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    I have a lot of friends on my list and if ten or more of them are playing and ten of them are queueing it would be helpful to know who is grouped up and who wants to group up before I starting sending out or asking for invites.

    Just a really small thing, but can we get a user status option so people can see when others are AFK in the lobby, looking for a party or hanging solo?

    Ideally it would show up in your friends list.

    Also, could the friends list show which friends are in a group together?

    I think that without the requirement for one team to target an objective this would pretty much be a game of hide and seek.

    Might make a good map for the snipers only mode though.

    The weird thing is that they nerfed the snipers in one patch and then, a couple patches later, they nerfed everything else.

    The net result was a higher TTK that overall favoured the snipers that initially recognised they needed to nerf.

    It didn't make any sense to me at all.

    It's a buzzkill that makes the game slower and more boring.. that's the problem.

    This game is one of the very few games that is defiantly run and gun, and it has a loyal playerbase who play it entirely for that reason.

    If Wiple try and turn this into a slower paced 'tactical' shooter those players will drop this game pretty much instantly.

    It depends on how the calculations are done. Normal practice is to calculate win and loss points by a comparison between your performance and the average. If you win but don't play well, you will gain fewer points. If you lose badly you will lose more points. Calculations can also depend on the quality of the opposition, so if you're beating up on scrubs, you're not going to reap big rewards.

    I have no idea how the calculations actually work in Ironsight, but a combination of these may be the answer.

    They released a patch with like 20 or more balance changes two and a half weeks ago.

    20 Balancing changes that didn't do squat apparently. The game is still the same game it was 3 months ago. MP5, AR-57 and AUG are still king, and the netcode is still stupidly bad.

    I liked the game 3 months ago, and I still like it now. I hope, in another 3 months, that it stays basically the same. And for a long time after that.

    The netcode might not be great but it is better.

    As for weapon balance, I kinda disagree on weapons you think are top, apart from the Aug which I agree is pretty solid. That said, I don't know what kind of balance changes you want to see.

    It would pretty much impossible for the devs to implement what you want if you don't tell them. 'Not this' isn't very helpful.

    Ranked is empty. Very few people enjoy playing it. That's why it takes so long to find a game.

    Personally, I don't find running against a 6 stack of sweaty campers with one shot kill bolt action rifles and UAV drones particularly enjoyable. Neither do most people, it seems.

    I don't have as severe an issue as you do, despite having a similarly specc'd PC (8600K + Vega 64). However, I do see my frame rates bouncing up and down an awful lot.

    I think there's a few maps that could use an optimisation pass.

    Lower ping generally provides a better experience in almost all games, but 50 to 75ms shouldn't be unplayable. 7.5 hundredths of a second is still pretty quick.

    One of the things I do think this game could improve is the tick rate on the servers which is, I believe, 25hz. That's pretty slow compared to other shooters which tend to aim for closer to 60hz. That's a 23ms difference in tick lengths between Ironsight and games like BO4, Overwatch or CSGO.

    I mean like rotating nearly 120 degrees to snapshot a player crouched behind cover in an elevated position that was not a common camping spot and could not have appeared in peripheral vision.

    I mean taking down one player only to spin 60 degrees to shoot through smoke and kill another player 50 yards away.

    Both situations were the same player on the same night in pretty much consecutive games, and are just two examples of their play. No drones were used in either situation.

    That's either incredibly lucky, insanely intuitive or cheating.

    This, basically. I have some of my highest KDAs on the snipers and, because I cycle through all of the SMGs and ARs, the DSR is my most used and highest kill weapon.

    You shouldn't presume that people advocating for nerfs are inexperienced with the weapon.

    I saw a few suspicious things yesterday that looked a lot like wallhack to me. Pre-firing around corners at people 50m away without a drone in the air. Kill streaks flicking DSR shots through smoke at people they couldn't have seen. Low level account naturally.

    Didn't look like netcode issues, but could have been dumb luck or intuition.

    Its called desyncs.

    As I said in my post. It didn't look like netcode issues. And desync doesn't account for players flicking to opponents they could not possibly have seen or heard.

    If you've been playing recently, you cannot have failed to have noticed that it is taking longer than normal to get into a game. This, I believe, is because players are being spread across several instances of the game within each region.

    For example, if I log in and check my friends list I can see maybe one or two friends currently playing. However, if I check my clan list I can see more players are actually online but they are playing on a separate instance of the game. If I restart the game a few times, the instance I log into switches and these players appear in my friends list.

    However, the players that were available in the instance into which I was previously logged are no longer available for grouping or matchmaking. Unless everyone restarts the game repeatedly in order to get into the same instance, it is not possible to play with everyone that is currently playing at the same time. I have submitted a support ticket for this.

    This, for me, is the biggest issue the game has currently.

    Can someone from the team please confirm that you are aware of this issue and that it is going to be fixed ASAP?

    And as far as I can tell, everyone I see regularly uses the exact same character cosmetics (and taunts) for every loadout, everyone seems to 'set and forget' the character look.

    I don't. I purchased 4 character skins and use a different one on each of my 4 loadouts, (I have a loadout for each weapon type). It would be a shame if I were unable to use all of the skins I spent money to get.

    That said, I also find the change to drone loadouts really annoying, and agree that being able to customize drones for each loadout is more important than being able to have multiple character skins. This should definitely be reverted.

    I think a lot of people are playing with wide FoV, and have seen several settings vids that recommend it too.

    I don't recommend it personally, and I find the weapon ranges make much more sense with a tighter FoV.

    It's a trade off between awareness and accuracy. But for me.. predators have eyes in the front of their heads for a reason.

    Correct CQC practice is to not use the scope as it detracts from environmental awareness. Rifles are held in the high ready position with the stock into the shoulder, and the view point is over the scope.

    Scopes are for ranged combat, utilising single or burst fire.

    1&2. Just no. These are basic l2p issues. You should expect enemies to take every form of evasive action available to them, and it's your fault if they beat you. Play the game.

    3. I've never even noticed this, but if it's bothering people then it does seem like a fairly simple QoL change.

    4. Agreed. It's annoying when you miss your window of opportunity to check how you did.

    5. Don't really see the point in this, and don't see any reason for the devs to give priority to it.

    6. Agreed. Probably wouldn't use it a lot myself but it's a must for any comp team.

    7&8. These are things I just don't care about. People need to leave, they leave. I get backfilled. Fine. Who cares what anyone's win rate or any other stats say?