Female character adjustments

  • So this is not that needed or priority at all, but I think it would be nice to have the female characters looking a little bit less masculine.

    What I mean by this is as you can see in the picture, her overall body looks like the same kind of skeletal structure as the male characters like broad shoulders, arms are stuck out like the guys do and pretty much no curves whatsoever in the hip region. The idle animations are also manly too since they're literally the same as the male characters idle animations and it looks a little odd seeing females stand in those positions etc.


  • Greetings Lin-chan,

    this would be actually a great idea but you shouldn't forget that the hitboxes should be like the same for don't have an advantage in a gunfight tbh. :saint:
    At all I would love to see a free2play female character aswell to make it more fair for the other gender, cuz we tolerate all womens, rightyy? :^) ^^

    Have a good and calmy day! :saint::thumbup:
    Leon 'Kirito' N.

  • Hey lin!

    As mentioned by others already, The overall structure/model of female character can't be changed that easily as this poses a risk of affecting the hitboxe. This would provide an unfair advantage to players using the female skins.

    I can check for the idle animation but other than that i doubt there will be any drastic change to the model.

    Thanks for the feedback though ;)

  • A catwalk model can't fight in a war, they walk the catwalk. The females look perfectly fine.

    The idea of a thin female being attractive and feminine comes from Roman times where a thin female would be one married to a rich husband so she can stay home all day and not have to do any physical work. During those times women from poor families were more muscular, sometimes round because they had to do a lot of physical work.