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    The spawn changing to control spawn kill spam. Basicly when your team arrive on the enemy spawn the spawn change to the other side of the map near to the enemy position. Use the radar, the spot on the radar who doesn't have teammates probabilly have enemys.

    I'm a newbie on this game but i have some sugestions to intruduce to you, and apply them if you like them.

    1. My first suggestion is the same way we choose game mode we can choose the maps we want to play.
    2. Other suggestion is add to the settings of the Quick match the game mode sniper and FFA.
    3. My last sugestion is add a option to the custume match creation or if possible of on Quick Match an option to disable drones, other to disable all explosives, other to disable sniper. Persnoally i dont like play with drones, other dont like play with explosivesm other dont like play against snipers.

    I hope you like my sugestion. If the community like vote above or improve my suggestions


    Sempre a apostar nos nossos jogadores!

    (Always bet on our players!)


    The KatanaKlan is a group of friends who like to play shooter games. They joined our Teamspeak 3 server and play together various tipe of games. I'm Gaudencio and i only play MMOFPS, but other membres play other style of games. Join us and find out.


    • Speak portugues;
    • Over 16 years old;
    • Play Iron sight or other online game;
    • Respect Staff, membres and our guests;
    • Play with frequence;
    • Use Teamspeak 3 or Discord;
    • Do not enter in rage mode;
    • Do not be toxic;
    • Enjoy play with us.


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    I don't have the best estimation of how long it might take but if you play daily, it doesn't take that long.

    Especially since you can get free chips from the ingame shop every 2 days, daily contracts and additional achievements.

    Doing daily contracts and achievements are the fastest way

    it´s easy to answer the question if we only do the daily contract, since you only get 1 CHIP for complete the task take to him 250 days to collect 250 chips. If we complete the contract every single day hahaha :D