Upcoming Tournament. 2v2 SND

  • Im thinking of putting a 2v2 SND tournament into place once this 1v1 tournament is over. Ill most likely be putting my own money down, as rewards, in order to have some rewards that are worth the time and effort to win them(Ill discuss the idea with the CMS to see if they would like to contribute as well)

    Im planning on getting 2 players to stream/broadcast/comment most of the games( or at least the semi-finals/finals) .

    They would join NAF and EDEN and kill themselves at the start of every round in order to spectate the event(Im still looking into how we can make this work on a single stream)

    The Schedules for the tournament will be on fixed dates and hours. Anyone unable to be present will instantly be disqualified BUT every team will be allowed to have a 3rd player as SUB in case one of the main 2 players is unavailable for certain matchups.

    The tournament would either be No Killstreaks or Restricted Killstreaks(Im still testing both grounds in scrims and pugs to see what would be the most suitable for entertaining tournaments)

    Hopefully these tournaments will, on the long run, slowly but surely help the competitive community grow larger and unify.

    Neil Wild will be the only accepted character.

    Im thinking of making it 1sniper/team

    DAM is the map I have in mind.

    9Win SND

    Please, Discuss your opinions and throw some suggestions at me!

    Clash Network Manager | Wreck

  • Hello,

    This is a very nice idea you have here, also for the streaming part doesn't forgot that on your first tournament attendees was having Discord so considering this we can make a private group of 6 (4 players and 2 streamers) and then the screen is recorded (through Discord screen share) ;)

    Good luck & Have fun ;)

  • Should stick to the Bo3 Format or maybe allow the teams to choose the maps themselves. IE the higher seed gets map choice the lower team gets side choice. Etc, either way I'm on board.

    I like the idea,Im trying to keep it simple for the first tournaments that this game will be seeing but this will definitely be discussed and taken into consideration. It will most likely be MMCrew and me hosting hosting this tournament. thanks for sharing your suggestion

    Clash Network Manager | Wreck

  • Yes Asterion this is what we are thinking about doing. MMCrew is looking into Multi-Twitch as we speak.


    One thing I can say, and we can talk more on discord about it, is allow the players to choose there own map, or at the very least have each round be a new map.

    if its a BO3 there would obviously be a map variation. this current set up is for a 2v2 single game tournament.

    Clash Network Manager | Wreck

  • Hey WreckIt ,

    sounds nice! Thanks a lot for the effort again.

    If I may add my 2 cents, I'd suggest the following:
    - Bo3 Format - with each team being able to choose 1x map. Third map is decided beforehand by the cup-admin

    - Forbid AR-57 & P90 - otherwise it will just end in a run n' gun game. Would be sad to reduce the cup to smg only.

    - Disallow every kind of killstreak. Killstreaks are too strong in such a small format IMO.

    If you are going to set-up the rewards on your own, please hit me up on discord or such. I'd gladly throw something in the pot aswell!