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    Never seen in my life a most wannabe tryhard ahahahahaah "I like winning and having a good kda makes me happy.." ahahahhahHAHAHAHA thank you for the fun bro, appreciate it

    Regarding to the original post, this game isn't still ready to a real competition due to various motivation, then for now just keep it grow and fix/implement what it needs. Friendly tip: SnD must be a 5v5 with no drones, either in competitive(tournaments) either in ranked.

    I should not answer to a such retardation but I will because I'm a polite people. There's no way to have fun against a party of nerdish level 100-300 also if someone can play good, because he WILL EVEN GET RANDOMS, that mostly play the mode for the dailies and sometime do not know also what to do at all. To the story of "pretty solid skills" you are "pretty solid stupid" because using macro is not a skill and is not, in any way, possible to confuse with skills. Also talking about "skills" in a game like this is just a joke for a people that can play real fps like cs go. I feel the smell of that kind of nerd, that tryhard in quickmatches doing barely 2 kd and typing ez at the end, but this is just your problem. EDIT: your nerdishness and saltiness is clear watching you talk about losing or winning , when i was talking about having fun playing fair matches with fair teams, but you are a wannabe tryhard, is obvious also from this; you don't see the point of the game: to have fun, not to win or to lose.

    Callsign (in-game name): Helicopter-

    Item name: Senatvs PopvlvsQve Romanvs

    Item country: Italy or better Sacrum Romanum Imperium

    Item type: A Dog Tag ( Title )

    Orange: drs1 fire monkey

    Blue: drs1 chrome


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    .. of cheaters, since yesterday, cheaters are way more than days before. It is not funny if, when an event comes, cheaters come out from their rat's bases and fill the game in this way. Events should be a moment of new players' acquiring, but this way the first experience of new players is ruined, frustrating, and he also probably will see the prefires/impossible rambo kills he gets as "netcode issue", ending in refusing to play this game and spreading bad words about. The game is great, I love it, but we need more players and those toxics that come out during ANY event are the real cancer of this game. Another thing that needs to be reworked is the matchmaking: I know that atm the playerbase is small and we have not possibility to do that, but I seriously hope you will do something about parties. There's no way to win or also to have fun when you play against a team of 5-6 peoples organized to play the mode as the mode needs to be played, with the best grenades/weapons that the mode requires. The fact is a real problem because it's compulsory to get newbies when you are not in a party guessing like parties are even made with 5-6 level100+ experienced players then, with a small playerbase, you will get for sure all the other randoms that are trying to play the mode. I think should be perfect to not allow peoples to make parties in quickmatches and allow it only in custom, for now, and in the future, when the playerbase will be bigger, to allow them to party and matchmaking should match them against another party (atleast this condition, also not considering the number of members of the party, should help the game to be more playable and fun).

    Codename: Mohamedx

    Gender (male/female/diverse): known as male

    Age (in 2025): 33

    Preferred Weapon: SA58 OSW and Aug a1

    Height/Weight: 1.70 mt

    Eye-/Hair color: Brown

    Specializations/Skills: He can take bullets in his arms without having some problems because he consumes oppium before battles

    Alliance (NAF/EDEN/lone wolf): He's a mercenary but his heart goes for EDEN

    Background Story (200 words max.): Mohamedx is called this way because his real name, Mohamed, was way too diffused and during exercitations when the general used to call him Mohamed pratically 90% of the soldiers answered, then the general gave him the particular codename of Mohamedx. He used to be a mercenary after early missions in the army but one day he decided to stop doing the mercenary to start reading books and learning a solid culture because he hated the fact that other soldiers were bad with him, saying him that he didn't own any kind of knowledge if not regarding weapons or military strategies. He got hurted from this, way more than any bullet he accidentally took in battle and he decided to react and to start a new mission.

    Latest mission: He subscribed to the known Oxford University and he got graduated in less than the 5 years extablished in history and philosophy's graduation.

    IGN: TheThruth

    Orange weapon of choice: fire monkey dsr1

    Blue weapon of choice: chrome dsr1


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    Hello, just wanted to drop a comment to say that I'm reading and it's a topic we've been looking at and will have improvements in future.

    Please keep sharing your ideas, comments and suggestions.

    My suggestion is to sell "license to unlock weapon" for real money. I mean like x€ for a blue weap license and x€ for orange weap license, the pink and purple can remain collectable owning the required ones like it s now. About boxes... If you want let them stay is OK but if wanna peoples to buy them then just set offers for quantity that unlocks the blue or orange licenses, i mean like (example) "purchasing offer with 10x angry monkey box you have a blue weap license" , this way peoples know that spending real money will even give something, also in the worst of luck. You can at same time still sell single boxes for who wants.

    Hello guys I'm Neil Wild and I want to say you my experience into the game Ironsight. I came into this game with my friend Scirocco and another one, named Old Man, that I didn't knew at that moment. This man was weird and he usually used to dress Dragon Fang's vests. The Operation was to go to the Headquarter of Bío Lab's laboratory and to place some C4 to blow it up, because they were releasing top range skins that peoples should not have been able to effort because of their price!! So we used Silencer on each weapons and we set an ACOG on our SCAR-H to manage to complete the Operation without losing too much time or health. We quickly killed the guards that overviewed the perimeter and we were attempting to set C4 on the walls of the building while some Snipers came out and shooted at us, hurting Old Man and, at that point, he revealed his real identity! He was a sorcerer and quickly summoned a Metal Reaper and a precious Hellbird that, with a combined action, managed to kill the snipers and the reiforcements that were coming to kill us. We managed to set all the C4 and while we were on the road to come back home to Oceanfront, we activated the C4 and blow it up once and for all!! Old Man, once we were on the road to come back, said: " From this mission we learned one important thing: never think that capitalists are extinct, they even reserve a new rebirth!! But for now let me buy a Karambit for my girl, Sarah, as souvenir ohohoh!! " . He was completely right .. then we had nothing different to do if not to Reload our weapons and get ready for the next battle.

    IGN : Helicopter-

    Blue weapon : drs1 chrome