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    I’d like to inform you that I will no longer be part of the Ironsight Community Management Team. This is by no means goodbye to Aeria Games/gamigo, as I will proceed to other titles. Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude for your warm welcome when I joined the ranks, and most of all, for the great time I had as a CM for Ironsight, something that would not have been possible without our great community.

    Let’s give a warm welcome to FullMetal, your newest Community Manager; rest assured you’re in capable hands.

    Hope to see you on the battlefield, but this time, as a casual player under the usual call-sign.

    Stay frosty, Mercenaries. It was an honor.



    The first week of the Ironsight Gunslinger Tournament has come and gone, and after several intense battles, here are the results:


    The four best teams of the tournament were found, with two running for the ultimate glory, while other two looking for the last spotlight among the Ironsight EU best teams.

    Round 3 will be played at the following times:

    Round 3:
    Saturday, August 17
    Third Place Match: 8PM CEST
    Final: 9PM CEST

    The games of Round 3 will be streamed on our Twitch channel, so be sure to follow our channel to not miss the beginning!

    Get ready for the most intense battle, Gunslingers!



    The Forum Signature Event is back and we are going to put your creativity up to test once more.
    This is the beginning of a series of forum signature events, as we will dedicate one event to each of our Community Managers. For the time being, CM Bodhisattva is the lucky one, so make him proud!


    This event will feature the task to create a forum signature for the CM Bodhisattva. The name and his profile picture should give you an idea. Please follow the template below:

    Your submission must follow this template:

    • Callsign (in-game name):
    • Submission:
    • Link to submission:


    The event begins on Thursday, August 1st, at 2PM CEST and ends on Thursday, August 15th, at 11:59PM CEST.

    The winner will be announced and the rewards will be sent out after the team has finished voting.


    The best submission will be used by CM Bodhisattva, and the winner will receive a Special (Orange) Weapon of choice and 50 CHIPs. Every serious participant will receive 20 Chips + 1 Charm Slot Ticket.


    • Submit your participation here.
    • Only one submission per participant and per Callsign.
    • Do NOT use copyrighted images.
    • Do not submit anything inappropriate!
    • We reserve the right to disqualify any submission that may constitute a breach of our rules of this contest or our Terms of Service.
    • Every submission to this contest can and will be used by Aeria Games, Wiple Games and/or gamigo for promotional purposes.
    • Any other reply to the submission forum thread that doesn't match the topic will be deleted.
    • The winner will be decided by the Community Managers.



    Applications are now open for the Ironsight Gunslinger Tournament! From today until Tuesday, August 6, 11:59PM CEST, all team captains will be able to submit their entry via the Application Form.

    Click here for the Application Form!

    Please fill out everything as only complete applications will be considered. On August 7, we will review all applications. Then, on August 8, we will announce the tournament bracket.

    On Game Day 1, August 9, games will start at the following times:

    • Game 1: 8 PM
    • Game 2: 9 PM
    • Game 3: 10 PM
    • Game 4: 11 PM (all times CEST)

    On Game Day 2, August 10, games will start at:

    • Game 1: 8 PM
    • Game 2: 9 PM (all times CEST)

    As a team captain, you will be responsible for ensuring that your team shows up on our Discord in the #organization room of the Gunslinger Tournament category on each Game Day. You may appoint a co-captain in the Application Form to assist you. The team must be assembled there at least 15 minutes before the game begins. The language to be used on our Discord is English.

    Each team member will also be responsible for making sure that there are no technical issues on their side that could hinder the progression of the tournament.

    Haven't found a team yet? Join our Discord and look for other players in the #PUGunslingers room!

    Need a reminder of what you can win? Here are the prizes:

    • 1st Place: 1 Angry Monkey skin of choice + 200 CHIPS + Ironsight T-Shirt + 40,000 GP + an additional surprise!
    • 2nd Place: 1 Angry Monkey skin of choice + 150 CHIPS + Ironsight T-Shirt + 40,000 GP
    • 3rd Place: 1 Angry Monkey skin of choice + 100 CHIPS + Ironsight T-Shirt + 40,000 GP
    • Each team that didn't make the Top 3: 40,000 GP

    That's it for now. In the next few days, we will be talking about rules and code of conduct, so stay tuned!



