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    Latest patch notes claim "The general performance of the game improved".

    I've had to lower my settings to get the same frames as before, and I'm getting one shotted by people that aren't even on my screen yet in pretty much every game I play.

    Can confirm, general performance seems much, much worse.

    "Wait didnt you say because due to lack of your quality of experience you had with CoDMW, the game is bad?"

    I don't believe I did, no. The game is bad because it has poor visibility, poor netcode, terrible map design, poor weapon balance and strong SBMM.

    "Seeing as Ironsight is unfortunately way behind in terms of networking and game mechanics."

    If you think the servers, netcode and hit detection in MW are good then I sincerely have to question your competence.

    MW uses 12hz listening servers, for example, which are utterly atrocious and nowhere near the standard of modern shooters. I can show you vid after vid of direct hits not registering in MW. Can you show me even one for IS?

    Yes, there are areas where MW is ahead of IS. But the core systems such as map design, netcode, weapon balance, and matchmaking are not among them.

    MW is a very pretty game with a lot of customization content, but it has a ton of flaws that virtually everyone who has so much as glanced at its reddit page will be able to tell you about.

    I'm sorry but getting shot behind walls in this game compared to never being shot behind walls (unless it's a wall that can be shot through) in CoD is a huge difference. The netcode on this game is years behind any other FPS to date.

    Netcode on CoD is terrible, and you only need to watch a handful of your own killcams to see a massive disparity between how things looked from your perspective and your enemy. The interpolation is miles out of whack.

    Magic bullets are absolutely everywhere, especially when the game pushes you onto a 12hz listening server.

    You can find endless complaints about the netcode on reddit and the forums. Here's an example:


    "the only thing REALLY better in COD are the graphics."

    I'd say the graphics, weapon customisation, challenges and the slide action are things that are an improvement over IS.

    In every other respect: gun play, map design, movement, core gameplay.. hell, even the netcode, IS is better.

    Modern warfare is a very pretty game, with a lot of options, but the actual basic gameplay experience is really quite bad.

    IS is a much more basic game, but the core gameplay experience is streets ahead of MW.

    I consider medium range to be 18 meters all the way to 25 meters or so.

    Interesting.. because at 18 metres you are at the end of the damage drop off for most SMGs.. i.e. at this range they are doing almost half of their potential damage. Whereas, if you take an AR, the damage drop off doesn't really start until 18 metres. So at 18 metres, you need ~half as many bullets to kill with an AR as you do with an SMG with the same nominal damage.

    Bye Asterion. I get the feeling that there's a lot you're not saying.

    So, I'll just say thank you for the time you've given to the game and its community. Best wishes for the future.

    Shields have pretty much ruined any enjoyment I got from the game, so I'm kind of done right now. Really awful addition to the game that is the antithesis of everything that was good about it.

    Also, new spawn bug.

    Also, the lootbox changes are just horrible.

    Also, no new ranked season, achievements still bugged, maps still bugged.

    Also, new diagonal skins are blue quality at best.

    Also duel queue is dead already, and I'm not surprised.

    I'll let you know what I think of the tower map if I ever see it.

    Very disappointed right now.

    To clarify my statement. Mods have said that Aeria data will be transferred when this version moves to steam. They haven't said anything about transferring Aeria data to the Asian version.

    Asian players didn't get data transferred because the Asian version is separate from the Aeria version. Mods have stated repeatedly that Aeria data will be transferred when the game moves to Steam.

    First off, congrats on the new role!

    And, although there's not much here that is actually what I would call 'new' information, it is refreshing that you have given some timescales, however fluid they may be. As for the specific feedback you requested:

    Ballistic Shield - You've seen it in the other versions; what do you think?

    I can't speak for everyone, but I've yet to meet anyone who is all that enthusiastic about the shields. The opinions I have heard range all the way from 'meh' to 'no thanks' and, to me, they just don't seem like all that good a fit to this game. Hopefully I'm wrong.

    Have you tried... being further away?

    I have and the result is the same. Look if i can grab an smg and kill someone at medium range faster than someone using an m4 something isnt right.

    What do you consider medium range and, out of curiosity, what is your FoV setting?

    Personally, the only maps on which I find SMGs to be at an advantage are C9 and Airport. And they're only at an advantage on Airport if you avoid the conveyor area.

    Personally I'd keep the scoring as is for SP and RT.. maybe weight it a little more in favour of the objectives. What I would do though is not have kills/deaths count towards your overall kda.

    My mousemat is a decent size, 90*40, but I only really use a small section on the right side of it for my mouse. My keyboard takes up most of the available space.

    Honestly, whatever feels right for you. There's really no magic formula for it.

    Just get to a point where you feel comfortable and aren't straining anything and muscle memory and experience will do the rest.