Open Beta content - Content changes since CBT

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    Welcome to the Open Beta! This new version of the game comes with its set of additional content compared to the Closed Beta version. Please note that some of these features were already available to players who participated in the Stress Test and the Technical Beta Test.

    On top of the new content, thanks to our previous beta testers and the community's continuous stream of feedback received, we tweaked some features of the game to get closer to the final release version.

    Please keep in mind that we are still in Open Beta and look forward to receiving even more feedback from our community to improve the overall Ironsight experience!

    4 new PVP maps

    Presented during the Technical Beta Test, you can now enjoy the 4 new PVP maps on top of the 4 original maps present in the Closed Beta!


    The Hugo International Airport was devastated by the Tsunami. A new microbe from the Jupiter Institute was lost here during the disaster while being transported to Germany. The microbe was later discovered to improve the production of Trinitium, so guess who got involved.


    A top EDEN engineer on route to a secret assignment was stranded on a construction site when the helicopter transporting him suffered a malfunction and crashed. The NAF sent its forces to seize the sensitive data he carried, while EDEN sent its own PMCs to protect him and the aforementioned data.


    An island somewhere off the northwest coast of Africa. OC Industries, long rumored to be connected to the Mafia, had a secret robotics laboratory here before the Tsunami. Both NAF and EDEN found it however, and quietly sent their PMCs to take control of it.


    The NAF's Black Sea Fleet is blockading EDEN's main Russian port. Intelligence sources confirmed illegal Trinitium transactions taking place there and as a response, the NAF sends its PMCs to seize the port.

    Resource Takeover: a new PVP mode

    Also showcased in Tech Beta test, you will be able to play a new PVP mode added to the CBT roster.


    Both sides compete for resources and score. You get resources by neutralizing Sentinels and the Metal Reaper. Be quicker than the opposing team and focus on getting the precious Trinitium!

    Hone your skills in PVE modes

    Fight oncoming onslaughts of robots and secure the objective in the EMP mission or rally up in a group of up to 4 friends against AI enemies in Team Deathmatch easy and normal modes to test your coo-op skills.


    Join the ranking matches and climb the leaderboard


    The Open Beta marks the launch of the Ranking System and with it, the first iteration of competitive matches on Ironsight!

    Here's how the ranking matches work:

    • Solo queuing (no party/clan queuing)
    • 5V5 matches
    • Search and Destroy mode only
    • Random map selection
    • 5 placement matches to determine rank

    We will soon post additional guides and manuals for the Competitive system to present the available ranks and points needed for each so keep an eye out!

    Additional Patch Notes and changes

    Here's a list of changes implemented in the Open Beta:


    • Switch from Xigncode Anti-cheat to EasyAntiCheat (please take the time to read our EAC FAQ)
    • Friend list maximum increased from 50 to 100
    • Clan members maximum increased from 20 to 50
    • Collection system: you can now compare the stats of the currently equipped weapon with other weapons
    • Collection system: you can now preview weapon stats without clicking on them (hover to preview)
    • Collection system: the owned weapons are now displayed on the top
    • End-game highlights will now give priority to player kills instead of drone kills
    • Overall map polishing
    • Server selection from the launcher
    • Keyboard shortcuts enabled on the launcher

    Bug Fixes:

    • Various Localization fixes in English, German and French
    • Fixed disconnection on Match results screen
    • Fixed the "Recharge" button in the shop
    • Fixed an issue where the Repair button did not disappear after item repair
    • Fixed a problem where sound was not played after jumping while moving
    • Fixed issue where only two daily contracts are paid
    • Fixed an issue where C4 installation background music is played in duplicate when playing victory ceremony
    • Fixed an issue where sound was displayed abnormally when accessing the load-out page
    • Fixed a problem that sound of human character was played when sentinel was shot

    We also count on your continuous support as you've already proved in past betas. If you spot an issue or a bug, you can report it on our Bug Report form.

    We look forward to this Open Beta and will continue working towards a much better gaming experience on Ironsight.

    Your Ironsight Team