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    43 kills is not that hard. My max in tdm is 56 and max in secure point is 105. I have 700 hours and almost never see hackers. The netcode in this game is not great so it makes people look like they are shooting through walls or prefiring through corners.

    Edit: It is easy to call hacks on other people but maybe think about how you can improve to be a better player as well.

    Thank you for your service FireWarrior. You were one of the only CM's that supported the competitive community of Ironsight. I wish you the best in your future job.

    Welcome PAX and NEIL! I hope you guys can actively engage with the community and organize more community events whether it be competitive or not.

    YoungBlood and RobWolfB, I've been playing this game everyday for over 1.5 years, 600+ hours and rarely ever see hackers. Maybe 1 or 2 fishy players but you guys make it sound like people hack in this game everyday. Yes there are hackers but there are very very few of them. Maybe the players that beat you are actually just better than you? Have you ever thought of that?

    Party limit used to be 6 but all the lonely players with no friends complained about team balance so they reduced it to 3. Kind of silly has it hurts people trying out the game with their friends and other similar fps games have party sizes of 4-6

    If you guys use Nvidia graphics cards, you can just download Nvidia shadowplay which is free. It allows you to easily record the last couple minutes of gameplay by pressing Alt+F10. It only drops your frames by 1-2 fps because the video encoding is done on a hardware level.

    Your website looks very professional and interesting but if you say that stuff^, then goodluck convincing the 1.5k members of Ironsight Central to switch to your platform. IC has paid over 1000 euros in cash prizes, also uses MOSS, and has good rules.

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    Long time player here. I tried the riot shield, I didn't think it was OP. People will eventually get used to playing against it like any other new content. My main gripe about the update is the +90% sway to the Viper Scope. Yes Snipers are strong, but if you play literally any other FPS game, they have always been strong. That's what makes them fun to use. I understand the nerfs to the DSR and Blaser, but another +90% sway to the viper scope on top of the sniper nerfs makes it very unusable considering it is most popular attachment in competitive sniping. I know people can choose other attachments but purely targeting that single attachment with such a big nerf is very questionable. At this point in time I have moved on to other games. I may comeback when development progress for the Aeria/Gamigo versions match the pace of the Asian version.

    I play 1600 dpi, in game sens 1.5. It really depends on yourself. I know lots of comp players who use high sensitivity in this game. Low sens makes your aim more accurate but high sens allows you to react and flick faster.

    The most important thing is to disable mouse acceleration in your windows mouse settings. It will make your mouse movement more accurate in every PC game.

    In fairness to BlueDreamer, he's the one member of the team that I do see playing the game on a regular basis.

    (Others might play, but I don't see them)

    This is true, hes a pretty good player too. Mad respect to staff that actually play the game but leave decisions about comp rules to the comp community.

    Buke As soon as drones are an important feature in the game, I think it's natural to try to include them.
    Only saying "we don't want drones" will not help us, what we want here is to understand why the community don't want drones in ranked/competitive.

    This thread is the perfect opportunity to enlighten us on what you think about drones in competition, why they should be banned or restricted.

    I guess over a year's worth of feedback is not good enough?

    Here are some recent one threads:

    Custom Drone Rules for Tournaments

    Ranked?? Where??

    After following the forums and reddit for over a year and whenever competitive play is brought up, there is an overwhelming majority that agree with having NO drones in competitive SnD play. I am not going into further detail, there is enough comments explaining why.

    I honestly don't know how hard is it for the support team to understand that NO means NO. I want to be optimistic but frankly it seems like the devs and support team want to incorporate drones into competitive play but there is not a single staff that regularly plays this game, much less have any idea on the competitive FPS dynamics.

    Maybe drones can be incoporated in future competitive modes like Secure Point or TDM but Search and Destroy is the primary competitive mode of almost every FPS game. There has already been a standard set in place and if Ironsight wants to be taken serious by the competitive scene it must remove drones and set rules for competitve gameplay.

    Just a bug that doesn't show the reload animation


    I would agree if there was a break in the picture but I see other guys reloading with a "Clear Sight".

    Sometimes it shows reloading, sometimes it doesn't.

    It happens to me all the time. I would shoot some people and reload but at the endgame killcam, it would not show me reloading, just bullets automatically refilling. I don't know if you are new to this game but I can reassure you that this is a normal thing.

