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    Not to forget that the patch was "teased" back in June. It's been about 2 months and we can see that the Korean version is 2 patches and some hotfixes ahead of our version. I don't know if devs are holding the patch to launch on steam with everything else that's missing, or if they are having any other type of issue with the patch itself. Anyway, they told us they'll try to get closer and communicate better with us, but that's not happening.

    I understand your non-binary thinking but in some cases, thing should be more straight forward.

    As I said at other posts, drones are good but not at competitive level. I don't want to lose the opportunity of winning a 1v3 clutch because every enemy already knows i'm coming from the EDEN stairs at Airport. I don't wanna lose the opportunity to plant the bomb at 0:10 in a hard late push cause they have a hydra at the bombsite.

    It's obvious that the inclusion of drones would bring new dynamics to the game, but it would kill any Skill Based Dynamics that we already have. The game is toooo fast-paced and the TTK is a bit low, and we love that.

    Regarding the intention of the post, my suggestion is to, either have separate ranked modes (Drones/Droneless) or not have a Drone Based one at all.

    If you still want to push the inclusion thorugh, I suggest it to be lighter drones, like Gorgon System, Shield Drone, Crawler, these are very much ok. We don't like the guaranteed kill/intel stuff.

    Long read guys.

    Here in SA we're playing our first tournament. I think everything will work just fine, but there are things the game still needs to become really competitive.

    Just an add-on to the informations below, we play 9 rounds to win on S&D.

    Ranked: As lionking said above, ranked mode is not working as it should be. 5v5 should be back. I know how important drones are, they are the very image of the game, but at competitive level they take away all the skill gap the game has available. Parties of 5 should not be allowed too; duos would be just fine.

    Features: There are some that would help a lot:

    ---Match History - For teams, keeping track of overall performance, better and worst maps for each of members, would help us improve our playstyle, see our pros and cons, etc. In the other hand, would help organizers keep track of their tourney matches, results for the brackets, as they can't spectate everygame at once; would just make their organization easier.

    ---Spectator Cam - We need more information when we enter spectator mode, like HP/Stamina bars, utilities, c4 holder, etc. I saw the steam asia pre-obt pic, and if it updates to that version, we will be pretty much fine. Don't forget improved control/hotekeys for speccam, as it is all messy by now (LMB can jump to players form the other team, then you get all confused).

    ---Match Lobbies

    1. We should be able to separate NAF and Eden teams on the lobby screen; here on SA we play a lot of Mixed Matches (it's our personal ranked mode), this pre-organization would help a lot.

    2. Training lobby - Should have:

    2.1 Create training lobby at any map.

    2.2 Ability to put bots anywhere on the map, so we can test pixel nades, damage per distance, etc.

    2.3 Grenades Trail

    2.4 Infinite Ammo (or at least a suicide button on esc menu, so we can change/reroll loadouts).

    3. Wepons should not break on custom games, as we don't get any income on those matches.

    I think some of these ideas are not hard to implement and would change the health of the game a lot.

    Sorry for the long post and grammar mistakes. I love this game and i want to see it going far.