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    Good afternoon everyone, I already wanted to play a match with a friend, but he was in the second round of the match? What if I had to enter this game directly?

    An accompaniment button would be very useful.

    Allowed weapons selection for custom games

    Ex: only pistols, only throwing knives, etc ...

    And last but not least, an integration with the nvidia Shadowplay would be good.

    The South America server is completely bugged. We have a huge delay in the lobby, an example is almost impossible to change a scope in the gun without having to wait 5 minutes for the inventory to update. But I think that the biggest problem is that it is impossible to play in a group, the groups are not working correctly, sometimes only one player goes into a game, that's when the group does not break up.

    We do not have a technical support in Portuguese PT-BR, much less a moderator, I feel that there is a disregard for us.

    Here in Brazil many players do not have a basic English, and it is very difficult for them to get support.

    I follow daily the Discord of the game, and I see that the moderators of the events in the other servers, except SA, are forgotten, which annoys me a lot.

    I'm really enjoying this game, but it needs a bigger attention, the game has a lot of potential, a long time ago I was not so excited about an FPS that way.

    Wanted to leave an honorable mention here, update the Aeria site, the site is very old, there is information in it that does not even exist nowadays, such as ICQ and MSN, it seems like a time machine