• So basically i dont know if anyone else notices this but, lets say you have a good ping right? and you begin getting in a gun fight with a player that has 147ping for instants as a matter of fact lets make it 200. so anyways you two get into a gunfight and you kill him but then he trades a kill with you knowingly knowing that you obviously have had the first shot. Here is another thing, *he's shooting at you but when you get behind a wall and stand their for 1.2secs the guy gets the kill on you. idk if something is wrong with the netcode but this needs to be fix.:cursing::cursing::cursing::|

  • Greetings,

    at all I heard that the Netcode is a big problem on this game and the reason why all the server issues popped up.

    The Netcode is the problem because Korean version of the game is slower and not optimized for the fast-paced EU version of the game.

    At all it would be great, if they could update or fix the Netcode for Ironsight EU/NA 😇

    Wish you great Christmas days!

    Leon 'Kirito' N.