is one thing but as shay would say "Its all game talk man".

    Its not game talk bro. Thats the thing. That's my personal life. He didn't even provide the avenue for me to defend myself or make a response. He straight up blocked me, and im not going to just let something like that slide.

    Address my points then, I didn't have anything against you, and like I said I saw your potential and invited you into our family. To hear that you left on the LAST day of TBT was a shock and then now confused about you going so hard for GS when just a few days before the end of TBT you where the champion of smack against them. So like I said, PM me, talk to me, I'm trying to be reasonable here but you're making it difficult.

    I'm not making anything difficult. The only opinions I had on GS were based off of the things Genesis told me about them. I have nothing against Genesis as of right now. The whole point of this post was to point out how someone brought my personal life into a video game and I don't appreciate that. That's it. Since I couldn't PM the person. The only way for me to reach out to him was through here. Now that I got my point across. I'll leave it at this. Just leave my girl out of your mouth. She literally shares no relevance to any of our conversations.

    You never beat us, you never played us, once again you joined them on the LAST day of the TBT. I don't understand your reasoning and frankly I didn't pry to much into it because TBT was over, but feel free to PM me and discuss why you felt joining a team like GS was important. But until then you shouldn't fight Shay's battles for him, especially after all the smack you talked prior to then.

    The only opinion i had on Shay was the opinion y'all gave me. Once I found out how he really was, he's quickly became one of my best friends. Regardless I'm on GS now, and you're on your team. This post has nothing to do with y'all.

    I'm not the best, but GS is and im on their S5. We beat y'all 8-0

    Im confused as to why your being so confrontational. Im friends with Shay and never had beef with gs. Stop compensating for something hoss. Cool your jets bucko. When did we start talking about scrims? i literally asked who you were cause i had never heard of you before. I figured it out, your compensating for your irrelevance. Sad to see but everything will be alright. Have a wonderful night and I look forward to playing with you so you can show me the true meaning of skill. Take care.

    I was one of the top streamers along with shay for the better end of TBT. I don't have anything against anyone in Genesis. I've heard good things about you bdm. Only person I have anything against here is Wreckit. I understand that smack talk is part of competitive play. Everyone does it. Big deal. But he brings my girl into this? He literally had to dig through my social media to find that. Just to personally attack me over a forum post. C'mon now. There's no reason for that. I couldn't even talk to him about it, because he ran and blocked me so fast.

    It was all competitive talk, and you brought my personal life into it. C'mon now brother. You're a hypocrite

    Ok so I'm confused here, and my loyalties aside, because frankly you have none, but you just get done bashing Wreck in another thread for making a thread about Shay and you get upset when he blocks you and make a thread yourself bashing him? Like I don't know what Shay promised you, be it a free reach around or what, but just last week you were one of the biggest smack talkers to Shay and Grindsquad. Scuttlebutt is that he beat you once and you switched over to be his lapdog. Who knows? All I know is your teams padded stats and blatantly click-botted threads aside we'll still be the number one team. See you in Ranked.

    you've never been the number one team. We've beat y'all every single scrim. What do you mean? lmao

    Well, better to be instablocked by Wreckit than instablocked by your QT Asian grillfriend, eh?

    How's he supposed to live life to the fullest without WreckIt guiding him?

    He isn't sht lol. He's terrible at the game. He says some stupid sht to me and blocks me. He literally made a huge post about someone and then deleted it. He never stands by what he says because all he cares about is his ego.