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    1:i'm not one of those players 'Lvl 100" who leave the game when they lose

    2:p90/ar57 are op.
    3: why the F do you speak of Scump? a cod pro player? I don't F care! and what is " The reason of scump" ?!
    4:you say : btw a yt video with some highlights doesnt proof anything XDXD blablabla

    "first there not Highlight but a raw compilation big difference, 2 i made videos for fun, why not a full gameplay? afraid to show my failure? NO just because for one match (10min it's 5.3 per videos) Nvdia.png i already have 3To of raw videos on ironsight i need to delete penta / nade across map crossbow vid etc,etc

    5:I'm made this post to speak about Ak 12 not your life not my not AR57/P90

    finally if you have nothing to say about Ak12 then just go away

    adiós y hasta pronto

    edit: pd: if 4 different ppl without cnxn between them say the same // do you have something to hide? you just had luck ;)

    Mtrz a competitive player... man i'm not sure you know who you talking to, "no offense :S"

    I play Fps games since 14 years now, battlefield/ csgo/ Rainbow six siege/ arma2 with real soldiers/Insurgency/Unreal tournament/Quake Live/champions i did Lan game comp and more

    i've litterally grinded them all

    seriously p90/ar57 are op AF most people in ironsight, will say the same

    i've played p90 one time = and i've shredded every players in the game until they left the game... if players like me "more than 1.50Ratio" play p90 or AR57 it's like taking a tank to fight against childrens

    you want example of what i can do, here is my last comp:

    <--- just imagine this with p90/Ar57 :D

    Also you said you didn't play the ak12 so why you speak thing you don't know/use ?

    now i'm chilling on Ironsight and with 1.62KDa / 111 hours in 2months on ironsight i've played enough to see the big Problem about ar/p90

    First of all,

    The Ak-12 is currently USELESS. just compare her from the other weapons

    Ak12 Has a firing rate of 700 per minute Includes a maximum firing range of 800m so Why She feel is weak against others weapons? Seriously when you play the ak-12 against a noob using P90 or AR57 spraying everywhere blindfolded, you just get just melt, even after ull him you Clip in the Face the guy is 0.0000000000001hp and it's getting worst when they use p90/ar57 with a RED ping

    or :D wait for it! Joke of the year p90 with redping and netcode issues

    seriously I bet you i give ar57 or p90 to a 8years old kid, 2 weeks later he will do 40kills per games with 2.60 KDA ;( saying : Ez ez ezezezeze rekt noobs i'm going pro tomorow l2p <X<X<X

    did you install Dx9 at the game installation? ( the first time i didn't did it, and i had many frame drop)

    I uninstalled the game and re-installed it with dx9 selected this time ( now it's fine :) except for some maps

    my config for curious ;)

    CPU:Intel Core i5 3570K overcloaked at 4.10ghz

    motherboard: MSI Z77A-G43 (MS-7758) 1.0

    ram: 16 Go DDR3 1600 MHz

    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 MSI ARMOR 8go

    Most russians don't know how to speak/write in english let's not forget that, they need to speak to, not just russians players can be toxic, but everyone ;)

    this game just need a better chat filter for Russian language "also others" like english/german/french/etc

    do like me Vodzigor , just don't Give a **** about what toxic players saying, send them a <3 they will be mad, and your life will be mhhh, noice :Dgiphy.gif

    Hey Folks!

    Today I made simple Colored Weapons Skins With "as an Example " the Msbs 5.56b // Scar-H // Tar-21 (not time to do it for all weapons) :D

    Some players like to have weapons skins in Black/red/green/yellow/orange/purple/cyan there we go

    For myself as a 26 years old player I prefer simple color more than weird skins but that's just my opinion;)

    Sadly it's missing in Ironsight So I decided to do them to show to players/and mostly Devs <3, it could be nice to have them in-game for smoething like :

    8000 or 10.000 Gp


    50, 100 CHIPS// AP For all weapons in-game

    (for the people in the back of the classroom saying ( that's Paywall,unfair,100,too much blabla) I just want to say (they need to make money like everyone! and servers/devs/website/more cost MONEY "a lot" so be quiet :D watch and learn and remember the game Is FREE

    and without money your favorite game can probably closed forever in 3 month without your support :(

    I did it for those weapons "msbs/scar/tar" because the color "sandPlatic" is <X look the Scar-h in black is lovely AF


    for The Msbs : little modification : the up of the b utt is black, the pistol grip too

    for The Scar-H : the pistol grip and the front Handle,the b utt and the loading magazine are in black

    thank for reading me see you on the BattleField! :evil: AltarKan over!Tar21 color.jpg

    ScarH color.jpgMsbs color switch.jpg

    Hi dean564 , listen ^^

    servers cost money , development too,

    Newskins for weapon are just cosmetic,not "Important" a skin doesn't make you stronger ^^ if you like a the game " you can buy 1skin sometimes it's like a tip for the devs of Ironsight or like (a little thank you your game is nice keep it up guys)

    Me too I like the new redskin and i understand why devs doing this they use the Ap money because / if 12.000 players buy 1 items they can upgrade servers/netcode/UI/ pay devs/make events/more publicity/ And mostly KEEP THE GAME FREE etc etc. :)

    edit "if they don't make money the game will probably die"