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    Well i've recentley make some grinds on the servers and happen to find like 3 or 4 players with walls and maybe some othe cheats, the administrators should be starting to launch a newer update on uac data or something because things like these tends to drop the player base really fast.

    I ussually dont make hackusations without being sure of what happening because i know some good players here but those 3 i found were tottaly cheating running to fight players and perfectly aiming around cornes (i was runnig right behind 1 of them just spotting) and that was so messd up

    I get what you're trying to say dean564 but i dont see any paywalls i've been playing this game for about two months and i got the weapons i wanted for free and even the skins and only bought AP last week but haven't used them yet, believe me if you want to see a paywall got to A.V.A. or soldier front you will see almost all of the inventory is cash only and to get a single free gun you will easiyl have to grind the game everyday for 2 or 3 months.

    RobWolfB mang i have about 50 chips by playing this game on 2 months and i dont even play this everyday, luckily i play about 10 hours on the weekend. but that aside i've got the skins i wanted for free in the loot boxes and even a blue tar21 and a green sa-58.

    Regarding your points:

    2. Melee its ok as it is right now but yea it could be a little faster to strike a player when you press E.

    3. Attachment are dong what tey are suppose to do, like barrels and extended mags, the only pointless piece is the laser as you can fire every weapon without ADS'ing ah it will hit right on the center of the crosshair.

    4. They do need a Repair All button as having to do the repairs class by class its a little annoying.

    5. You can see the game mode while you are on the lobby, and if it happens to load directly to the game you can TAB and see the gamemode.

    6. S&D really needs a revamp for the type of mode.

    7. Highlights indeed has to be skill based because most of the time are lucky streaks of bombing or predator missiles.

    8. Those item are ok on time purchase they are not that expensive and you can easily make 10k gold in 1 day of grind so i cant see a problem on buying explosives for 1 or 7 days.

    9. Atachments needs some work not like taking away the level but making for leveling the weapon and then purchasable after you obtain the unlock, also the loot box drops are ok.

    Yea the netcode is the one that we need to get fixed asap, i've been playing a lot and getting killed seconds after takin cover as the shots were still registering on my soldier

    Exactly Lincuxe i've cam from a long run of "F2P games" where there was a paywall so bad, that f2p players has nothing to do against pay2win players like A.V.A. or even soldier front (Special Force) with cash weapons way to OP that makes the game almost 0% fun or fair play on any match

    I find the pay to get skins ok if you will but by pay walls they meant no OP guns or maps exclusive to player who spend money on it, but as some1 said before the need money to keep things runnig otherwise the game will die quickly, so basically yea one will have to spend some money if you want an specific skin for the avatar or some colored gun but that doesn't mean it wil make you better in the game just cooler.

    And actually if you grind a lot or no even everyday you can eventually get a premium skin for free by completing missions or assignments so you cant get around 5 or more chips per day.