Feedback & Suggestions Megathread *Post your suggestions*

  • After seeing so many suggestions/feedback posts, I decided that we should all just pour all the suggestions in one post, this one.

    Ive added a couple ones i just read along mine, if a mod might be so gentle to pin this post so people can stop making so many posts about the same thing.

    User Apellex made quite a long post with his take on what should be added/fixed, however, i am not inclined towards most of his suggestions, so, ive added the ones i think are actually convenient for the game, to this list with an "*" at the start and end so you know it was theirs. You can also check his post here


    • Unlocked/Bought weapons should be a the top of the weapon selection screen. This is because its a bit annoying to have to waste time scrolling down to pick a weapon just because it isnt one of the first 8 on the list.
    • Attachment list should allow us to pick the attachment right away and have a button next to it in case we want to add a skin to it. Not pull us into selecting skins we dont want/have.
    • On a similar issue with attachment/skins, it would be great if we didnt need to go through a different menu just to see how said attachment affects the weapon, there should be a separate "skin" button next to the item in question.
    • There should be better explanations to what the AP and SP bullets do exactly and how they benefit the players. Because apart from their obvious funtionality, we get no statistical explanation. PS: Is there even armor in this game?
    • RPM to be displayed in real numbers, please. Also, have Reload Speed in seconds displayed in the weapon's stats
    • Replace ping bars with actual numbers, i have no idea what they mean or what their scale is. Thanks to user SilentSage, indicating that turning on the "display FPS" shows ping along with fps. However, this does NOT fix the issue of the scoreboard not showing ping in numbers.
    • User Strayedified suggested: The rewards you get from playing are too low in comparison with the severe price tag on the weapons in game. I honestly think this is a big issue, the rewards should be either doubled or Tripled in order to allow users to buy weapons to try out, specially since there is no test fire range or something similar in order to try weapons before spending your money.
    • A firing range to test our weapons/attachment combinations.
    • Add a way to track the weapon unlocks and level like on the end-game screen.
    • The Mart map has a glitch for me, most maps now, including Dam have this glitch where i cannot see the map on the scoreboard nor on my Strike Drone.


    • Quick Aim's benefit is very low to make a difference as i didnt even notice. Make it at least 33%
    • Skill 2 could benefit from having a 5th skill akin to how scavenger from CoD games work, providing additional ammo in the form of pouches dropped on the ground (maybe replace this with a small metal box or just replenish ammo from dead enemies) with one extra mag for both weapons. An additional effect for this might also be that these pouches restore tactical/lethal equipment.
    • Blast Protection could have a similar effect for stuns and flashes.
    • Assassin is useless, Meelees arent shootable weapons, why would anyone need to be more "accurate" with it? as well as a 15% increase in reach on an already very short weapon doesnt really make a difference. I have tested this in various games, my knife did not feel at all different and if you're going to tell me "you have to use the axe to see a difference" then thats an inherent flaw on the design for this ability as it only does something for certain weapons.
    • The whole ofensive drone side of things is completely situational. This is how i feel it should be worked on:
      -Firefly: This is literally just a glorified granade, it cant really be directed confortably. It should have an AI. It should be able to follow close-by enemies, like the stalker, and explode on them. The speed should be very fast.
      -Hellbird: It rotates around the map way too fast and because of its shooting delay it is very hard to even get kills on this, and that is very important considering you need a LOT of points for it.
      -Blade Drone: allow the user to go into guiding it instantly instead of after ~4s.
      -Add some sort of recon drone to it, just to round things up, because not having a single recon drone really can hurt offensives.
      -Add A sentry-type drone similar to the gorgon but instead of blinding people, it KILLS people.
    • Tactical Drone has some mayor flaws that i would like to address here:
      -Stalker, is a very useless drone, unless it marks the player it is following (for its owner only, of course) like the observer drone does, then it will never be used.
      -Observer Drone: Too strong, marks you for ever, it should have a limited time, like 10 seconds, not for ever.
      -UAV recon: Its pings are way too far inbetween, paired with the VERY close zoom of the minimap, makes this thing have little usage vs the spy drone.
      -Laws: Too expensive, should have a lower price
      -Gorgon: No one uses it, give it something else to make it better.
      -Add an EMP Drone as well, that destroys all enemy drones, disrupts their hud and prevents drone usage for 45secs-1min.
    • Drones like Uavs, hellbirds and all the others that can be dropped with the EMP launcher or LAWS, Fly so low and in such wide angles, getting a line of sight long enough to shoot the emp launcher (specially in closed down maps) is a pain, please, make them either fly higher or closer to the middle of the map.
    • *Add a skill to scope in faster* Totally agree here, a skill/attachment that could fullfill the role of allowing the user to aim their weapon about ~33% faster (ala sleight of hand/quickdraw from CoD games) would me marvelous.
    • For whatever reason, you cant build up points for drones unless you've used them all, this is ridiculous, points should still be built up AT LEAST after a drone is used.


