FPS drops

  • Hello,

    Im having issues with the fps, I have everything set on low yet I get from 250 to 80fps which is for a 144 Hz monitor eye rape.

    Is this a problem on my end or the games end? I mean the requirements are not that high so I wonder. Kinda makes the game unplayable for me, I just wonder if there is gonna be some optimization update or anything like that.

    My specs are:

    GTX 1060 6G


    8Gb RAM

  • The servers are a little glitchy so it may be causing you to experience the FPS drop. Keep in mind the game is still in development so there will be a lot of improvements on the way.

  • Will play for hours to have a game drop frames to 10 without reason, or the game will just get very sluggish and feel like molasses.

    Not sure what it is, no precursor, just seems to randomly happen.

  • the same for me, in the "closed beta" there were no such great FPS drops, but since the "tech beta test" my game does not run well, it works at 110 FPS normally, but with drops going at 40 fps or less.

    and so far I have not gotten an answer about it even in the official Discord.

    monitoring the use of hardware, I see that the game never uses even 40% of the processor and video card.

    AMD FX 8120

    12 GB RAM

    Geforce GTX 1050Ti

    I'll have to drop the game until it's fixed by the way