IRONSIGHT Steam version

  • And a lot of negative reviews from CS fanboys who played for 10 seconds, decided the game sucks and wrote a bunch of bull in the review.

    Steam is a good way to expand the game, but gamers are unscrupulous there.

  • I'm pretty sure Steam is in the planes when the game is officially launched (After CBT and OBT) but it's still too early right now I think :P It could still be good and would give a big boost when it comes to player counts but yeah, would definitely enjoy to play on Steam too^^

    PS: It's so cool to see people of A.V.A joining this <3

    Eu acho que o jogo não será por vapor

    Fala Inglês Tuner, este Fórum é Inglês >.<

    (Told him to speak English)

  • Publishing game in steam might take up to 30% revenue

    For AAA-scale games this revenue is millions

    better if spend that potential revenue for advertising along csgo youtubers. (but i think csgo case sites will be hard to get overpaid)

    Russia forces you to have your servers inside itself in order to let you speak its language.:)

    Also, yes, foxes can purr