I Never Get Better - WHY?

  • I'm level 35 already, but after my entire time playing, I haven't gotten any better from what I can tell. I've watched videos with tips and I try to follow them, but most of the time, my KDR is still less than 0! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!||||||

  • The only way to ever improve on a game is to just grind it out. In shooters you just think of what you can do better yourself after each match or even death think what you could've done to avoid it or think of what things you could've done differently during that match. Too me it sounds like you do the same play style every match without truly adjusting and learning from previous matches on what you can do, whether it's playing slower, running different routes, etc. Gotta pay attention to your teammates, your minimap, as both of these will help you with your positioning and overall knowledge of the enemies positioning as well.

  • Also you might want to check the special skills you are using. Take me for example, I've been using silent steps for far too long with the thought that I could sneak on the opponent, but guess what... it worked only in certain occasions. When I changed it to long ears, things turned really great, cause I could hear all of them coming at me before I could see them. At first my k/d sucked, now... I'm making much much better. But as Sigat said above try to adapt for every occasion, watch your surroundings, check your minimap, throw nades before rushing to a room, and take your time. I am a rusher and 8/10 times i get killed first cause I am too impatient. Everything matters.