    Ready for another report? Good!

    This month we’ll take look at a couple feedback threads, talk about the team and address a few other topics.

    Grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive right in.

    Let’s begin with a few issues where your feedback is needed.

    First, in my last HQ Report, I asked for your opinions on our recently opened Game and Web Shops. Since we did not receive a lot of responses, we’re once again asking that you make your voices be heard by completing our short questionnaire which is available here.

    Tell us what you'd like to see again, see more of or see never again. Keep mind that we plan things ahead of time and need to carefully consider your feedback and various thoughts on the matter. For these reasons, changes will occur incrementally over time. But I want to let you know that improvements in this area are one of the hot topics amongst our team.

    Second, I’ve seen your feedback on Ranked and Drones here.

    It appears that most of you are against having drones. This is being considered but I like thinking non-binary! So, let's not take it as "all drones" vs "no drones" and think what can be the “middle ground”.

    Drones can add a lot of strategy in the mix. Why are they unwanted? Is it because they aren't "shooting"? Are some too powerful? In this topic I mostly focused on alternative tournament rules, but we can also discuss other things: Would it help to restrict the count of drones per team? Would it help to draft drones by taking turns similar to MOBAs? What else can be done? I'm very curious to hear interesting ideas from the community in order to find a compromise.

    The next major point on my agenda are the changes in the team. We recently introduced FireWarrior and Selene to the Ironsight community. They've been working really hard behind the scenes - FireWarrior for quite a while actually! Another change was CM Splashy becoming a Game Specialist as part of my secret retinue, along with Flloyd.

    Then there is the ultimate topic: What are the next steps for Ironsight? Are we going on Steam? When's the next patch coming? What's in the patch?

    For those questions, I’m asking you to wait just a bit longer. We are working on some things at the moment and soon we'll have more to show. That said, you may see some new features being teased for the Asian version. I ask that you take these with a “pinch of salt” as there are differences between the game across regions.

    Last but not least, I want to talk about esports. There are multiple facets to esports.

    • HQ Tournaments: We’ve finally started with these! We are starting rather small so we can iron out all the kinks and monitor your interest. It’s our hope these tournaments will grow in time. Do expect tournaments of different sizes, with different rules and in different regions!
    • Community Tournaments: These are already happening. We would like to support these tournaments and we will talk about this in more detail in the future.
    • Professional Tournaments: We have some cool thoughts on this - again, more details will be forthcoming in time.
    • Ranked Mode: Obviously, this is a very important piece of the puzzle and we'll be improving all parts of it in due time.
    • Custom Mode: We will be adding more options in the future.

    Please be assured we listen to all your feedback but change will happen gradually. Once again, we ask your patience and understanding.

    That'll be all from us this time. Please continue sharing your opinions and enjoy the game!

    PS: I'd suggest checking your emails if you are subscribed to our newsletters - we have a small gift for you!



    Today, we proudly announce Ironsight's first in-house tournament: The Gunslinger Tournament!

    This tournament is being organized by us, the Game Team, for you, the Community. So polish your rifles, adjust your scopes and get ready for some of the most intense action you've seen so far!

    TL;DR already? Okay, let's get the most important things out of the way - here are the basic rules:

    • No drones!
    • Only 1 sniper per team!
    • Server: EU
    • Game mode: Search and Destroy
    • Teams: 8
    • Players per team: 5 (+1 stand-in)
    • Format: Best of 3 (BO3), Best of 5 (BO5) for the finals

    Each team will also be joined by one person from the Game Team in Spectator Mode to serve as referee and/or streamer.


    • Friday, August 9, 8PM CEST - First 4 Games
    • Saturday, August 10, 8PM CEST - Semi-finals (2 Games)
    • Saturday, August 17, 8PM CEST - Game for 3rd place (1 Game) + Finals (1 Game)

    Map selection:

    The Game Team has selected the following maps to be played on:

    • BO3 and BO5: Bio Lab
    • BO5 only: Airport, Mart

    In addition, each team will provide one map each they would like to play on during a BO3 and BO5 game.

