A LOT of feedback that i want to suggest based on 10 levels played , but years of experience playing COD.

  • Do you want to evolve the game similar to COD talking about gameplay , or do you want to keep it arcade? 5

    1. Evolve to COD (2) 40%
    2. Keep it Arcade (2) 40%
    3. Evolve to COD but first doing polls about the updates with the community before updating the game (1) 20%

    - Graphics

    If its possible update the graphics , this game running on Unreal Engine 4 (free high end graphics motor) would be incredible.

    I know it's a F2P game which means everyone should be able to play it (people with low-end pc's) but anyways i think it would look incredible and run great with optimization.

    I.E : Frostbite from DICE implemented on Battlefield saga games looks epic and has a great optimization.

    - Aim & Shoot Updates

    Strong nerf on global hipfire. It's ridiculous that i saw triple kills with AR's from hip fire at +5 meters.

    Make "aim&shoot" a reward for skilled players. Dont make this game an another "pray and spray from hip fire" cheap shooter game.

    - HUD In-Game Updates

    Way smaller killfeed and keep it on top right.

    Way smaller hitmarker icon. People wants to feel bullets are hitting well the target , an small hitmarker icon does that feel , the big one currently implemented in-game doesnt.

    Add medals when you do kills and complete objectives like in COD.

    Medals need to appear on top center and be showed moving to the right like a carrussel.

    When anyone activates a scorestreak it has to be shown on top left , showing the scorestreak , calling card emblem and name of the guy.

    - In-Game Updates

    Add killcams. We need to see the guy who killed us , how , when and from where.

    Better respawns.

    Basing my experience on A LOT of years playing COD with +2.0 K/D , i like to hold the situation and be aware of what is happening in the match.

    Right now it's impossible to do that , respawns are crazy and it feels like i have to run around the map with no sense praying to not be killed from behind or by 4 guys that respawned at same time.

    It's not about spawn trapping , it's about keep a slow pace and make the game beautiful , not a "run with no sense till you find someone" simulator.

    Health must regenerate A LOT faster. And delete that "health bar" , makes the game feel cheap. Blood coming from the outside of the TV going to center as long as you are closer to die will be a lot better , just like COD.
    Double deaths with guns must leave the game , its so fake , this is not Gears of War. There is literally 0 First Person Shooter games with double deaths in the market.

    - Levels & ClassesLock guns by level.

    Once you reach the level of the weapon you are able to buy the permanent weapon with free in-game currency , rent it or buy it reparable.

    Give a premium loot box every 5 levels.
    Make 10 prestiges and max level 50 each prestige.Once you prestige each time , you earn a new calling card , emblem and a cammo for every weapon.

    Check out COD perks and try to implement them pretty similar.

    Some Perks need tweaks or nerfs.

    Perks like -50% recoil its something that skilled players dont want because its op.

    Maybe a change on how you create a class would be interesting , basing on PICK10 system of Black ops 3 or 2.

    - Location & Translations

    Include Spanish (Apart from LatinAmerican , that is another different language) location on final release.
    You can use this free website to give the users the chance to translate the game based on "community fan base" style.
    Escape from Tarkov it's using this method and works really well.

    Basically Devs gives the strings that need to be translated , and community (Us , the players) translate them.

    Im Spanish and i want the support of my native language on this game , but i encourage to the users from Italy , Russia , Brasil , etc to reply to this thread and demand their own native language to be included on Crowdin website too , so everyone can translate his own language and form part in the game on final release.

    Thanks for read everything. <3 IS.

  • Theres alot of feedback, and i would assume some points will be discussed controversial. Im looking forward to replies and what people think!