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    A) they are doing the best they can with a small team.

    B) might be right but won’t give you the point to this one

    C) how is it unprofessional to not speak English when they have no intention/desire to contact the player base? And I can see several mess ups on your end as well.

    I've just unlocked the compensator for the SG553 and would like to add that to the list of omg-really? guns after the AR-57. It's a strong AR to start with, nice damage and controllable RoF but adding that compensator turns it into a laser! 8|

    I love it so much that I bought the Tiger version while my rental was still running - I simply couldn't wait any longer :D

    Glad to see a happy AR user <3

    So I start a match on titan, thinking “ok this’ll be easy for me” I go A long (far right tunnel) and I get disconnected. This has been happening a lot for me, and it’s not my internet. Any solution? And yes it is not my internet as I've called them and they've said there's nothing wrong on my end. I have re-installed the game already. I am from NA and play NA now, so that should clear any typical ''solutions''

    Most maps were in the KR version and they are SLOWLY being ported to our version. We still have yet to get the following maps: Jungle, City, and cruise ship (art can be found in A side c9 map, in lobby area)

    Thank you <3

    And to add to your “timing”, this “soon” BS is getting tiring. There is no COMMUNICATION between the CMs and PMs and the devs. We NEED an ETA on these updates. Saying that they are working on it is NOT COMMUNICATION. We need an actual time table on what is going to happen and when.

    Now to add onto the netcode thing, I’ve not had any issues at all where I live aside from high ping which can/will be expected. To give a little more context I live in a tiny town in western Tennessee with no major companies to provide internet. So when people say “boohoo netcode sucks” I (no joke) laugh out loud because they usually have better internet than I do. Say what you will.

    Finally! The last update we got IS NOT WHAT THE PLAYER BASE WANTED OR NEEDED. We don’t need more skins or a map that has terrible layouts. We need an actual set of updates that helps us experience the game better not skins that literally has no affect on our gameplay. The dev team needs to listen to us and take a few steps in our shoes for a change.

    I completely agree, that way one sniper can't ace a whole team by themselves.

    I'm debating over the AUG or AK47, I've gotten used to the AK47 but I've heard soooo many good things about the AUG. Change my mind.

    I've recently gotten into the AK47, amazing gun, although I think the AUG might be a tad better, but anyway. What attachments are AK47 users running?

    Well, there was one person who datamined A LOT of info for the game and she suggested that there's going to be several new maps. The ones I've seen the Koreans play is Ironworks, Jungle, city map. So let's hope we get maps with LESS corners to guard and peek CONSTANTLY. I can do more research later on today to see if I can find more maps that the Koreans had.

    I was drawn to this game bcs of the hip fire acc and kill trading. But as I see it on forum, lots of people want them gone.

    It's a problem when hipfiring is your best bet at medium range. At close range I am completly fine with being killed at close range with someone not ADSing but it gets infuriating getting killed over and over at medium range with hipfiring hippies. It's more so that it's causing the meta to become centralized around SMGS

    I call it ''hipster firing'' Because it's ''cool''. Now onto the problem at hand. The reason people hipster fire (this is all my opinion obv.) is because there's no skill in it and it requires little brain power. Now, I will ONLY hip fire if it's too close to ADS; 10 meters or closer. The reason I think people run SMG loadouts is because - and this is my logic; it's, in this case the AR57 26 damage WITH 91 RoF meaning you ''take care'' of your target quicker than any AR could at close range. I find it rather lazy to think that SMGs are better at range. People use the AR57 because they see other people using it and think: ''Oh wow this is really good, I'll buy when I get 20k GP!'' The AR57 users to me are sheep.

    Well, until they release Secure point in ranked (which would be AWESOME to me) there's only SnD ranked. So that aside - I run for both TDM and SnD, Silencer, and quick shot sight, frag, flash. For drones, I run blade, striker, escort. Reason I don't run hellbird is you have to try and find a safe place to lay down (in my case usually) to use it. Now for perks, I use quick reload (which let's be honest SG553 reload should be a lot quicker) marathon and long ears. I do not run offense drones in SnD however, I use, spy drone, jammer, and UAV recon.

    Like I tell people who try to defend it, play the P90. People only use the AR57 because streamers are using it and are really good without taking into account the streamers previous experience with FPSs. It's an easy gun to get good at with 0 skill required. IT's really not that good but it should receive a HUGE nerf to accuracy and nerf to RoF.

    More likely, The devs work slow I'm guessing so who really knows that COULD and CAN tell us. Everyone I've spoken to knows NOTHING about the update -- Which doesn't surprise me since no one here but us players bothers asking questions that relates to anything relevant. I'm still going to play the game however, a simple update of I"m guessing a few GBs that got postponed won't stop me from playing a wonderful shooter. It's just bad that no one will communicate with the devs to ask them how much longer the fan base will wait, because I'm getting a little tired of waiting for what could be a HUGE update that would allow us for more content, whether it be survival mode (which the KR version had) or updated sound files (HINT HINT wiple) Or whatever it could hold for us. I don't speak for everyone but I know I'm not the only one thinking/saying this.

    SA58 at tier A, yet it's better than the scar? Well, I'm glad this is YOUR opinion. I find the scar to be tier A and the SA58 tier S, since the scar is worse in stats than the SA58. 2 damage different, worse range and recoil. And yes I can tell the difference.

    So the game from KR and from here could be a bit different about the content and the meta?

    Well yeah, They didn't think the AR57 was all that good, and they were less picky on what gun they used too. If you look at Youtube, there's all kinds of KR IS videos to watch, that's how I know we are getting a jungle map, a city and more!

    Quick swap to not animation cancel. Switching to a pistol/shotgun is okay but switch as you're reloading to cancel the reload is not the intention of quick swap, yes it may be done but that's not what the DEVs have in mind for quick swap. A bug is not a mechanic, but something that will be reported to the mods/CMs/PMs so they can send that to Wiple Games. Have a nice night.

    IS there any fix to this? It usually happens when I'm in certain maps: Outpost, ocean front. Any way I can fix this myself or is this game related? Also Is there going to be more optimizations for the game?