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    Next content patch? Next bugfix patch? Steam? Is there anybody out there?

    We got an update for RU version 2 days ago with that shield weapon, 1 vs 1 mode, bullets and one more 'new' map from Korean version but there is no a second season pass. They have added some 'achievements' feature doing it you can get 2 nice looking python Retro skins. I am not sure how to describe it correctly...

    Honestly i am kinda surprised that we got it first. You should be getting it soon as well.

    Hmm so they have posted a news where they revealed what exactly a shield is...


    Type: Primary Weapon

    Attack: Shield Attack / Pistol

    You can read a full update at its steam page. If you have trouble finding it just add this text after Steam store domain.


    (not sure if it is allowed to post a full link here)

    Any clue what the 'shield' thing teased in the HQ report might be?

    I remember i have seen something like shield in some very old video about the game and found it in my YT history.

    with timecode starting from 69 second.

    P.S. video is dated 2015.

    P.S.S. not sure how it is usable actually...

    We had same issue at our version several weeks ago... so you may ask dev team what they have done in order to fix it... as far as i understand it was related to drone stat and set ups reset for certain player(s) in a rooms so a match could not be started because of that...


    Wipple will launch a separated version for Asians (like they did on RU), but this time, they'll be the publishers. It'll be on steam in june I guess

    Hmm, so i wonder what is a real reason to NOT publish this version to Steam?...

    seems like weapons cost more to repair and you get less gp from matches. Can someone confirm to me if thats true?

    So they copy-pasted this one as well from other publisher version... I guess you will realize soon what other publisher did to this game for last months...

    It is sad that players have no controls what they are doing at all.

    as they're completely separate from each other

    After this patch it is very similar. They did all those weapon tweaks several months ago for our version... Many of us did not like it but they do not listen our feedback... ARX160 is just too good now most of players here use this weapon, MSBS 556B was good at longer distances and it is not anymore and basically it is useless.

    Just wondering where the idea to nerf all the rifles came from

    Say thanks to Russian publisher, they are killing thing game by all those changes.



    • Range increased from 43 to 47
    • Recoil control increased from 57 to 63

    Worst decision ever, say goodbye to weapon balance with that recoil control...

    Let me guess... they also removed set drones per each weapon preset feature?

    kill trading is still an issue

    Kill trading is a thing that your publisher wants... In RU+CIS version it was removed since CBT. Overall that version has much more bugs and lags but they have completely removed kill trades similar to first video in first message. They only kill trade is still here is knife + primary weapon.

    Well , that is not HQ report... There is nothing new at all. If you would want to post a real HQ report you bring any of developers himself to answer those questions. Also why there are no any pictures or videos from HeadQuarters showing that somebody is actually working on this game?

    going on Steam and releasing the game.

    Will it be a region restricted version i guess?

    Any coming balance fixes pointed here? Yeah, nice team balance btw.

    Any fighting cheaters announcements? Like many other games do posting what they actually do to stop cheaters.

    P.S. i think developers are busy working on other publisher version now so any fixes are postponed?

    P.S.S. If network code is taking to much time so just postpone it, fix (replays per example), add (weapons, drones, maps), improve (balance, anti-cheat) other stuff and move to Steam, make money, hire more staff to finally fix network code.

    added later:


    Therefore, we will temporarily remove the system next week.

    So next week there will be a new patch? Will it include geo block? I wonder because other publisher has not announced anything yet and we (players) just do not want to lose an access to this game until other version is published...

    Yes we have no problem playing at your leased servers nowadays but there was an attempt to block google services but it was unblocked

    shortly after that, of course every ISP has their own setup so some people may need to change their dns setting or even use vpn to have

    an access but it will works after all.

    My question are:

    There are many RU and CIS players here 100lvl+, 100hrs+, paid ones. Will you try keep us at your servers? Will you try to contend with other


    Honestly i do not know what to do now... should i continue play at your servers... or someday you will set a geo block for us?

    I doubt our account will be fully transferred with all weapons, skins, achievements, items we got from random boxes.

    I just read that there will be a separate 'Russia and CIS' version published by other company so i have questions.

    1 Could Russian and CIS players still be playing this version after the other one is released?

    2 Will you offer an option to transfer accounts?

    3 Any official announcement regarding that situation?

    P.S. I think it is not a positive news .... no matter what there will be less players at Europe servers if they start their own one and developers will be super busy working for two different versions instead of improving game play...

    I think Storm Shield would be much more useful if it also blocks enemy pass.

    I also think you may want to increase its coverage area because per example when i use firefly it kills an enemy behind Storm Shield and you can throw a grenade over it etc

    1 You know sometimes Laws doesn't work and it just point HB by a laser but do no damage and no effect thus just spoil itself and gets easily destroyed by HB (i have seen that behavior at people steams as well but there is a chance that they have some setting disabled...)

    2 Laws self explodes when you are taken down while installing it unlike most of other drones.

    3 Sometimes HB kills through a spawn protection before you can even start moving (i leave a match when it happens 2 times in a row because it is unfair).