    Peep my title fam. Tbh I know I will get hate but I kind of like it as it is. Makes getting golden secondaries rewarding and exclusive.

    "I know I will get hate" ahahah bro you are just stupid asf if you waste your time to get "gold weapons" that you will also need to pay to "buy"; using same GP you could buy boxes and them could give you oranges' weapons, giving also you the possibility to unlock the ones in collection, OMEGALOL

    "Rewarding and exclusives" ahahahaha I can't stop laughing at you.

    Well you have your own preference. Some want to grind it out while others just want to pay for things. I just got it because it was a fun challenge to do. Everyone on this forum is wasting their time playing video games. You wouldn't be commenting here otherwise. Nothing wrong with having some fun in a game regardless if its dead or not.

    No offense to Deadpool but this is a known issue introduced in the last update patch. It even says in the patch notes. Try using the Spas12 or grenade launcher which are 1 shot weapons. Its significantly more noticeable. And make sure you are shooting WHILE sprinting. Before the bug, you would immediately come out of sprint and fire the shot. Now the bug makes you come out of sprint but no shots fire.

    Some of the achievments are also insane as **** every weapon requires 1700 kills for tier 5 emblem - this takes me on average 6-8 hoursh with every weapon.


    just like utility - seriously insane theres no balancing regarding achievements

    You are right, it's ridiculus to make 1820 kills with mgl320 for example, same amount of ak47 LOL

    Peep my title fam. Tbh I know I will get hate but I kind of like it as it is. Makes getting golden secondaries rewarding and exclusive.

    I agree with the bullet types but in fact I think they are adding more. The Asian version has like 4 now.

    I agree with the smokes + detecting sight too, kind of kills the reason why smokes are used in the first place. Comp tournies in the past usually have rules about no detecting sights which makes it better.

    I genuinely don't think any of the devs/support team really play this game much less understand competitive FPS mechanics.

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    Called roughing up the new players and taking on a challenge. Everyone's been through this starting out. You will experience it less if you have your own party or play at peak hours when the player count is higher with more diverse players.

    poveracaf I don't know who hurt you in the past but It's hard for anyone to take your points seriously when you call everyone who disagrees with you a retard.

    On the issue of hackers: I've played this game for about a year and yes I am a sweaty tryhard. I have never seen a single hacker in the 400+ hours I've played ironsight. Getting killed through a wall is %100 netcode. Getting prefired around the corner is when they hear your footsteps/prone sound. These frustrating mechanics happen to me all the time as well. It's not easy to make a hack and I don't think many are willing to make one for this game with such a low player base.

    On the issue of parties: Yes parties can make the game very one-sided. Like OhEmGee has said, games are also social activities. You might like to play alone but many people like to play with their friends as well. Meeting new people and partying with my friends is one of the only reasons I play ironsight. No one comes into a new game and thinks they are the best player. At first, I lost many games to partied players but here I am still happily playing. Like joining a club or learning a sport, you will always fail and get frustrated but getting improving yourself and growing with friends is part of the fun.

    On the issue of tryhards: You give a lot of hate on tryhards and saying the game should be about fun, not about winning or losing. Yet on another forum post, you are trying to give tips for the competitive scene. HQ Note: Community Tournaments

    So are players suppose to win or have fun?

    Hey Director, thanks for communicating with the competitive members of the ironsight community.

    Tournaments are great and all but is there anyway we can improve the player base in the ironsight ranked game mode? I understand you want us to self-organize but the competitive scene is small and most players are casual. Improving the ranked game mode to a decent state will encourage people to play more competitively and increase the desire to self-host tournaments.

    I want to be honest. The ranked mode release was very lackluster. Many big name ironsight comp players from last year came back to try it out and EVERYONE was upset with the lack of improvements since before the update. The dev team removed the ranked mode for a couple months but the only improvement was the addition of parties. They increased player count from 5v5 to 6v6 which needs more people to start a game and goes against comp team layout of 5v5. They also removed a feature to show how many people are in ranked queue. ie: "6/10 in queue". Lastly one of the biggest gripes about ranked mode is killstreaks. It was probably the biggest complaint about ironsight ranked game mode and they never got removed. Like in any competitive game, a human's pure skill should determine who wins and who loses. Killstreaks add too much of an RNG and "easymode" factor in comp games. Removing them will keep the game consistent with other FPS comp shooters like R6, CSGO and CoD (there are other differences obviously).

