Can't buy purple guns

  • So basically I have all the requirement for the G&S Blaser R93 (purple gun) and when ever I click "buy" nothing would happen. Please fix this.

    I am positive that this have nothing to do with the menu lag that some people are having.

    Edit: issued is fix! Thank you very much for the fast fix.

  • It may be lagged, cause I had an issue buying some items and it didn't register the first time, so I bought it again and a few moments later I had 2 of the same item.

    No, it's not lag. It is definitely a bug.

    I encounter the menu lag before quite often and this is not one of them.

    I could recommend to shortly login on the EU server to try it out and check again to be sure. I can't login atm but what are the full requirements for the gun?

    I'm playing on NA and I don't really know how to switch server haha.

    But the requirement are:

    Spring SVD (get from loot box only)

    Zigzag DSR-1 (get from 250 chip or loot box)

    Desert PSG-1 (get from paying 40000 G or loot box)