    So it gets very annoying when enemy team uses 2 hellbirds in a row and my LawS is lost when i was installing it so i have no choice but leave those matches because there nothing i can do anymore.

    Suggestion is: set a delay between ability to use second HB just after a first one, like 30-60 second.

    Since more and more players figure out that Blade Drone could be easily used as 'a grenade launcher' inside buildings and new added map is just perfect for that.

    There is no way to counter that use so i suggest to change Blade Drone behavior and disable an ability for Blade Drone to be launched inside buildings.

    certain people glitch below it and kill you from below the map.

    I have tried to bring their attention to exactly same situation.

    Is it a h@ck or a map glitch?

    My video includes even roof part when they glitch on top roof of that map.

    I week later i have finally received a response from support team Ticket ID #713188 :


    We will investigate this matter and take the necessary intervention. From the video, we are unfortunately not able to tell if it's a hack or a glitch exploit. Therefore, the video has been sent to the EasyAntiCheat team.

    But I just record those guys with Nvidia Shadow Play and will bundle it in a video and send it to the support

    Yes please do it, more videos should help them to find the way they do it and finally fix it because i have seen like two months ago for a first time...

    I have a video this time but it has low quality and external music so i set volume very low.

    Lets see it is not a lag because lags looks different so what is it? This is not a first time (not even second one) i see somebody gets on those roofs

    so i would like to know is there a map lag/trick/glitch allowing to do those kind of stuff or it is h@ck? What do you think?


    P.S. please do not delete a link until somebody confirm anything.

    No, that did not solve the problem either

    It is not you fault at all. Their any-spam protection marks you as a spam bot... I am as a webmaster never use any third party software to protect my sites because i have no full control over it and mostly it is useless. I actually do not know what you need to do ... I think they need to address this issue to webmaster(s) in order to disable that protection.

    Such things are indeed not allowed.

    But please keep in mind that the support can’t tell you anything regarding the actions that have been taken against said clan.

    I do not understand if it is not allowed why i still see that clan in matches? That is why i posted it here... My ticket was Ticket ID #704337 answered with bla-bla 6 days ago


    We will investigate this matter and take the necessary intervention.

    But no action was taken. Where should i report it?

    I see a lot of toxicity in this game but sometimes it is too much.

    I have sent a support ticket but ... they just do not care they answered they will take a look at that like 6 days ago.

    And since 'support' team does not care i would like to post it public.

    Do you guys think should stuff like this be allowed in this game and why?

    This is just example and there are much more, i personally would like to keep this clean so what should we do?

    Per example heard Hellbird is started, set LawS but it went after some UAV drone and as a result Hellbird destroyed my LawS. It just sucks when you keep your LawS for Hellbird but it just doesn't help you out. I usually leave matches when it happens.

    Situation: joined in a middle of a match, heard enemy blade drone is launched, next moment you are down and rage quit because you had no choices to survive.

    Since when you join a map for a first time it take some time to load your character body and you cannot immediately run per example.

    Situation 2: I remember my teammate performed 2 penta kills in a row using Hellbird at Dam map because whole enemy team was re-spawned at same wide open place a few times.

    There are a lot hackers, lag abusers whatever you call them and i would like to add them into a block list so i would stay away from being playing against or with them. Just do not place me into same rooms and ongoing matches with persons in my block list.

    That would save me hours because i leave those matches anyway.

    Since there is no censorship for Cyrillic (Russian) language so some people have no problems insulting and attacking other players using any words they want. I understand Russian language and understand what they post in a common chat... it looks disgusting.

    I suggest to block Cyrillic characters support until/if...

    Proof screenshots could be provided by request...

    It is most annoying part of this game for after network code when player do nothing but jumping and shooting.

    Suggestions are:

    1 Much less accuracy when jumping and shooting at same time.

    2 Jumping should take some stamina.

    There will always be balancing coming to the game. Our developers are taking player opinion as well as statistics of weapons to balance weapons.

    I would like to know what exactly caused recent MP5, Vector and p90 an increase of rate of fire? I have not seen somebody has asked for that and those weapons were pretty popular before...For me it causes even more lags.

    Rest assured! We don't plan to wipe the data or even to start a new 'server' from scratch. Therefore you'll keep whatever weapons/skins/items/rewards you are currently gathering!

    Honestly i think there should be a wipe. Since open beta runs for long time so many players will complete or already have completed many achievements and unlocked every weapons along with attachments. Basically some players may be lacking of motivation to play any further.

    If somebody has spend any amount of AR you just put total spent amount back to their balances.

    I read in neighbor thread that there is a Korean version of this game... Quick search brought me to an YT video dated 2017 year where i saw 2 maps that we do not have in this version and other video showed me one more female character (that one you can find at some posters). So i have obvious questions...

    1 Is Korean version complete? I mean out of beta status?

    2 Does Korean version version suffer of network code issues like we do?

    3 Is all 'new' content is just copy-paste from Korean version? Per example i thought they have spent a lot of time creating latest 'new' maps but it seems like it was just taken from Korean version...That is why i would like to know if they actually working on improving and expanding this game these days or just making money from other players pockets pretending they provide a new content...