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    Hey k4far,

    We're always listening to the community as much as possible, and actually take your feedback into consideration when prioritizing our next steps (our community survey is a good example of this approach, but we also check individual pieces of feedback).

    That being said, I suggest you to try to be a little bit more understanding in the future. I believe you are overestimating our resources.

    You assume a lot of things which aren't always true, and refuse the explanations you're given when we patiently try and explain, which isn't really what I would call a productive discussion. Constructive feedback is always welcome, but players proposing only negative (and borderline insulting) comments and posing as victims when they get moderated waste the time of our community managers for little to no benefit.

    I'm closing the topic, I'm sure you won't mind since you're already gone, I wish you all the best on your next game / in your next community :)


    Hey all,

    Actually guys, we just didn't get the rights to publish in Asia yet! We're trying though, we really believe a worldwide release would be best.

    As Charly mentioned several times, we finally got the rights for Latin America a few weeks ago, so why not Asia in the future? We'll keep you posted :)

    The laws have nothing to do with it, if the time comes and we have to adapt, we'll adapt.



    Thanks for the feedback.

    Indeed, the 30-days limit is an in-game system we have no impact on, but we're currently updating the packs' descriptions to make sure everyone knows what they are purchasing. We are also exploring options which could allow us to extend the items duration in the meanwhile, even though, again, it will be up to the devs.


    Hey guys,

    Sorry for the slowpoke.

    I contacted both Nvidia & AMD a couple months ago to try and get an integration with their platforms and optimization.

    No reply from either for now, but as you were saying, they seem to prefer live games, so wait and see :)

    Thanks for your detailed feedback everyone, this is really interesting and useful stuff for us!

    As you can probably understand, we're not making any promises for now, especially since most of your ideas would require heavy changes to the game systems.

    That being said, we will definitely investigate the feasibility of some of them with Wiple Games, and see what would make the most sense from there ;)

    Keep the feedback coming! :thumbup: