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    LMG's do a lot of damage to drones and reapers. SMG's do the least damage to them. I recommend just shooting it. If everyone on your team focuses their shots on it, the reaper dies very fast.

    One of my bugbears is that you need to grind to be female in this game. No default female characters is not OK.

    You've made some great points on the game.

    Just so everyone knows, The female characters have hit box issues, which needs to be fixed.

    Female skins only change the visual appearance of a character not the size of the hitbox. I've done testing with friends to confirm this. If you take a large character like Havoc or Victor Schneider, you can shoot parts of their arm/stomache/legs and bullets will not register because the character models are larger than the hitbox. Whereas if you shoot the air next to Kalli's stomache or arm, bullets will regiser because her character model is smaller than the hitbox model.

    I have more than enough money for any CoD game but I still wouldn't buy them. The new ones just don't have the gameplay feel like the old CoDs.

    Hypothetically would u or for modern warfare 4?

    How do I even answer this? Activision has not released much information about it. Could be a car racing RPG adventure game for all I know. If it has the gameplay as the old games then sure I would consider buying and playing it. At this point in time, I'd rather play Ironsight over BO4.

    and Im saying that call of duty games in general were known to be overpriced, quickly abandoned a year after for a new call of duty and so on.

    Im just stating facts here, sorry if it bothers you so much, being smug about it doesnt magically reinforces your point.

    But i would def pay for it because everythin is better than ironsight. If u had the money would u buy a cod game instead?

    I have more than enough money for any CoD game but I still wouldn't buy them. The new ones just don't have the gameplay feel like the old CoDs.

    First of all, to address "Living in the Shadow of well developed games." Its no secret that Ironsight is not a Triple A title to begin with. CoD has already built a good foundation for Ironsight to leverage off of so I don't see any reason why that's wrong for the developers to copy and recreate their own game based off of it. Many games are like this! I can easily say AVA and Black Squad are living in the shadows of big daddy Counter Strike.

    "hipfire meta," Like others mentioned before, Ironsight shouldn't be compared to CS because the gameplay is totally different. I have over 600 hrs in CSGO and got to DMG rank so I can at least can recognize the major differences in gameplay. Not as easy as comparing hipfire mechanics. Same can be said about new CoD games. Just because they both have ADS with weapons doesn't make the rest of the game comparable. You wanted character abilities and CoD gameplay like GITS right? Then go check out BO4 because it has both. Leave Ironsight for the rest of us to enjoy.

    "If the gameplay is always casual..." I never said or even want Ironsight to be totally casual. (I am a competitive player myself) What I am saying is that there is already a skill gap between pros and noobs. Judging from your profile I am assuming you are a great sniper yourself. My grandma can't pick up a DSR and run around and quickscope. It took me years to learn how to snipe and quick scope properly so you already know about the skill gap yourself. Its already harder in this game too because there is ADS time and hip sway.

    I've played that entire era of Call of Duty from CoD4 to BO2. I wanted to show how Irony_Sigh 's complaints about the game was nothing compared to MW2's broken mechanics, but people still loved that game. BO2 was definitely the most balanced CoD game in that era that's why I commend Ironsight for copying the the most polished CoD game of that generation (something we can both agree on i hope).

    Hipfire spread, grenades, and bullet types can be addressed in future patches. Nerfing them will not dramatically change the gameplay. What I am against is Irony_Sigh 's suggestions to completely overhaul the gameplay as a whole and turn it to his favourite childhood games of 1999.

    You mention that this game has a small skill gap between pros and noobs. That's true considering you came from very competitive games like CS. How will catering the gameplay to only benefit pros help bring massive players to the game? you can't deny that many gamers play for fun, not always for competition. If Ironsight was 100% competitive, casual players will come check this game out and quit soon after when they have a 0.1kda and 10% win rate in the first hour. Keeping the gameplay casual will help bring the game to the mass market.

    Even though there's a smaller skill gap, that doesn't mean a skill gap does not exist between noobs and pros. First of all, pros don't use the AR57 and rarely drop shot. 90% of Ironsight comp players use the Aug or Blaser because they are an all round better weapon than the AR57 in most situations. Dropshotting is not as strong as you think. People in the game aim for the chest because headshot multipliers are not great (CoD mechanic, rip on me all you want). So proning mid gun fight just sets up an easy headshot for your opponent. I notice most good players go for jumpshots while ADS (just like pro CoD players). Snipers are definitely strong but they will always lose out against a 1v2 scenario. Can say the same about CS and blacksquad when snipers zoom in instantly and have no sway.

    I believe this game is good BECAUSE of its CoD roots. Like I've said before, Ironsight has the same gameplay mechanics that made the older Call Of Duty games so successful. Unless Activision releases their next CoD game to be f2p, long term supported and based on BO2 mechanics, there is not a single game like Ironsight on the market. League of Legends is considered a "Dota Clone," but its more popular and successful than Dota.

    You clearly have not played any Call of Duty games if you think Ironsight's gameplay mechanics are so unplayable. Let's take Modern Warefare 2 for example. Quickscoping was popular. UMP45 smg kill people in 3 shots at any range. Dangerclose/1 man army allowed you to have infinite grenade launcher ammo. Drop shotting was everywhere. Chopper gunner killsteak was an OP version of hellbird. Model 1887 shotgun and Commando perk killed people across the map pre-nerf. Somehow with Ironsight's "poor gameplay" + these mechanics I mentioned, MW2 was still one of the most successful and widely celebrated cod games ever.

    Everyone has their own tastes.
    I don't want to sound mean but I honestly don't think Ironsight is a game for you or will ever become a game you will enjoy.

    Splitting up teams that are on discord is going to lead to toxic behaviour like ghosting and throwing. I don't think it's a great idea.

    Better just to force groups to wait until there are enough players available on the other team to have a balanced match.

    There's absolutely no reason to use discord unless you're playing SnD (really helpful for this mode). I like your idea, that's a good fix, but some people will say "nah I don't wanna wait even more to start a match".

    Some people are casual gamers and use discord to talk for fun not just for competitive advantage. I know some parties are insanely strong but keep in mind most people who play this game are casuals. Removing the party system would ruin the fun of playing on the same team as your friends. Its much easier to queue in a party than trying to invite all your friends at the beginning of every match if your suggestions are implemented. I say we make the party system even bigger. Increase party limit from 5 man to 6 man (or woman). If the player base was larger than none of this would be an issue. Make some friends in game, its fun to party up!

    Irony_Sigh I know who you are on reddit, and I remember you mentioned that you haven't touched the game since September. The changes you mention completely change the core idea of the run and gun gameplay the game is based on. Not everyone agrees with what you have said and I certainly will quit if your changes are implemented. I am an active player and hope for changes that improve the current existing infrastructure of the game such as netcode, bug fixes, etc. I don't vouch for changing the game entirely.