    Do we have your attention? Splendid! Now, if you won't enter the tournament just for the fame (and subsequent bragging rights), here's what you can win:

    • 1st Place: 1 Angry Monkey skin of choice + 200 CHIPS + Ironsight T-Shirt + 40,00 GP + an additional surprise!
    • 2nd Place: 1 Angry Monkey skin of choice + 150 CHIPS + Ironsight T-Shirt + 40,000 GP
    • 3rd Place: 1 Angry Monkey skin of choice + 100 CHIPS + Ironsight T-Shirt + 40,000 GP
    • Each team that didn't make the Top 3: 40,000 GP

    That's all for now, Mercenaries. We will be back next week, when we'll explain the actual process for the applications, as well as guidelines and other technicalities.

    If you really want to participate in the Gunslinger Tournament, but don't have a group yet, don't worry! We've created the #PUGunslingers room on our Discord, where you can look for other players who still need a full group.

    Your application must be sent in by your team captain as you can't apply only for yourself! But more on that next week. Please don't use the room for anything else. For general discussions related to the tournament, we have created the #GunslingersDen room.

    Join our Discord right here!

    Now, for everyone who's already on their way to the comments to ask about why we're not doing this on NA or SA: Hold your horses there for a second! We WILL absolutely make more tournaments of this sort! We've actually been planning this as a regular event, although how regular will of course depend on participation and overall satisfaction, yours as well as ours. But you can be sure there will be more chances for you to show your mettle - soon!

    Alrighty then! Any questions? Please get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter, on Discord, or on the forum. And stay ready for next week!

    Good luck and a steady aim to you all!


    We will update this thread with each new milestone during the tournament *

    Dear Mercenaries,

    We are most happy for your engagement in the Event: Who Listens to What!

    Now that all the submissions were verified, and the rewards sent according to your predictions, without further ado, we present the correct play list below:

    • The_Director: Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
    • Flloyd: Pink Floyd - Eclipse
    • Worgoroth: Riot - Dance With the Death
    • Splashy: Måns Zelmerlöw - Happyland
    • Bodhisattva: Sigur Rós - Rafstraumur
    • Chopper: Gorillaz - Demon Days

    From the Ironsight Team members mentioned above, more than half of the participants was able to pick correctly Flloyd's song (28 correct picks), followed by Splashy (22), Bodhisattva (17), Worgoroth and Chopper with the same amount of correct picks (12 each) and last but not the least, our Product Manager, The_Director with 8 correct picks.

    Among all the participants, a special mention and congratulations to 2nd.Amendment and Unobtainium623, as they were the only members of our community casting a perfect pick, and as consequence, pocketing extra 20 CHIPS on top of each 10K GP per correct pick.

    Visit your in-game storage now and enjoy your rewards.

    Thank you for your participation.

    Your Ironsight Community Team



    Without further ado, we welcome CM FireWarrior, our new German Community Manager, as well as CM Selene, the new French Community Manager.

    In case you are wondering about CM Splashy... please fear not, as Splashy remains in the Ironsight Team, but now with a cool brand new title such as Game Specialist!

    Let's give a warm welcome to our new CMs joining the Ironsight Community Management Ranks! We are looking forward to provide you a great community experience.

    Your Ironsight Community Team



    A new event waits for you! This time, send our drones on a nice summer vacation!

    The event starts today, Tuesday, July 16 at 14:00 CEST and ends on Wednesday, July 31, 23:59 CEST.

    Read all about the requirements, prizes and rules HERE!

    Participate either on social media or by putting your submission down here.

    Dear Mercenaries,

    The event is now closed and it is time to review the submissions. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the correct playlist and keep an eye in your in-game storage ;)

    Thank you for your participation!

    Your Ironsight Community Team



    This is HQ's intern speaking. I'm very new to the job and it seems I've already messed up... I need your help!

    They've assigned me the task to sort all their playlists, but I've misplaced the document that tells me who listens to what kind of music! You know them better than me already, so please: Tell me who from that team listens to what so I can finish this task!

    When the work is done, I will present the results to HQ, and everyone of you who gave me a correct answer will receive a handsome reward!