    • For some reason, players cant mantle/climb onto objects that would otherwise be at appropriate heights for mantling/climbing. Please allow us to do this.
    • Jumping in this game means losing all momentum after you take your feet of the ground which is very ridiculous considering it happens even when yo sprint-jump. I get this might have been a way to keep jump shooters in check but at least allow players to keep a limited amount of momentum.
    • While i belive that to an extent some weapons like SMGs should have fair hipfire accuracy, Assault Rifles are very reliable when hipfiring, and they keep a very good accuracy too, this shouldnt be the case because it takes away the one disadvantage assault rifles should have which is, being less reliable at firing from the hip, to encourage ADS and using Double Time.
    • I think more class slots would be very nice considering the amount of customization you guys offer us, at least 5 slots is acceptable but to be honest, 10 is my preffered number.
    • User Niifares provides us with a clip explaining the netcode issue: #NetcodeFirstSkinsSecond
      These issues are aggravated by the current state of servers, which allow people over 200ms and more to play with insane lags and packetloss, resulting in players' movements freezing for just enough for the laggy player to score the killing shots, all the while being able to move freely which other players see as warping. This is an extremely annoying way to die as you have no chance to fight back.
      This issue however is aggravated by the poor state of the current servers, the 2 images below are me pinging from Venezuela to both amazonaws (which as far as i know is the current server solution) and also to google's dns server. at the same time, you can see the difference is hearthbreaking, not only that, ping can get even worse and with massive packetloss. Please consider changing to a different server solution.
    • Maybe optimize maps a little bit better, specially the sandy one with the sandstorm that brings down a tower, cant seem to remember its name right now. Its very laggy. Maybe add some LOD type thing where faraway models change into lower poly models to save gpu bandwidth because atm, my GT610 struggles to handle some times at 640x480.
    • Guns feel extremely similar, due to having basically the same damage but with different designs. Please, if you're going to add IRL weapons into this game, the least you can do is make them close to their IRL counterparts, the AK47 is a joke in this game.
    • *VOICE CHAT! <--- This is in red for a reason. Please add it.* 100% agree.
    • User SirMalak posted: "So Precision barrel and modified rifling give the same bonus +1 to
      range. Ehm whats the point? Or are there some hidden benefits that i cant see."
      this does raise an interesting question, why are these attachment giving such low benefits? I noticed it as well, so heres my suggestion: Attachments SHOULD have a significant impact in gun performance, thats why they exist. So attachments should change the stat they're focused on have AT LEAST a 15% effect on the gun, ie. Presicion Barrel on a 50 accuracy weapon should give the weapon 57 accuracy as a result. However, how much the attachments affect the weapon shouldnt be tied to a fixed value, for example: rifles shouldnt get the same benefit from Modified Rifling as ARs, or LMGs because SMGs are meant to have short ranges while ARs and LMGs are meant for medium-long ranges so benefits should be lower on SMGs for that particular attachment.
    • User VulpesFamiliaris posted: Droneless games, basically gamemodes without drones
    • User Gryfyy made a very good post of which i agree 100%. Check it out here 
    • Add options to replace our Lethal or Tactical equipment with 2 additional primary or secondary magazines (bear in mind that i mean hace both options for both Lethals and Tacticals. So if i wanna stack 4 additional mags, i want it to be possible), effect that should be doubled by the skill "Magazine Pouch".
    • Remote Bomb is WAY too slow, to use, make it faster for allow us to blow it up faster after throwing



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  • Replace ping bars with actual numbers, i have no idea what they mean or what their scale is.

