[FORUM & DISCORD] The Ironsight Team

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    Firewarrior FullMetal Selene
    FireWarrior#8277 FullMetal#5660 Loknail#1816
    Community Manager
    Keeper of ancient wisdom and confidant to the Great Old Ones, he's come to claim your sanity. Be sure to hold on to it when you're playing on his team.
    Community Manager
    Likes to talk about games and art. Likes all things horror. Enjoys shooting stuff. Send me memes and we'll be friends.
    Community Manager
    Coming from a shooter game and feeling gaming as a special passion of mine, I am here to ensure you have a pleasant stay and a wonderful time within our small family, we call Ironsight's community. Sending positive thoughts and rays of sunshine ^-^

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    Flloyd Splashy
    Flloyd#7796 Claymont#8954
    Project Manager
    Worked on Eden Eternal & Dragomon Hunter in the past. He arrived from the world of Azuria to spread gifs upon Ironsight. Brace yourselves...
    Game Specialist
    A black hole, but still willing to help. As a Cancerian, part of the Water Trigon and main characteristic "Empathy". Loves sarcasm and the beach!

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    Vanilla.png Deadpoool.png
    Vanilla Deadpool
    Vanilla#6073 Deadpool#0736
    Moderator on Ironsight since the very beginning. Trying to be as helpful and supportive as possible. Loves all sorts of shooters or MMO games. Has a passion for singing and drawing. Do not touch or eat! Weirdo.
    FPS lover giving a hand as Moderator on Ironsight. Loves to watch series and listening to music... not so funny as many should think but tries his best to be. Currently GM on TwinSaga.

    Helix Monsieur
    Helix#6490 Monsieur#8888
    Big Anime and Shooter lover that presented himself as a moderator for Ironsight. Loves to live up chats with unfunny puns and to give a helping hand for players in need. Also specialized in IT and coding.
    Spawned in this place as a humanoid cat with the mission to spread peace and love! Living a life dedicated to fashion and coffee. Breaks things if he doesn't get his daily dose of internet.

    'Im a perfectionist to the point of instanity'
    Tom Ford

    SpaceKitty BlueDreamer
    SpaceKitty#1402 BlueDreamer#9837

    Innocent kitty which loves cats way too much. Enjoys playing Ironsight in their free time, while also working on their development projects!

    His name says a lot about him : A real dreamer who see the life all in blue, pretty shy but nice when you know him better :)

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    Nimbus Rose
    Nimbus#7709 Rose#0487
    Just a humble cloud, moonlighting as a fps player/enthusiast. Enjoys long floats on the beach and doing loopy loops in mid air. On its free time it enjoys playing Ironsight and listening to music. Try not to squeeze it too hard. It may just go poof.
    Longtime gamer especially in Shooters, here to help the humans with any issues they may face. She's secretly a sentient rock.