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    hey guys want to join a clan that will be no.1 in the future ? want to have new friends and playing againest each other and together ? don't think too much and join my clan and have an amount of community and don't forget we are EgyptWarriors the best clan in the game (in the future) i hope so :love::love:


    1. this clan from level 10 and above

    2. no bad languages

    3. We welcome anyone from anywhere in the world ((even from another planet)) iam just kidding :P:P

    4. We want Warriors

    5. if you have any questions feel free

    with regards:Adham_Hammam2018 :):)

    i loved that ideas specially (instagib mode,reaper resource battles and hide the c4 mode)

    but i want to ask if all of that has been agreed by most of people they all will be added on the next update ? or you just take the most one that has been voted and add it in the game ?

    thank you for your ideas

    with regards: Adham_Hammam:):)

    i will say if this game will be in the near future on ps4 and xbox one and console it will be better than any fps games ever and better than battlefield and call of duty

    with regards : Adham Hammam:):)

    first question can you add a new server in Africa ? because i'm from Egypt and like to play with perfect ping

    the second is what about adding a battle Royale mode in the game ?

    with regards: Adham_Hammam :):)