    These are the people that currently make up HQ, plus a "special guest" from the past. Please assign each person one of the music available down below.

    Use this as a template:

    • The_Director;
    • Flloyd;
    • Worgoroth;
    • Splashy;
    • Bodhisattva;
    • Chopper;


    • Gorillaz - Demon Days;
    • Riot - Dance With the Death;
    • Pink Floyd - Eclipse;
    • Måns Zelmerlöw - Happyland;
    • Sigur Rós - Rafstraumur;
    • Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song;

    More information about the event, such as rules, rewards and how to proceed available in our webpage.

    Please help me fix this, Mercenaries! Remember, the more correct guesses you make, the higher your reward!

    Your Ironsight Community Team



    The Ironsight Production and Development Teams are currently going through the data collected during our first Public Test Server.

    This might come as a surprise, but in order to verify and double down on the information collected in several parameters, the Ironsight team decided to open the PTS environment once again for an extra round of tests.

    Therefore, the PTS v2 will be open from Friday, 22nd of March – 4PM (CET) to Monday, 25th of March – 10AM (CET).

    This will grant you the chance to keep up with your Overall PTS Session rewards progress up to level 20 (only in case you were not able to reach it during the PTS v1), but also the possibility to take part in our 3rd Focus Testing Session, which will grant you an insane amount of rewards, adding up to the ones you are already entitled to due to your participation in our first round of PTS and/or the Focus Testing Sessions.

    Anyone who participates in this special testing session will receive rewards based on the progression level plus focus testing attendance. More details here.



    We come with unfortunate news that from the 14th of January 2019, Aeria Games will no longer hold the rights to publish Ironsight in your region. As a result, your access to the game and Ironsight webpage will no longer be possible.

    We would like to clarify that the Aeria Games accounts of affected users will not be blocked or banned.

    To all mercenaries affected by this change, we would like in first place to apologize for such inconvenience and inform you also about your right in getting an AP refund. This means that the amount of AP you’ve spent in Ironsight will be refunded to your Aeria Games account. If you are eligible and want to request your refund, we kindly ask you to send us a ticket here until the 31st of March 2019. Please read the appropriate section in the FAQ below to see if you are eligible for this refund.

    As it was previously mentioned, your Aeria Games account will be available for you to play any of the other Aeria games. We therefore invite you to browse through our game selection, as we do have other cool shooters available such as S4League and Wolfteam, so you can keep playing among several amazing communities Aeria Games is proud to count with.

    We would like to thank you for your comprehension.

    Your Ironsight Team


    - When will exactly the block start?

    The block will be effective starting from January 14th, 2019.

    - What will happen to my account if I'm in one of the blocked countries?

    Your Aeria Game account will remain available and you will be able to play our other games as usual. However, access to Ironsight will be blocked.

    - What countries does it affect?

    The countries affected are the following:

    Russian Federation
    Republic of Armenia
    Republic of Azerbaijan
    Republic of Belarus
    Republic of Kazakhstan
    Kyrgyz Republic

    Republic of Moldova
    Republic of Tajikistan
    Republic of Uzbekistan

    - Why are you blocking us?

    Your access to Ironsight will be blocked since Aeria Games will no longer have the publishing rights for your region.

    - Who is eligible for an AP refund?

    If you are affected by this block and you did use previously your Aeria Points on Ironsight, then you will be entitled to an AP refund. All Ironsight players accessing the game from the aforementioned regions (ie players who lose access to Ironsight due to the block) will be eligible.

    - How can I request an AP refund if I'm in one of the affected countries and what’s the scope of the refund? (NEW)

    ALL your AP purchases on Ironsight, made BEFORE the 14/01/2019, will be refunded in the same amount of AP that you paid. In order to request your refund, we kindly ask you to send us a ticket here.

    - Who is eligible for an AP refund and what’s the scope of the refund?

    All Ironsight players accessing the game from the aforementioned regions (ie players who lose access due to the block) will be eligible. ALL your purchases on Ironsight, regardless of the date, will be refunded in the same amount of AP that you paid.

    Until when can I claim my AP refund?

    You can make a request for your refund until (and including) March 31st, 2019.