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    yes i loved promod was in some top teams and went all over eu for lans, tbh i just want people to play the game with to see how it goes with scrims and ladders when they start

    i am 29 i have played just about every fps cs 1.6 css csgo bf2 bf3 bad company 2 cod2 cod4 promod and prob some more i have missed off, be gaming alot of years now lol. main one was cod4 promod!

    hi my name is jay i am looking for a team that is looking to take the game serious and join some leagues and hopefully do well then who knows, i have quite a bit experience with playing at a high skill level in FPS games. only played the game a few days but like how it plays and feels so really would like to take it more serious with the right team!

    IGN jayk

    STEAM jk