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    lionking I'm aware that there is already some threads about this subject and it's been time that drones are on the table.

    All I want is to do the best I can by encouraging people to develop their thoughts (once again if needed, that's how learning works, by repeating again and again..)

    To be honest, at the beginning I was against removing anything, for me if you have drones you have to counter them with EMPs ect.

    But I never played in a real competitive spirit so I can understand that my thoughts are less relevant than a competitive player.

    Now, and especially thanks to what LlamaInPajama said, I understand better why drones are an issue in competition.

    I'm not closed to critics as soon as they are followed with arguments. That's why I insisted on the fact that we want to understand.

    I only want to help the community to have a voice and that's why I'm currently redirecting people to this thread to give their thoughts in a well explained way.

    Buke As soon as drones are an important feature in the game, I think it's natural to try to include them.
    Only saying "we don't want drones" will not help us, what we want here is to understand why the community don't want drones in ranked/competitive.

    This thread is the perfect opportunity to enlighten us on what you think about drones in competition, why they should be banned or restricted. :)


    Since we already helped you on the official discord I'm closing this thread.

    In case you are searching for a way to install Easy Anti Cheat :

    • Go into the game files
    • Search for a folder called easyanticheat and go into it.
    • Launch the file ending with setup.exe.

    If you still have issues you can open another thread or preferably join the official discord and describe your issue in the right technical support channel of your language.

    I don't know why your progress will not be saved as soon as currently if you play on the EU server only you will have the exact progression in the NA server.

    The only thing which is not saved across all servers is the Competitive Rank ;)

    Hey, try theses :

    • Run the game as administrator, by right-clicking the launcher or shortcut and selecting "Run as administrator";
    • Add the game to your Firewall/Antivirus exception list. Note that steps may vary depending on your computer's operating system and which anti-virus program is installed;
    • Add the launcher to DEP: Computer > Properties > Advanced system setting > Tab Advanced > Setting (the first one) > Data Execution Prevention > Select the second option "Turn on DEP for all programs an services except those I select" and add to the list the launcher.exe > Ok
    • Try disabling your User Account Control. UAC blocks some programs, so it may possibly be the reason why the game isn't running.