    You can view your ping if you enable "display FPS" in your settings

    Added. Still, what if i wanna see OTHER people's ping? ping bars is a ridiculous idea.

    Weapon prices and match rewards... that right now IMHO is the bigger issue.

    I actually do think this is the case, you earn money quite slowly compared to how expensives guns are.

    The rewards should at least be 3 times more than what we currently get

  • Weapon prices and match rewards... that right now IMHO is the bigger issue.

    Either increase rewards, reduce prices or increase log in bonus.

    A firing gallery where we can test guns and attachments is also needed, we shouldn't have to level a gun for days or weeks (depending on play time) before finding out a gun/attachment combo does not work as you expected.

  • The netcode of the game is really bad. That needs to be changed especially for a fast paced shooter...

    Most of the time you are getting shot before the enemy even aims on you. In some cases I got damage before the enemy was around the corner.

    I like this game but for a competitive player its just unplayable and frustrating.

    Here is one ridiculous example:


    (clip from my twitch stream)

    But well, its a closed Beta, right? :) Things can(needs to) be changed.

  • This is probably just a personal thing, but in a lot of other shooters you can usually sprint to cancel your reload. You can't do that in this game and I'd like it if you could - otherwise it's just something I have to get used to.

    Also, something that irritates me with the observer drone is that you have to use the CTRL key to descend and there's no way to change that. I wish that it was the same key as your crouch or prone key, so that you could at least re-bind it. Some left-handed players use IJKL instead of WASD, as they have the mouse on the left side of their keyboard; using this control scheme makes it very difficult for them to reach the CTRL key. And I, myself, use ESDF over WASD, and reaching for the CTRL key doesn't feel natural to me.

    The main thing that bugged me in this game was just that I found it difficult to look through my attachments, and see which one I wanted to use. They aren't sorted by weapon level and there's no indication of whether or not you've unlocked the attachment unless you click on it. Which wouldn't be as bad if the menu didn't automatically scroll all the way up when you go back out of the attachment you were looking at.

    Another thing to do with the weapon menu is that it only displays prices to unlock it permanently. You have to click on buy in order to see the price to buy it temporarily.

    And another thing that I'd really like is a change stance keybind - like how they have in Call of Duty on PC. You press the key to crouch, or hold it to go prone. This way you don't need two separate keys to crouch or go prone.

    This is probably just me but I find it really difficult to spot enemies on the Outpost map when the fog is out. Maybe it's worse if you're on higher graphics settings? Or maybe my eyesight is just really bad. Either way, I find it incredibly difficult to see enemies on this map unless I'm very close to them.

    Something I noticed is that in the achievements, control point is referred to as domination. This confused me as I spent time looking for a domination game mode.

    When you have the chat open (whether in lobby or in-game), alt-tabbing presses tab which switches the chat mode (eg. common, party, clan).

    Another suggestion for the chat is being able to switch chat mode using commands, as I personally find this easier than pressing tab. For example, /c to enter common chat, /p to enter party chat, and /c to enter clan chat.

    The EMP launcher is basically useless, as bullets already do so much damage to drones. I think one or multiple of the following need to be done: drones need more health, guns should do less damage to drones, the EMP launcher should do more damage, the EMP launcher should have at least two rockets.

    This is probably a no but I think leaning would be a neat feature.

    I'd really like to see this game come to Steam - and it would probably bring in a load more players!

    I'm sure you're already aware of this and already working on a fix, but sometimes games wouldn't start. The lobby timer would tick down to 0 and then reset itself to 40 seconds.

    Some skins are locked and you are unable to purchase them. It would be nice if the description told you how these skins are / were obtained.

    More game modes would be awesome, such as domination (three capture points), free-for-all / deathmatch, demolition (basically search and destroy but with infinite lives) and capture the flag.

    I'd love to be able to rename my loadouts - for example, renaming one to "Sniper" rather than "Loadout 3".

    One thing that's bugging me about the forums is that it supports BBCode (which I'd much rather use over HTML or rich-text editing), yet there is no way to view your post as BBCode; only rich-text or HTML.

    They're all the suggestions I have after playing this game for two days that aren't already listed.

    I really love this game and actually prefer it over Call of Duty: World War II. To the developers: keep up the great work. I can't wait until this goes into OBT so I can play it with friends. :)

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