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    1. The server tick rate is a bit low.

    Some of the netcode issues we are currently experiencing may be mitigated by an increase in the tick rate to ~60hz or more.

    2. Sticking points on maps.

    There are numerous sections on maps which trap your character, such as the A stairs on Cruise and the A window on Oceanfront. There are also invisible barriers on Cruise.

    3. Friends list.

    Is there any reason why the friends list needs to be limited to 100 people? I have to delete people in order to add new friends and I'm not happy doing that.

    4. Loadouts.

    I could use a couple of extra loadout slots. At least two more.

    Also, as I have said before, the drone loadouts should be reverted so that they can be customized to each weapon loadout.

    5. Characters.

    Really need a default female skin. C'mon guys, it's 2019 already.

    6. Snipers.

    The time to ADS on the bolt action rifles should be increased slightly.

    7. Ranked.

    Groups in ranked should be limited to two people. A separate system for inter clan challenge matches should be introduced.

    Drones should be removed from ranked.

    Because the game uses a proprietary engine and doesn't have a large playerbase it is much less of a target for cheaters. As a consequence, it is pretty much cheat free.

    However, the game does have some ongoing technical issues with its netcode that can result in some odd looking stuff happening in game. This probably accounts for most of the comments about cheating.

    You say these things like I would agree they were bad.. but, apart from the net code, these are things I like about the game.

    That depends on whether your idea of better is the same as my idea of better.

    I've been playing FPS games consistently since the '90s. I have 9 or 10 other FPS games installed on my machine that I don't play.

    For me, IS is the best FPS in a very long time, despite its obvious issues.

    In fairness to BlueDreamer, he's the one member of the team that I do see playing the game on a regular basis.

    (Others might play, but I don't see them)

    it helps evens out the novice player (me) to the really good players.

    That's kind of the point, when you're talking about ranked/comp matches. You don't want to 'even out' the novices and the really good players, you want the best players to win. That's only in ranked and comp mind. Everywhere else, when you're having some fun shooting ppl in the face, the drones are great.

    The only real alternative is to just grind SnD until you get enough defuses that occur naturally during play.

    I somehow managed it despite not really being an SnD player without artificially setting any up. You just need to play enough games and take your opportunities where you can.

    Personally, I love frontline, and I'd really need to understand why people don't love it in order to make suggestions. So please, tell us why you hate frontline, you frontline hating cheesepuffs!

    Isn't majority of the confrontations in map design are around 10 meters?

    Even the new Tower map feels too small. ?(

    Depends on map and playstyle.

    What I see is a lot of ppl picking the wrong weapon for their style or the map and then complaining that other weapons are cheap or OP.

    If you constantly find yourself getting blasted by SMGs, toe to toe, while you're running an LMG, then you either have the wrong weapon equipped or are positioning badly.

    Mostly though, the ppl complaining about SMGs blame it on the weapon when the truth is they're not reacting fast enough.

    I really hope they don't nerf hipfire. It would slow the game down unnecessarily.

    As for there being no advantage to ADS... not if you're within 10m of your target maybe. But why would you be ADS there, anyway?

    "By a single drone loadout, do you mean that a pre-set loadout is established (agreed by both teams) and they don't go out of this set up?"


    "How should the establishment happen in this case?

    Tournament rules dictate it and that's all? Teams decide and present it to each other?"

    I was thinking this would be agreed, or negotiated, between the teams.

    "What if UAV is restricted to a certain amount?"

    In SnD, the drones that void the 'S' element of the mode are probably the worst culprits and should be heavily restricted.

    Realistically though, the main reason for the 'ban everything' approach is the belief that, at least in tournament play, the outcome should be dictated, as far as possible, purely by the mechanical skill, reactions, and situational awareness of the players.

    If it can get you outcomes that aren't a direct result of your own skill, reactions and awareness then it shouldn't exist in that setting.

    I don't see how most, if any, of the drones fit with that ideology.

    In order to have drones at all, you'd probably need teams to agree beforehand a single drone loadout that was acceptable to both teams for all players. That way you at least ensure equality of arms.

    The 'ballistic shield' looks like a horrible fit for this game. Not looking forward to that at all. Developers really do have some dumb ideas sometimes.

    The achievement backgrounds they are giving away for the duel mode look pretty nice though.

    Ironsight is a 32bit, single process, program. As such it can only ever use 4GB of memory, regardless of how much you have available.

    The game appears to divide this as 1GB RAM, and 3GB vRAM.

    I don't see any scope to separate the program into multiple processes, and I don't know of any plans to convert it to 64bit.

    Hi man, welcome to the game. It is kind of baptism of fire, because the matchmaking is by ping only. You probably ran into a clan or a bunch of friends that play together. We all went through this early on, and it is kind of sink or swim.

    That said, I think it would be great if they could ringfence new people for the first 20 or so levels, and let them play each other until they find their feet a bit. It's not like high level people particularly want to be matched against people on their first day, they just play whoever is there.

    Not making excuses here but, while a week might be enough time for someone to give some off-the-cuff response in general terms, business tends to move a little more slowly than that, It would probably take a lot longer than a week to have the meetings and discussions required to provide the kind of concrete response the ranked community is asking for.