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    It's really not out of left field. I've been trying to say this for ages and no one listens, and the people who have influence refuse to change. That is the fundamental issue with the comp scene.

    Some leagues had promise, and I wont name and shame who they are, but its unacceptable for either a "Professional" discord or a league to encourage and support those who bully/harass/and generally make players feel unwelcomed. The comp scene will continue to go no where if something isn't done.

    You can have 20 different servers, and by the look of it, its almost there, and yet nothing is changed.

    You have a rare chance to change things IGLDerd , people look up to you and respect you. If you truly want a competitive league then I would contact the CM's and have something official done about it. Yes I understand they themselves don't want to do anything e-sports at the moment, but at the very least if it is an official discord server then people would be held to Aeria's standards in-game and out of game and it would create a much better environment. One in which I would consider playing again. These 'elitist' discord servers ran currently cannot and will not provide what is needed regardless of who it is.

    Since I do have relevance in this discussion I would like to make an observation and a warning.

    In reality there is no "Comp" scene. There is a group of players some with the right idea some with the wrong idea but to call the collection of discord servers and assorted half-assed leagues and tournament a comp scene is far from what we imagined when the game first came out. The reason is simple: Toxic community, toxic players, and TO's that can't and refuse to enforce their own rulesets in favor of the more popular teams and players. This isn't an opinion this is a tried and true fact that anyone who takes a step out and looks at it from another viewpoint can see.

    I quit this game because the teenagers and the people who support their immature high school bullshit are allowed to call the shots.

    We don't need 7 different sites or discords. What we need is one consistent place to compete that is preferably ran and moderated by the CM's and the Game itself and not the players. The reason for this is EGO. Everyone who has been in charge of a discord where it was meant as a "Professional" platform has time and time again failed to curb the massive issues facing the completive side of this game. Constant harassment, bullying, teams dying and reforming every week like clockwork, and players that have no respect for orgs, any contracts that might be signed, or even respect for their fellow teammates.

    What this community needs is not another failed tournament league, or another discord promising to be the next big deal. What we need to make this a truly completive game is strict rules, both in game and out of game to make players and teams take responsibility for the for mentioned issues. To establish a place where ANYONE can join without feeling harassed, bullied, ridiculed, and to feel unwelcome. This needs to be done by either the game itself through established Mods, CM's or people appointed by the CM's. What this will accomplish is allow for a truly completive environment, cut down if not eliminate the constant toxic behavior by both players and teams, but also send a message to not only the community but to any other org/site/league that has legitimate interest but doesn't feel like this game is ready due to how the state is currently.

    Lastly, I wish people would not be fickle and stab others in backs. Some of us, like myself try to put my all into things. There is nothing more that I personally hate then trying to be there for people, supporting them, only for me to get once again a knife in my back. I wish you all the best, and like MMOShay said all those months ago, I might return if and when the comp scene figures itself out and stops being a cesspool of high schoolers and the drama that comes with it.

    Well first let me start off by telling you this really isn't the competitive part of the game. There is a discord for that and a few different leagues running a more comp scene. To answer your question however, There are 5 levels in each Division starting at Bronze and ending at Masters (With master being just one division). Each Subteir takes 100 points to advanced. IE if you are in Gold 2 it will take 100 points to get to Gold 1, and 100 points to get to Plat 5. This can be measured by what your current elo is and how far until the next 100 marker. IE if you are at 1230, then you need 70 points to move up.

    Hope that helps answer your question.

    Everything is stated in the post way back from the end of Tech Beta - https://ironsight.aeriagames.c…ical-beta-test-debriefing

    "All the players who participated in Ironsight testing since the Closed Beta (including Stress Test and Tech Beta Test) will get an exclusive dog tag title starting the Open Beta as a token of gratitude for joining our former test sessions!"

    This means that anyone that played during that time would get the dog tag.

    Chopper Can you clarify because I think Solaria is misreading this.

    Go re-read that post. Where does it say that you have to be a tester during both? It doesn't. It says that any user that participated in the tech test or the closed test are eligible for the dog tag. It has been like this since the first announcement of this reward.

    "all previous Beta Testers (Closed Beta and Tech Beta)" does not mean you have to be a tester for both. That is an inclusive statement meaning that any player who participated during that time is eligible. Not "all testers who participated during BOTH the closed beta and tech beta" as you are trying to say.

    I would defiantly double check yourself Catman, because the context is quite clear.

    I will repeat myself, it was stated multiple times that any user that participated in ANY of the previous beta's IE Tech Beta/Closed Beta would be given it. So is this another example of where we are told one thing and then its changed at the last moment like the "new" maps from Tech beta to open beta?

    Edit: Just reread that post and I am correct. It doesn't say that you had to be apart of both Closed and Tech to get it. It just says any player that was in either test was able to get it.

    Hey there guys!

    You only get this special Dog Tag if you participated in our Closed Beta, Stress Test and Tech Beta! You won’t get it if you didn’t participate in all of them. ;)

    This is incorrect. Everyone was told that if you participated in any of them you would get it. Please fact check this.

    Let me explain to you why no other game mode aside from SnD is viable for comp play. The Spawn point system. The spawn points in Capture Point and TDM don't work in a way that would make the game modes reliable for comp play. In TDM you have spawns of enemy players right behind your own spawn 5-7 secs after your own. Now while spawn protection has been changed to help counter this, in this High speed game that isn't enough. As for Secure point when your team had the point for a period of time you get all the spawn points next to the point making your return time faster than the enemy players. For the enemy this means retaking the point becomes almost impossible due to the long time it takes to get back to the spawn. For example, when the Point in in A tunnel on Titan, if you are in control of the point you will spawn literally on the ramp leading there. However, if you are not then you will spawn all the way on the other side of the map by B long, taking you a good 10-15 secs to run back, in that time with 2-3 people on the point the lead can get to large to overcome.

    Now I welcome you to try and tell me or show me how this is a good thing, but when it comes down to it, this spawn issue is why these modes can never really be comp ready.

    Its been a rush meta since closed beta. All these rules where voted upon by the comp community and implemented by the people for the people. If you want change suggest it and put it to a new vote in the discord.

    Hey man, this has already been discussed by the comp community and decied on. Here is the current list:

    Current Scrim Rules @ 2018-13-20

    Map pool : [ Cloud9, Dam, Island, Mart, Airport, Titan]

    .:Secondary Weapon Restrictions:.

    -No M320 GLM(NOOB TUBE)

    .:Attachment Restrictions:.

    -No Detector Sight

    .:Throwable Resrictions:.

    -Sticky Grenade

    -No Remote Bomb

    -No Spring Mine

    -No Claymore

    -No Explosive Knifes



    Neil Wildman Only (Customization ok)

    One Sniper per Team (Unless picked up)

    Emotes: 'Using the Emotes ingame as a mean to gain third person view advantage over the enemy is prohibited. The only moment a user may use these emotes is when every member of the opposite team is dead.

    Incendiary Grenades are limited to 2/team

    You can find these and the comp players/teams here:

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    You all can stop posting. We have a CLEAR winner. <3 :P

    You realize April Fools was yesterday.

    Next time check your grammar before you post ;)

    This wasn't meant as an april fools. First I wanted to rant but then it changed to this idea.

    Did you think about the possibility I'm not a native english speaker? ;)

    Ok so I'll be as nice as I can, how was this not supposed to be an April Fools Joke? Your title and way you speak in a third person perspective leads one to belive that it is. Doesn't sound like a rant, nor an idea post, so the question is, what was the point?