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    Honestly, whatever feels right for you. There's really no magic formula for it.

    Just get to a point where you feel comfortable and aren't straining anything and muscle memory and experience will do the rest.

    It's an app that i wrote. Atm my pc functions as the server for it. So nah :)

    Have you considered remaking the app in power bi desktop as a dashboard? This would allow you to publish the dashboard to the web for public viewing.

    This was something I thought about doing but didn't as I was unable to mine the data due to encryption.

    And you're trying to tell me that there were no games where you could lean and peek round corners in 2010? I've been leaning around corners in shooters since at least 2002 and, as for a full lean and peek cover system, Killzone 2 had this in 2009.

    Unless by 'next patch' you mean the latest Asia patch then your coordination with Wiple is still off. Can you please clarify which patch we are getting?

    Also, to avoid further disappointment, if we are going to be months behind Asia forevermore you should probably make that clear now.

    If CoD do what they keep using the same mechanics they did 10 years ago.

    The mechanics they had 10 years ago were superior in terms of enjoyment to around 99% of shooters available on the market today. That's why, despite having numerous other shooters installed on my PC, I've played IS almost exclusively for over a year.

    It's not even as if the style of shooter that is prevalent today wasn't available back in the day. None of these 'innovations' you are talking about are actually new. There were plenty of tactical, realism based shooters around. People played CoD in preference to them because it was more casual and more fun.

    Its not about having less accuracy on hipfire makes the game more camping fest (because devs can make ads turn slower).

    I don't follow.. lower hipfire accuracy and slower ADS speed both encourage camping.

    A combination of slower character movement, lower TTK, lower hipfire accuracy and slow ADS speed is the basic recipe for a campfest.

    Unlike ironsight, you spray and pray and pray the most.

    No idea what you're talking about here either. There's a pretty clear difference between players with good aim and bad aim in IS. If you're spraying and praying, then you're the latter.

    There's no trick. I'm rank 332. I got there just by playing the game almost every day for over a year. You can buy XP boosts but, primarily, it's as simple as just playing a lot.

    There's also no advantage to being high level. You don't do more damage or unlock new perks. It's simply a number that says how much experience you have playing the game.

    I'm west coast UK, and my ping is usually less than 40. The lowest ping I heard from ppl in game is 10. So that's a difference of 30ms. The average person's optical response time is between 6 and 7 times that difference.

    It takes 6 or seven times longer for humans to react to the images on their screen than the difference between playing by the server and the West Coast of the UK. It takes about 4 to fives times longer for the average person to react than it does to send the information from the server to the UK.

    Something to think about.

    Being able to ensure the quality of your team mates is a far greater incentive than communication.

    Having 2 seperate queues is not a method of ensuring the quality of teammates

    Not what I meant..

    The main reason people create a squad for ranked is to ensure they have good team mates, rather than to communicate.

    The chances of a team of 6 random solo queue players all being good are pretty slim.

    An easier fix would be to just add a solo queue competitive and a party queue competitive.

    Then you'd have to consider people like me, who played ranked in a group of less than 5. What would happen to those people who play in pairs or trios, would they get matched with other solos or would a trio get paired with a duo to go against a 5-stack. This solution just fixes the problem of having solos against full squads, but doesn't benefit others.

    An easier solution? VoIP or another form of voice chat. Communication is the only incentive I see when people bring up solos vs squads in ranked. No need to add seperate matchmaking queues when communication is the primary concern.

    Being able to ensure the quality of your team mates is a far greater incentive than communication.

    Not sure why you think hipfire dominates at all ranges, because that's definitely not my experience.

    I know of zero good players who run around hipfiring everything. It's just not a good strategy most of the time. Watch any of the gameplay videos here, on twitch, youtube or reddit. Unless someone is using something like the vector, they ADS for pretty much every shot.

    There's only a couple of maps where I'd even load an SMG, let alone run about hipfiring one.

    How does high hipfire accuracy encourage camping? The exact opposite is true.

    Pretty much all of your suggestions for movement seem designed to slow the game down. I can't support that.

    Also, not sure it makes sense to ask for the aim punch from soft point bullets to be increased for snipers while also asking for soft point bullets to be removed.

    It's 25hz, I believe. The recent roadmap from Wiple stated that they intend to boost it to 60hz, so hopefully that will be implemented across all regions.

    Depends. If Modern Warfare is like BO4, then they have nothing to worry about. If it's like the original MW games though, then they may struggle to compete.

    Pretty unlikely the game will die either way.

    Agree with pretty much everything you said.

    About the soft tip bullets though. Does anyone not use these?

    They are basically the default ammo at this point and, like the basic throwables, I think they should make them actually default and free to use. Once the Magnum and EMP ammo is released then you can make armour piercing and the two new ammo types premium and continue to charge for these. A small amount of aim punch should also be added to the premium ammo so that it's not a disadvantage to use them.

    I just want to get back into the action ASAP to be honest.. it's usually pretty clear to me how and why I died.

    Not really against it as an option for those that would like it though.