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  • Question, maybe a dumb one. I come from Aeria Games. With that being said they no longer have a server in the u.s.a. now where is the server(s) located through this site? Or is this ran through aeria games as well? I played Wolfteam and they had Aeria Games which was U.S. when I played then they had Softnyx for foreigners I could totally be wrong but they didn't speak English. What I pretty much want to know is if this will be a high ping or MS type of game that I would not be able to play.

  • First off welcome to the Ironsight community.

    As Heiliger said you should have no issues with connectivity in this game if you still live in the U.S. I have some friends from the far western part of Canada that would generally get between 90-100 ping on the NA server. So I don't think you should have any worries about connectivity too the game.

  • Hey there det0nate

    First of all, welcome to the community! :) Good to see everyone else also gave a warm welcome to you <3

    As Heiliger mentioned, you shouldn't really have any troubles with ping issues as there is a NA server located in North Virginia and EU in Germany and as soon as you get in-game you will be automatically redirected to the server that is most close to you.

    As everyone else also mentioned, there's not an official date for OBT and full release but keep your eyes open on Discord and on Facebook. :)

    Cheers and welcome!

    - D

  • To answer your question the way I can:

    The game had servers in NA and EU from what I know. In the CBT, the game would automatically connect you to the server closest to you. Some guy from NA wanted to play with me, and since I'm from EU, we couldn't even find each other in our friends list or add each other for that matter.

    I hope it's different in OBT.