    It is hard to motivate the small competitive scene to host ironsight tournaments when the Devs do not listen to the community suggestions, especially those that aim to help with ironsight's competitive ranked game mode.

    I have 165 hz monitor If I use 60-75 hz monitor I dont have fps drops too.Even Pubg more stable than this game atm.Btw I love this game and just want it to get better.So good luck with your 1060 3gb mate :)

    I have a 244 HZ monitor I don't think the refresh rate would be a problem either, I think your graphics card may need cleaning if you think that is what the problem is xD.

    I am a sweat with over 400 hours in the game and also experience FPS drops in the game, its gotten worse with the last update that improved graphics. I fully support improving graphics but my main complaint is the devs are not optimization gpu performance and putting most of the load on the cpu. For example I have a i5-9600k overclocked at 5Ghz and a GTX 970 4Gb. In ironsight, my CPU runs at 80% usage while my GPU only uses 60%. In a well optimized game, the GPU should always be at 100% usage. Open any other new big title game and compare for yourself. Because of the poor optimization, my framerates are very inconsistent. Some parts of the map will be at 200fps while sometimes it will go down to 100fps and no increased usage on my gpu. Very noticeable as Im playing on a 144hz 1080p monitor.

    It is the year 3019. The world is overrun by Old Man Helix and his army of Sentinel robots. The human race has been fighting the onslaught of robotic invaders for over a decade. We know that it is a war we cannot win but this cause is worth dying for. After all, the Earth is our home the last thing we have left. The final stronghold for the human race lies in Vienna, the heart of Europe. We are currently are holding off an attack on the Vienna Ring Road or as they call it, ‘Ringstrasse.’ Over the river is Helix and his robot army. I see enemy transport ships dropping another shipment of Metal Reapers while hearing the sounds of gunfire overhead.

    By my side is the love of my life, Princess Solaria. I’ve always admired her since she left her comfortable royal life to join the fight against the invaders. We met in Operation Tsumani when the sentinels overtook Britain and our team were trying to hold off the rest of the European invasion. We were by the waterfront fort in Amsterdam and the moment I saw her, I was immediately mesmerized by her beauty. She was scoping in on enemy troops with her DSR-1 Overlab and her bright blonde hair was flowing gracefully behind her, evidence of her royal bloodline. She’s a fierce fighter that knows how to handle a sniper, making every shot count and never takin more than 1 bullet to kill an enemy. The other women in my life like Sarah and Valery were tough, but none were as strong as Solaria. I knew she was endgame material but we will never be together before the war is over. Vienna is our last mission.



    I quickly duck down into the trench to avoid the raining bullets. The princess
    holds her ground.

    “Don’t worry Neil. I got this,” Solaria says before scoping in on the
    hellbird and firing a shot.



    When I over the trenches, I see flames rising over a crashed hellbird. It’s a
    small victory over the impending doom that’s quickly approaching. The Sentinels
    are edging closer to our position. I zoom into my ACOG scope and drop more
    enemies with the SCAR-H. As I reload my gun, I see my teammates falling over
    like dominoes and I hear,


    Blood splattered on the side of my gun. I look over to see a rookie fall next
    to me. His nametag reads, “Corporal Flloyd.” You served the human race well my
    friend. After years in the fight I’ve been desensitized to scenes like this.

    Solaria says “Leave him, it’s no use to save him now!”

    Metal Reapers just crossed the shallow river and enemy bomber drones are now flying
    above us.

    “We need to retreat!” I yell as I grab the Princess’s hand.

    We sprint back to through the deep trenches. As the thick European mud made our feet sink into the ground, we almost trip over the path of
    dead bodies.


    Next thing I know, I’m laying on my back and my whole body aches with pain. I roll
    my head to the side and see Princess Solaria is coughing up blood. Her blonde
    hair, now mixed with sweat, blood and tears, is covering part of her still beautiful


    This is the first time I’ve seen her cry.

    She closes her eyes and say, “I don’t want to die. I don’t like this. It’s over.”

    As the red lightning beam of the Zeus edges towards us, I pull her closer, look
    into her bright green eyes and say, “Look at me! Nothing else matters, only us.”

    Ingame name: IAMAFETUS

    Blue weapon: Famas